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QuoteRef: maY6_2019 ;;Ma, Y. et al., WiFi sensing with channel state information: A survey [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: macfAGJ8_2003 ;;MacFarlane, A.G.J., Information, knowledge and the future of machines
QuoteRef: machB3_1992 ;;Machrone, B., Time for a new interface
QuoteRef: machD_2014 ;;MacHale, D., The Life and Work of George Boole. A prelude to the digital age
QuoteRef: machE_1883 ;;Mach, E., The Science of Mechanics [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: mackIS4_1993 ;;MacKenzie, I.S., Ware, C., Lag as a determinant of human performance in interactive systems
QuoteRef: mackIS5_1997 ;;MacKenzie, I.S., Zhang, S.X., The immediate usability of Graffiti
QuoteRef: mackIS5_1999 ;;MacKenzie, I.S., Zhang, S.X., The design and evaluation of a high-performance soft keyboard
QuoteRef: mackRL7_1983 ;;Mack, R.L. et al., Learning to use word processors: Problems and prospects
QuoteRef: mackWE10_1988 ;;Mackay, W.E., Diversity in the use of electronic mail: A preliminary inquiry
QuoteRef: maclA5_1989 ;;MacLean, A. et al., Design rationale: The argument behind the artifact
QuoteRef: maclBJ12_1982 ;;MacLennan, B.J., Values and objects in programming languages
QuoteRef: maclBJ12_1983 ;;MacLennan, B.J., Abstraction in the Intel iAPX-432 prototype systems implementation language
QuoteRef: maclBJ_1987 ;;MacLennan, B.J., Principles of programming languages
QuoteRef: maclIA11_1977 ;;Macleod, I.A., Design and implementation of a display oriented text editor
QuoteRef: macqD7_2002 ;;MacQueen, D., Should ML be object-oriented
QuoteRef: madsOL10_1986 ;;Madsen, O.L., Block structure and object oriented languages.
QuoteRef: madsOL_1993 ;;Madsen, O.L. et al., Object-Oriented Programming in the Beta Programming Language [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: maesJW10_2000 ;;Maessen, J.-W. et al., Improving the Java memory model using CRF
QuoteRef: maesP12_1987 ;;Maes, P., Concepts and experiments in computational reflection
QuoteRef: magaA3_2021 ;;Magalhaes, A. et al., Main memory database recovery: A survey [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: magaJP9_2011 ;;Magalhaes, J.P., de Haas, W.B., Functional modeling of musical harmony
QuoteRef: maglA2_2015 ;;Maglo, A. et al., 3D mesh compression: survey, comparisons, and emerging trends
QuoteRef: maguS_1993 ;;Maguire, S., Writing Solid Code
QuoteRef: mahaP5_2011 ;;Mahajan, P. et al., Consistency, availability, and convergence [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: mahaP12_2011 ;;Mahajan, P. et al., Depot: Cloud storage with minimal trust
QuoteRef: mahoP6_1945 ;;Mahon, P., History of hut 8 to December 1941 [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: maieD1_1986 ;;Maier, D. et al., Displaying database objects
QuoteRef: mairH9_2013 ;;Mairson, H., Functional geometry and the Traite de Lutherie
QuoteRef: maitS11_2020 ;;Maity, S. et al., BodyWire-HCI: Enabling new interaction modalities by communicating strictly dring touch using electro-quasistatic human body communication [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: malaD10_2009 ;;Malayeri, D., Aldrich, J., CZ: multiple inheritance without diamonds
QuoteRef: malcM12_1983 ;;Malcolm, M., Dyment, D., Experience designing the Waterloo Port user interface
QuoteRef: maliJS10_2016 ;;Malik, J.S., Hemani, A., Gaussian random number generation: a survey on hardware architectures [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: malkM3_2015 ;;Malka, M. et al., rIOMMU: Efficient IOMMU for I/O devices that employ ring buffers
QuoteRef: maloTW6_1982 ;;Malone, T.W., How do people organize their desks? Implications for the design of office information systems
QuoteRef: maloTW4_1987 ;;Malone, T.W. et al., Semistructured messages are surprisingly useful for computer-supported coordination
QuoteRef: maloTW5_1987 ;;Malone, T.W. et al., Intelligent information-sharing systems
QuoteRef: maloTW11_1992 ;;Malone, T.W. et al., Experiments with Oval: a radically tailorable tool for cooperative work
QuoteRef: maloTW3_1994 ;;Malone, T.W., Crowston, K., The interdisciplinary study of coordination
QuoteRef: malpG9_2000 ;;Malpohl, G. et al., Renaming detection
QuoteRef: mamrSA5_1987 ;;Mamrak, S.A. et al., A software architecture for supporting the exchange of electronic manuscripts
QuoteRef: manbU10_1990 ;;Manber, U., Chain reactions in networks
QuoteRef: manbU10_1993 ;;Manber, U., Wu, S., GLIMPSE: A tool to search through entire file systems
QuoteRef: manbU1_1997 ;;Manber, U. et al., WebGlimpse--Combining browsing and searching
QuoteRef: manbU4_1997 ;;Manber, U., A text compression scheme that allows fast searching directly in the compressed file
QuoteRef: manbU8_2000 ;;Manber, U. et al., Experience with personalization on Yahoo!
