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QuoteRef: abdeA6_2018 ;;Abdelkader, A. et al., Sampling conditions for conforming Voronoi meshing by the VoroCrust algorithm
QuoteRef: acarUA6_2018 ;;Acar, U.A. et al., Heartbeat scheduling: provable efficiency for nested parallelism
QuoteRef: adelB_1116 ;;Adelard of Bath, Questiones naturales
QuoteRef: adveSV5_1990 ;;Adve, S.V., Hill, M.D., Weak ordering -- a new definition
QuoteRef: adyaA4_2010 ;;Adya, A. et al., Centrifuge: integrated lease management and partitioning for cloud services
QuoteRef: ahnDH2_2021 ;;Ahn, D.H. et al., Keeping science on keel when software moves
QuoteRef: aikeH11_1937 ;;Aiken, H., Proposed automatic calculating machine
QuoteRef: aitkAC3_1932 ;;Aitken, A.C., On interpolation by iteration of proportional parts, without the use of differences
QuoteRef: alexA_2014 ;;Alexander, A., Infinitesimal: How a dangerous mathematical theory shaped the modern world
QuoteRef: alglJ7_2021 ;;Alglave, J. et al., Armed cats: Formal concurrency modelling at Arm
QuoteRef: aliIM8_2020 ;;Ali, I.M. et al., Foundations, properties, and security applications of puzzles: A survey
QuoteRef: alleRB_2000 ;;Alley, R.B., The Two-Mile Time Machine
QuoteRef: alonRL9_2004 ;;Alonso, R.L., Evolutionary dead ends (or how good ideas that successfully solve problems are not always the way of the future)
QuoteRef: alstMW12_2021 ;;van Alstyne, M.W. et al., 'In Situ' Data Rights
QuoteRef: ambeAH1_2022 ;;Ambe, A.H. et al., From collaborative habituation to everyday togetherness: a long-term study of use of the messaging kettle
QuoteRef: amenN7_2001 ;;Amenta, N. et al., The power crust, unions of balls, and the medial axis transform
QuoteRef: aris_350 ;;Aristotle, Aristotle, Physics
QuoteRef: arnaA_1683 ;;Arnauld, A., Nicole, P., Logic or the Art of Thinking
QuoteRef: arroD11_2020 ;;Arroyuelo, D. et al., Three success stories about compact data structures
QuoteRef: arulJ3_2014 ;;Arulraj, J. et al., Leveraging the short-term memory of hardware to diagnose production-run software failures
QuoteRef: asudA2_2021 ;;Asudeh, A. et al., Scalable signal reconstruction for a broad range of applications
QuoteRef: avic_1097 ;;Avicenna, Avicenna's Deliverance: Logic
QuoteRef: backJ3_2021 ;;Backes, J. et al., One-click formal methods
QuoteRef: bacoR_1266 ;;Bacon, R., Opus Majus [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: baeJ2_2020 ;;Bae, J. et al., Interactive clustering: a comprehensive review
QuoteRef: baksA3_2016 ;;Baksa, A. et al., Software on a comet: the Philae Lander's central onboard computer
QuoteRef: balaA7_2018 ;;Balazs, A., A comet revisited: lessons learned from Philae's landing
QuoteRef: balmL7_2003 ;;Balmelli, L. et al., Computational analysis of mesh simplification using global error
QuoteRef: bandD9_2007 ;;Bandyopadhyay, D., Snoeyink, J., Almost-delaunay simplices: robust neighbor relations for imprecise 3D points using CGAL
QuoteRef: barbLA10_2018 ;;Barba, L.A., The hard road to reproducibility
QuoteRef: barbLA8_2022 ;;Barba, L.A., Defining the role of open source software in research reproducibility
QuoteRef: baroDW11_2018 ;;Barowy, D.W. et al., ExceLint: automatically finding spreadsheet formula errors
QuoteRef: bartA5_2019 ;;Bartoli, A. et al., Enterprise Wi-Fi: we need devices that are secure by default
QuoteRef: basiA5_2016 ;;Basiri, A. et al., Chaos Engineering
QuoteRef: baudP8_2021 ;;Baudin, P. et al., The dogged pursuit of bug-free C programs: The Frama-C software analysis platform
QuoteRef: bayeD6_1991 ;;Bayer, D. et al., Improving the efficiency and reliability of digital time-stamping
QuoteRef: beauO5_2020 ;;Beaumont, O. et al., Scheduling on two types of resources: A survey
QuoteRef: bertF10_2019 ;;Bertini, F. et al., Can information hiding in social media posts represent a thread?
