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Subtopic: mouse vs. keyboard up

Quote: seeing and pointing is preferred over remembering and typing; reduces burden on memory [smitDC_1982]
Quote: most interactions with a system are related to recent events; pronoun reference by pointing to portions of these events [teitW3_1977]
Quote: with Smalltalk, needed little typing; most interaction through mouse and window menus [morgC8_1981]
Quote: over 90% of executed KMS commands by pointing at an item [akscRM7_1988a]
QuoteRef: goldA3_1976 ;;5 Mouse for pointing by the user

Subtopic: select + command up

Quote: use noun-verb methods to apply an action to an object; reduces error, faster, simpler, reversible [raskJ_2000]
Quote: Apple Desktop Interface paradigms--select object then select action via a menu, or drag an object to another object representing an action [apple_1987]
Quote: selecting before committing to action allows exploration and mistakes; because selecting has no other effect [apple_1987]
Quote: if a Smalltalk command takes one parameter, select the item and invoke the command; allows you to change selection or command [teslL8_1981]
Quote: remove modes from Smalltalk editing by selecting before command, and text replaces selected characters [teslL8_1981]
Quote: Star commands specify the object and then invoke the command; noun-verb [smitDC4_1982]
Quote: to move an object in Star, select it, push the MOVE key, and then select the destination [smitDC4_1982]
Quote: selecting a menu item with a mouse requires a distinct physical mode; yet designed as a modeless system [buxtW_1986]
Quote: with Smalltalk instead of typing the name of a procedure, you point to it in a list or activate its window [teslL8_1981]

Subtopic: command + select up

Quote: restrict verb-noun methods to palette selections intended for immediate use [raskJ_2000]

Subtopic: speed of mouse pointing up

Quote: point-and-click is 90% of a user's interaction with KMS; twice as fast as menu selection [akscRM7_1988a]
Quote: experienced users find the mouse faster and more accurate; novices did better with a light pen or knee control [englWK3_1967]
Quote: can point with a mouse as fast as with a finger; a Fitts's law device [smitDC4_1982]
Quote: derive Fitts' Law by assuming that the relative accuracy of movement is constant; the measured time for acquiring a target is within the computed range [cardSK_1983]
Quote: Fitts' law also applies to constrained movement: speed of movement is linearly related to the normal constraint [accoJ3_1997]
Quote: comparison of constrained pointing tasks and goal-crossing tasks for speed and accuracy [accoJ4_2002]
Quote: fastest was orthogonal pointing and continuous orthogonal crossing; slowest was continuous collinear crossing [accoJ4_2002]
Quote: movement time for pointing and goal crossing by the target-distance to target-width ratio [accoJ4_2002]
Quote: orthogonal pointing was 10% faster than collinear pointing [accoJ4_2002]
Quote: for targeting tasks, the rate of performance increases uniformly as movement amplitude decreases and tolerance increases [fittPM6_1954]

Subtopic: pointing vs. search up

Quote: use point-completion deadlines to separate pointing time from search time in usability studies [hornAJ9_2001]
Quote: search for upper-left targets faster than lower-right targets; 2x to 4x; roughly linear for three column layout; lower middle targets slower [hornAJ9_2001]
Quote: 1/5 second search time for target-only layouts; independent of position [hornAJ9_2001]

Subtopic: pointing accuracy up

Quote: discrete orthogonal pointing had the lowest error rate, 2.5%; others similar to Fitts' collinear pointing, 7.6%; target distance and width was significant [accoJ4_2002]

Subtopic: goal crossing up

Quote: when practical for crossing, use orthogonal goals to the movement direction [accoJ4_2002]
Quote: goal crossing may be better than pointing; continuous action; bi-directional; double crossing; multiple selection; like gesturing [accoJ4_2002]
Quote: goal crossing may work better for elderly users who have difficulty pointing and double clicking [accoJ4_2002]

Subtopic: selecting optional components up

Quote: special command to place cursor at an optional component [teitT6_1979]

Subtopic: trajectory vs. point up

Quote: use the steering law for trajectory-based tasks; like Fitts' law [accoJ5_1999]

Subtopic: border widgets up

Quote: the Macintosh menu bar is about twice as fast as the Windows task bar; widgets on the border should extend to infinity [accoJ4_2002]

Subtopic: accessibility for mouse up

Quote: for older adults, use a cursor with a large hot spot and sticky icons [wordA3_1997]

Subtopic: fingers better than mouse up

Quote: fingers have a bandwidth of 17.6 bits/s; four times that of a mouse; can a device use this? [cardSK4_1991]

Subtopic: object handles up

Quote: selecting a graphics object in Lisa displays handles for moving or modifying the object [willG2_1983]
Quote: selected objects in SUIT display black handles with a 1-pixel wide white border; always visible [pausR10_1992]

Subtopic: adjust selection up

Quote: SELECT mouse button for selecting objects and ADJUST mouse button for broadening or narrowing the selection [smitDC_1982]
Quote: click the mouse button once to select an item, twice to open a window; Preference's tool to adjust [stewG3_1983]

Subtopic: icon animations up

Quote: invoke icon animations when cursor inside the bounding box; users moved cursor to edge of box [baecR4_1991]

Subtopic: show properties up

Quote: in Magpie, whenever an item is selected, descriptive information is displayed in an adjoining pane [deliNM5_1984]
Quote: use mouse to display the default value and likely alternatives for a field [maloTW4_1987]

Subtopic: tracking up

Quote: avoid jitter in remote mouse control by averaging data from last 7 points [myerBA11_1998]
Quote: Sketchpad tracks the pseudo pen location, a bright dot at the nearest drawing part; used for drawing operations [suthIE5_1963]

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