QuoteRef: mandBB_1983 ;;Mandelbrot, B.B., The fractal geometry of nature
QuoteRef: maneS6_1987 ;;Manes, S., Hypertext: A breath of air freshener
QuoteRef: mannE6_2019 ;;Mannes, E., Maziero, C., Naming content on the network layer: a security analysis of the information-centric network model [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: mannT5_1994 ;;Mann, T. et al., A coherent distributed file cache with directory write-behind
QuoteRef: mannZ5_1978 ;;Manna, Z., Waldinger, R., The logic of computer programming
QuoteRef: mannZ7_1979 ;;Manna, Z., Waldinger, R., Synthesis: dreams => programs
QuoteRef: manoY5_1994 ;;Manolopoulos, Y., Lorentzos, N., Performance of linear hashing schemes for primary key retrieval
QuoteRef: mansJ1_2005 ;;Manson, J. et al., The Java memory model
QuoteRef: mansY12_2017 ;;Mansouri, Y. et al., Data storage management in cloud environments: taxonomy, survey, and future directions [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: mantMJ2_1983 ;;Manthey, M.J., Moret, B.M.E., The computational metaphor and quantum physics
QuoteRef: manuSB_1986 ;;Manufacturing Studies Board et al., Towards a New Era in U.S. Manufacturing
QuoteRef: maoJ4_2016 ;;Mao, J. et al., RID: finding reference count bugs with inconsistent path pair checking
QuoteRef: maoTW10_1979 ;;Mao, T.W., Yeh, R.T., Communication port: a language concept for concurrent programming
QuoteRef: maoTW3_1980 ;;Mao, T.W., Yeh, R.T., Communication port: a language concept for concurrent programming
QuoteRef: maquJ_1968 ;;Maquarrie, J., Martin Heidegger
QuoteRef: maraH10_1997 ;;Marais, H., Bharat, K., Supporting cooperative and personal surfing with a desktop assistant
QuoteRef: marcG1_1988 ;;Marchionini, A., Shneiderman, B., Finding facts vs. browsing knowledge in hypertext systems
QuoteRef: marcM1_1974 ;;Marcotty, M., Schutz, H., The systems programming language, Malus
QuoteRef: margG6_2014 ;;Margaritis, G., Anastasiadis, S.V., Incremental text indexing for fast disk-based search [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: mariB5_1996 ;;Maring, B., Object-oriented development of large applications
QuoteRef: markA4_2016 ;;Markuze, A. et al., True IOMMU protection from DMA attacks: when copy is faster than zero copy
QuoteRef: markG6_2002 ;;Mark, G., Extreme collaboration
QuoteRef: markHM_1963 ;;Markowitz, H.M. et al., Simscript: a simulation programming language
QuoteRef: markV6_1982 ;;Markstein, V. et al., Optimization of range checking
QuoteRef: markW1_1981 ;;Mark, W., Use of database organization in the Consul system
QuoteRef: markW_1982 ;;Mark, W., Natural-language help in the Consul system
QuoteRef: marlS6_2001 ;;Marlow, S. et al., Asynchronous exceptions in Haskell
QuoteRef: marlS9_2004 ;;Marlow, S., Jones, S.P., Making a fast curry: Push/enter vs. eval/apply for higher-order languages
QuoteRef: marnPA12_1973 ;;de Marneffe, P.-A., Holon programming
QuoteRef: marrK3_2013 ;;Marriott, K. et al., HTML automatic table layout
QuoteRef: marsA5_1984 ;;Marshack, A., Hierarchical evolution of the human capacity: the paleolithic evidence
QuoteRef: martAP_1990 ;;Martinich, A.P., The Philosophy of Language