QuoteRef: bezaJ11_2018 ;;Bezanson, J. et al., Julia: dynamism and performance reconciled by design
QuoteRef: bhatP2_2019 ;;Bhat, P., Dutta, K., A survey of various threats and current state of security in Android platform
QuoteRef: blacS11_2018 ;;Blackshear, S. et al., RacerD: compositional static race detection
QuoteRef: bohmR10_2020 ;;Bohme, R. et al., Responsible vulnerability disclosure in cryptocurrencies
QuoteRef: boisJD6_2000 ;;Boissonnat, J.-D. et al., Triangulations in CGAL
QuoteRef: boorDJ11_1979 ;;Boorstin, D.J., Gresham's law: Knowledge or information? The Center for the Book Viewpoint Series N. 3
QuoteRef: boukA6_2020 ;;Boukerche, A. et al., Outilier detection: methods, models, and classification
QuoteRef: brigC7_2022 ;;Bright, C. et al., When satisfiability solving meets symbolic computation
QuoteRef: browBR_2019 ;;Brown, B.R., The Apollo Chronicles: Engineering America's First Moon Missions
QuoteRef: burgM12_1998 ;;Burgess, M., Computer immunology
QuoteRef: buriJ_1328 ;;Buridan, J., Quaestiones super libris quattuor De caelo et mundo
QuoteRef: campM8_2020 ;;Campbell, M., Putting the passe into passwords: How passwordless technologies are reshaping digital identity
QuoteRef: campNR_1920 ;;Campbell, N.R., Physics, The elements
QuoteRef: cerfVG6_2021 ;;Cerf, V.G., It came from outer space!
QuoteRef: chenH6_2020 ;;Chen, H. et al., A survey on Ethereum systems security: vulnerabilities, attacks, and defenses
QuoteRef: chenJ2_2020 ;;Chen, J. et al., A survey of compiler testing
QuoteRef: chenJ5_2021 ;;Chen, J., He, F., Leveraging control flow knowledge in SMT solving of program verification
QuoteRef: chenMD_1957 ;;Chenu, M.-D., La Theologie au Douzieme Siecle
QuoteRef: cherS4_2020 ;;Cherubin, S., Agosta, G., Tools for reduced precision computation: a survey
QuoteRef: clarKL9_1993 ;;Clarkson, K.L. et al., Four results on randomized incremental constructions
QuoteRef: cochL_1994 ;;Cochrane, L., Adelard of Bath. The first English scientist
QuoteRef: copeBJ_2017 ;;Copeland, B.J., Long, J., Turing and the history of computer music
QuoteRef: cormGV8_2017 ;;Cormack, G.V., Grossman, M.R., Navigating imprecision in relevance assessments on the road to total recall: Roger and me
QuoteRef: craiKJW_1952 ;;Craik, K.J.W., The Nature of Explanation
QuoteRef: crocSD10_2019 ;;Crocker, S.D., The Arpanet and its impact on the state of networking
QuoteRef: crusMR6_2022 ;;Crusoe, M.R. et al., Methods included
QuoteRef: currHB7_1929 ;;Curry, H.B., An analysis of logical substitution
QuoteRef: cusuMA1_2021 ;;Cusumano, M.A., Boeing's 737 Max: A failure of management, not just technology
QuoteRef: cutlA_2012 ;;Cutler, A., Native Listening. Language Experience and the Recognition of Spoken Words
QuoteRef: dacrMF1_2021 ;;Dacrema, M.F. et al., A troubling analysis of reproducibility and progress in recommender systems research
