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Thesa organizes its quotations into topics in a topic/group hierarchy. The root of the hierarchy is (Group: topic root). Each topic/group includes related topics. Related links are usually bidirectional: if topic A is related to topic B then topic B is related to topic A.

A topic has subtopics and an optional summary. A subtopic is a list of related quotations and a headnote. Abstract, high-level subtopics come first. History, negative subtopics and problems are last.

The 2023 release of Thesa ( added 5,000 quotations to the 2006 release. These quotations were rough-sorted into topics and subtopics. Many topics have become unorganized. They need review, summarization, and reorganization. See (ThesaHelp: topics to process).

Thesa was built by:

  • Identify useful journals, abstracting services, and literature reviews.

  • Read and browse for useful ideas and new references.

  • Capture each idea by extracting quotations.

  • Assign a title to each quotation.

  • Sort the titles into one, two or more topics.

  • Assign each title to a subtopic.

  • Create new topics and subtopics as needed.

  • Interrelate topics as needed.

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