QuoteRef: martC3_1998 ;;Martinez, C., Roura, S., Randomized binary search trees
QuoteRef: martF3_1998 ;;Martin, F. et al., Analysis of loops
QuoteRef: martG8_2018 ;;Marton, G., Porkolab, Z., Selective friends in C++ [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: martJ_1975 ;;Martin, J., Computer data-base organization
QuoteRef: martJA8_2021 ;;Martin, J. A. A., Gollee, H., Intermittent control as a model of mouse movements [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: martJJ12_1973 ;;Martin, J.J., The 'Natural' set of basic control structures
QuoteRef: martJJ_1980 ;;Martin, J.J., FAD, a functional programming language that supports abstract data types
QuoteRef: martJMR8_1997 ;;Martin, J.M.R., Welch, P.H., A design strategy for deadlock-free concurrent systems
QuoteRef: martL6_1986 ;;Martin, L., "Eskimo words for snow": A case study in the genesis and decay of an anthropological example
QuoteRef: martM10_2005 ;;Martin, M. et al., Finding application errors and security flaws using PQL: a program query language
QuoteRef: martMJ_1974 ;;Martin, M.J., Generalized structured programming
QuoteRef: martP12_1966 ;;Martin-Lof, Per, The definition of random sequences
QuoteRef: martP1_1986 ;;Martin, P., Tsichritzis, D., Complete logical routings in computer mail systems
QuoteRef: martRC7_2005 ;;Martin, R.C., The test bus imperative: architectures that support automated acceptance testing
QuoteRef: martRC5_2007 ;;Martin, R.C., Professionalism and test-driven development
QuoteRef: maryF_1982 ;;Maryanski, F., Data-server design issues
QuoteRef: mashAJ4_2017 ;;Mashtizadeh, A.J. et al., Towards practical default-on multi-core record/replay [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: mashJ1_2009 ;;Mashey, J., The long road to 64 bits
QuoteRef: mashJR_1976 ;;Mashey, J.R., Using a command language as a high-level programming language
QuoteRef: mashJR_1976a ;;Mashey, J.R., Smith, D.W., Documentation tools and techniques
QuoteRef: masmM7_2004 ;;Masmano, M. et al., TLSF: a new dynamic memory allocator for real-time systems [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: massH10_1987 ;;Massalin, H., Superoptimizer--A look at the smallest program
QuoteRef: mastL10_2015 ;;Mastrangelo, L. et al., Use at your own risk: The Java unsafe API in the wild
QuoteRef: mathU11_2018 ;;Mathur, U. et al., What happens-after the first race? enhancing the predictive power of happens-before based dynamic race detection [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: matiE4_1993 ;;Matias, E. et al., Half-QWERTY: A one-handed keyboard facilitating skill transfer from QWERTY
QuoteRef: matsND10_2014 ;;Matsakis, N.D. et al., Typed objects in JavaScript
QuoteRef: mattMD6_2004 ;;Mattson, M.D. et al., Eutrophication and Aquatic Plant Management of Massachusetts. Final Generic Environmental Impact Report [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: matuHR_1980 ;;Maturana, H.R., Varela F.J., Autopoiesis and cognition. The realization of the living
QuoteRef: matyV2_2008 ;;Matyas, V. et al., Authorizing card payments with PINs
QuoteRef: matzD9_1997 ;;Matzke, D., Will physical scalability sabotage performance gains?