QuoteRef: daloB11_2016 ;;Daloze, B. et al., Efficient and thread-safe objects for dynamically-typed languages
QuoteRef: dantL5_2021 ;;D'Antoni, L., Veanes, M., Automata modulo theories
QuoteRef: daruE3_2017 ;;Darulova, E., Kuncak, V., Towards a compiler for reals
QuoteRef: daviDW_2004 ;;Davies, D.W., Corrections to Turing's universal computing machine
QuoteRef: decaG6_2019 ;;Decaroli, G. et al., A compact index for order-preserving pattern matching
QuoteRef: defrJF6_2022 ;;DeFranco, J.F., Voes, J., Revisting software metrology
QuoteRef: dennPJ2_2021 ;;Denning, P.J., Working set analytics
QuoteRef: dersN5_2021 ;;Dershowitz, N., Viewpoint: Let's be honest
QuoteRef: deviO4_2001 ;;Devillers, O., Teillaud, M., Perturbations for Delaunay and weighted Delaunay 3D triangulations
QuoteRef: dhirS2_2020 ;;Dhir, S., Devi, S.K.A., The use of biometric fingerprints for on-the-fly digital signing of documents
QuoteRef: dietW11_2018 ;;Dietz, W., Adve, V., Software multiplexing: Share your libraries and statically link them too
QuoteRef: dimoC9_2016 ;;Dimoulas, C. et al., Oh lord, please don't let contracts be misunderstood (Functional Pearl)
QuoteRef: diop_250 ;;Diophantus, The Arithmetica
QuoteRef: dolaS6_2018 ;;Dolan, S. et al., Bounding data races in space and time
QuoteRef: douW3_2017 ;;Dou, W. et al., CACheck: detecting and repairing cell arrays in spreadsheets
QuoteRef: drosI4_1971 ;;Drost-Fromm, I., Tompkins, R., Open source community governance the Apache way
QuoteRef: dubrV3_2004 ;;Dubrovsky, V., Toward system principles: General system theory and the alternative approach
QuoteRef: duckGJ6_2018 ;;Duck, G.J., Yap, R.H.C., EffectiveSan: type and memory error detection using dynamically typed C/C++
QuoteRef: dunbRIM_1996 ;;Dunbar, R. I. M., Grooming, gossip, and the evolution of language
QuoteRef: dutiC_2012 ;;Dutilh Novaes, C., Formal Languages in Logic. A philosophical and cognitive analysis
QuoteRef: elliCM4_2000 ;;Ellison, C.M., Naming and certificates
QuoteRef: endrG_2003 ;;Endress, G., Mathematics and philosophy in medieval Islam
QuoteRef: ettrM_2005 ;;Ettrich, M., Designing Qt-style C++ APIs
QuoteRef: eyleD_2017 ;;Eyles, D., Sunburst and Luminary: An Apollo Memoir
QuoteRef: faroS5_2020 ;;Farooqi, S. et al., Measuring and mitigating OAuth access token abuse by collusion networks
QuoteRef: feiS7_2021 ;;Fei, S. et al., Security vulnerabilities of SGX and countermeasures: a survey
QuoteRef: feitAM2_2021 ;;Feit, A.M. et al., AZERTY ameliore: Computational design on a national scale
QuoteRef: feldM7_2020 ;;Feldmann, M. et al., Survey on algorithms for self-stabilizing overlay networks
QuoteRef: floyRW2_1964 ;;Floyd, R.W., Bounded context syntactic analysis
