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bug tracking system
merging changes
revision control system
revision control system
software change management
versions and branches
versions and branches
versions and branches
versions and branches

branch and merge
branch and merge
change for bug
distributed source control
fine-grained branches
problems with distributed revision control
root cause

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O'Sullivan, B., "Making sense of revision-control systems," Communications of the ACM, 52.9, September 2009, p. 57-62

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59 ;;Quote: a distributed revision control system keeps standalone copies of a project's complete history; commit is independent of publish; unit of work is the repository
59 ;;Quote: tiny branches and merges are frequent under distributed revision control; detailed information about change and the sources of change; long-term branches are also available
60 ;;Quote: git's bisect command makes it easy to locate the change that caused a bug
61 ;;Quote: instead of cherry-picking, fix the bug at the revision that caused the bug; merge the fix as needed; called a daggy fix
61 ;;Quote: distributed revision control does not work well for large, frequently changed, binary files; takes too much space
62 ;;Quote: a rebase can reorganize a chaotic commit history into a sequence of logical changes; clean up after failed experiments

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