QuoteRef: fogA_2004 ;;Fog, A., Optimizing software in C++. An optimization guide for Windows, Linux, and Mac platforms
QuoteRef: folkM_2016 ;;Folkerts, M., Hughes, B., The Latin mathematics of medieval Europe
QuoteRef: fowlG3_2012 ;;Fowler, G. et al., The FNV non-cryptographic hash algorithm
QuoteRef: funkS8_1999 ;;Funke, S. et al., Structural filtering: a paradigm for efficient and exact geometric programs
QuoteRef: galeC_172 ;;Galenus, C. (Galen), De Methodo Medendi
QuoteRef: galiG_1613 ;;Galilei, G., History and Demonstrations Concerning Sunspots
QuoteRef: galiG12_1613 ;;Galilei, G., Letter to [Benedetto] Castelli
QuoteRef: galiG12_1615 ;;Galilei, G., Letter to the Grand Duchess Christiana
QuoteRef: gangG8_2021 ;;Gange, G. et al., A fresh look at zones and octagons
QuoteRef: gausCF_1870 ;;Gauss, C.F., Disquisitiones Arithmeticae
QuoteRef: gebaM3_2018 ;;Gebai, M., Degenais, M.R., Survey and analysis of kernel and userspace tracers on Linux: design, implementation, and overhead
QuoteRef: gehaA12_2021 ;;Gehani, A. et al., Digging into big provenance (with SPADE)
QuoteRef: genkD6_2016 ;;Genkin, D. et al., Physical key extraction attacks on PCs
QuoteRef: gentG_1932 ;;Gentzen, G., Uber die existenz unabhangiger aiomensysteme zu unendlichen satzsystem
QuoteRef: gentG_1935 ;;Gentzen, G., Untersuchungen uber das logische Schliessen
QuoteRef: gentG_1936 ;;Gentzen, G., Die widerspruchsfreiheit der reinen zahlentheorie
QuoteRef: gentG_1938 ;;Gentzen, G., Neue fassung des widerspruchsfreiheitsbeweises fur die reine Zahlentheorie
QuoteRef: gentG_1938a ;;Gentzen, G., Die gegenwartige large in der mathematischen grundlagenforschung
QuoteRef: getoV8_2021 ;;Getov, V., Insights into the origins of the IEEE Computer Society and the invention of electronic digital computing
QuoteRef: geweFL5_2021 ;;Gewers, F.L. et al., Principal component analysis: a natural approach to data exploration
QuoteRef: giesF_1994 ;;Gies, F., Gies, J., Cathedral, Forge, and Waterwheel: Technology and invention in the Middle Ages
QuoteRef: gimpJ_1976 ;;Gimpel, J., The Medieval Machine: The Industrial Revolution of the Middle Ages
QuoteRef: gleiM10_2019 ;;Gleirscher, M. et al., New opportunities for integrated formal methods
QuoteRef: godbM2_2020 ;;Godbolt, M., Optimizations in C++ compilers
QuoteRef: goldHH_1972 ;;Goldstine, H.H., The Computer: from Pascal to von Neumann
QuoteRef: goodB8_2017 ;;Goodwin, B. et al., BitFunnel: revisiting signatures for search
QuoteRef: goodN_1956 ;;Goodman, N. et al., A world of individuals
QuoteRef: goroN1_2019 ;;Gorogiannis, N. et al., A true positives theorem for a static race detector
QuoteRef: grahG6_2018 ;;Grahne, G., Moallemi, A., A useful four-valued database logic
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QuoteRef: grasH_1844 ;;Grassmann, H., Die Lineale Ausdehnungslehre, ein neuer Zweig der Mathematik ...
QuoteRef: grosE5_2021 ;;Grosse, E. et al., Implementing insider defenses
QuoteRef: guR10_2019 ;;Gu, R. et al., Building certified concurrent OS kernels
QuoteRef: guevM2_2021 ;;Guevara, M. et al., Differential privacy: The pursuit of protections by default
QuoteRef: guilC_1148 ;;Guillaume de Conches (William of Conches), Dragmaticon Philosophiae
QuoteRef: haecE_1876 ;;Haeckel, E., Anthropogenie: oder, Entwicklungsgeschichte des Menschen
QuoteRef: haecE_1900 ;;Haeckel, E., The Riddle of the Universe, at the close of the nineteenth century
QuoteRef: hamiM_2019 ;;Hamilton, M., In their own words: Margaret Hamilton on her daughter's simulation
QuoteRef: hammJ7_2022 ;;Hammer, J., Reig, S., From individual rights to community obligations: a Jewish approach to speech
QuoteRef: hammRW_1991 ;;Hamming, R.W., The art of probability--for scientists and engineers
QuoteRef: hareD10_2021 ;;Harel, D. et al., Scenario-based algorithmics: coding algorithms by automatic composition of separate concerns
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QuoteRef: hellJM9_2020 ;;Hellerstein, J.M., Alvaro, P., Keeping CALM: when distributed consistency is easy
QuoteRef: hellP11_2020 ;;Helland, P., Data on the outside versus data on the inside
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QuoteRef: helmH_1867 ;;von Helmholtz, H., The recent progress of the theory of vision
QuoteRef: helmH3_1878 ;;von Helmholtz, H., The facts of perception (Die Thatsachen in der Wahrnehmung)
QuoteRef: henrG1_2020 ;;Henry, A., Justin Richer on OAuth
QuoteRef: henrG3_2021 ;;Henry, G., Justin Richer on OAuth
QuoteRef: hillRK11_2019 ;;Hill, R.K., Voting, coding, and the code
QuoteRef: hinsK3_2020 ;;Hinsen, K., The magic of content-addressable storage
QuoteRef: hitzP2_2021 ;;Hitzler, P., A review of the semantic web field
QuoteRef: hiyyAB_1120 ;;bar Hiyya, Abraham, Hibbur Hameshiha vehatishboret (The treatise on measuring areas and volumes)
QuoteRef: hodgS4_2020 ;;Hodges, S. et al., Physical computing: a key element of modern computer science education
QuoteRef: holdD_1965 ;;Holdsworth, D., et. al., User Manual for Leo III: CLEO Specification
QuoteRef: holmJ9_2020 ;;Holmes, J. et al., Using relative lines of code to guide automated test generation for Python
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QuoteRef: holzGJ1_2021 ;;Holzmann, G.J., Right code
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QuoteRef: hormK11_2001 ;;Hormann, K., Agathos, A., The point in polygon problem for arbitrary polygons
QuoteRef: hughV_1127 ;;Hugh of St. Victor, Didascalicon
QuoteRef: isidS_600 ;;Isidore of Seville, The Quadrivium
QuoteRef: ivanD10_2017 ;;Ivanchykhin, D. et al., Regular and almost universal hashing: an efficient implementation
QuoteRef: jakoM5_2019 ;;Jakobsson, M., The rising thread of launchpad attacks
QuoteRef: jevoWS_1869 ;;Jevons, W.S., The Substitution of Similars, The true principle of reasoning, derived from a modification of Aristotle's dictum
QuoteRef: jevoWS_1887 ;;Jevons, W.S., The Principles of Science: A treatise on logic and scientific method
QuoteRef: jinH8_2021 ;;Jin, H. et al., Lean privacy review: Collecting users' privacy concerns of data practices at a low cost
QuoteRef: johnS_1159 ;;John of Salisbury, Metalogicon
QuoteRef: johnS_1250 ;;John of Sacrobosco, Algorismus Vulgaris
QuoteRef: jordWC_1996 ;;Jordan, W.C., The Great Famine: Northern Europe in the Early Fourteenth Century
QuoteRef: joveRP12_2020 ;;Jover, R.P., Security analysis of SMS as a second factor of authentication
QuoteRef: jungR4_2021 ;;Jung, R. et al., Safe systems programming in Rust
QuoteRef: kakhAM7_2019 ;;Kakhki, A.M. et al., Taking a long look at QUIC
QuoteRef: kaneU7_20 ;;Kanewala, U., Chen, T.Y., Metamorphic testing: a simple yet effective approach for testing scientific software
QuoteRef: katzJJ_1981 ;;Katz, J.J., Language and other abstract objects
QuoteRef: kayJ_2015 ;;Kay, J., Other People's Money: the real business of finance
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