QuoteRef: maucJW1_1947 ;;Mauchly, J.W., Preparation of problems for EDVAC-type machines
QuoteRef: maucJW1_1947x ;;Mauchly, J. W., Preparation of problems for EDVAC-type machines [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: maurB11_2015 ;;Maurer, B., Fail at scale
QuoteRef: maurPM3_2004 ;;Maurer, P.M., Metamorphic programming: unconventional high performance
QuoteRef: maviA8_2009 ;;Mavin, A. et al., EARS (Easy Approach to Requirements Syntax)
QuoteRef: maviA9_2010 ;;Mavin, A., Wilkinson, P., Big EARS (The return of "Easy Approach to Requirements Syntax")
QuoteRef: maxwJC_1864 ;;Maxwell, J.C., A dynamical theory of the electromagnetic field [OK]
QuoteRef: maxwJC_1891 ;;Maxwell, J.C., A Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism [OK]
QuoteRef: mayD_1987 ;;May, D. et al., Communicating process architecture: transputers and Occam
QuoteRef: mayeR2_2020 ;;Mayer, R., Jacobsen, H.-A., Scalable deep learning on distributed infrastructures: challenges, techniques, and tools [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: maysD5_2002 ;;Mays, D., LeBlanc, R.J., Jr., The CycleFree methodology: a simple approach to building reliable, robust, real-time systems
QuoteRef: maziD7_2002 ;;Mazieres, D., Shasha, D., Building secure file systems out of Byzantine storage [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: mcarG10_2002 ;;McArthur, G. et al., An extensible tool for source code representation using XML
QuoteRef: mcauAJ2_1994 ;;McAuley, A.J., Weighted sum codes for error detection and their comparison with existing codes
QuoteRef: mcbrDK7_1985 ;;McBride, D.K. et al., The development of a standardized, computer-based abbreviation algorithm
QuoteRef: mccaJ_1960 ;;McCarthy, J., Recursive functions of symbolic expressions and their computation by machines
QuoteRef: mccaJ4_1960 ;;McCarthy, J., Recursive functions of symbolic expressions and their computation by machines
QuoteRef: mccaJ8_1962 ;;McCarthy, J., Towards a mathematical science of computation
QuoteRef: mccaJ7_1963 ;;McCarthy, J. et al., The linking segment subprogram language and linking loader
QuoteRef: mccaJ_1969 ;;McCarthy, J., Hayes, P.J., Some philosophical problems from the standpoint of artificial intelligence
QuoteRef: mcclSC_1998 ;;McCluskey, S.C., Astronomies and Cultures in Early Medieval Europe [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: mccoS7_1996 ;;McConnell, S., Daily build and smoke test
QuoteRef: mccoS7_1998 ;;McConnell, S., Why you should use routines ... routinely
QuoteRef: mccrDD_1981 ;;McCracken, D.D., A maverick approach to systems analysis and design
QuoteRef: mccrDD4_1982 ;;McCracken, D.D., Jackson, M.A., Life cycle concept considered harmful
QuoteRef: mccrDL10_1984 ;;McCracken, D.L., Akscyn, R.M., Experience with the ZOG human-computer interface system
QuoteRef: mccuWS_1943 ;;McCulloch, W.S., Pitts, W., A logical calculus of the ideas immanent in nervous activity
QuoteRef: mccuWS_1951 ;;McCulloch, W.S., Why the mind is in the head
QuoteRef: mcdeDV9_1975 ;;McDermott, D.V., Very large Planner-type data bases
QuoteRef: mcdeJ8_1995 ;;McDermott, J., Goldschlag, D., Storage jamming
QuoteRef: mcgiC_2015 ;;McGinn, C., Philosophy of Language. The Classics Explained [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: mcgiJ_2010 ;;McGinnis, J., Avicennan infinity: a select history of the infinite through Avicenna [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: mcgoCL_1979 ;;McGowan, C.L., McHenry, R.C., Software Management
QuoteRef: mcgoMJ7_1983 ;;McGowan, M.J., Anderson, W.L., Software must move! A description of the software assembly line
QuoteRef: mcgrJR1_1979 ;;McGraw, J.R., Andrews, G.R., Access control in parallel programs
QuoteRef: mcilMD10_1968 ;;McIlroy, M.D., "Mass produced" software components
QuoteRef: mcilMD7_1978 ;;McIlroy, M.D. et al., UNIX time-sharing system: Foreword
QuoteRef: mcilMD1_1982 ;;McIlroy, M.D., Development of a spelling list
QuoteRef: mcilMD8_1992 ;;McIlroy, M.D., Reeds, J.A., Multilevel security in the UNIX tradition
QuoteRef: mcilPM1_1993 ;;McIlroy, P.M. et al., Engineering radix sort
QuoteRef: mcinDB8_1991 ;;McIntyre, D.B., Mastering J
QuoteRef: mcinS5_2011 ;;McIntosh, S. et al., An empirical study of build maintenance effort
QuoteRef: mcjoPR1_1989 ;;McJones, P.R., Swart, G.F., Evolving the UNIX system interface to support multithreaded programs
QuoteRef: mckeBJ2_1990 ;;McKenzie, B.J. et al., Selecting a hashing algorithm
QuoteRef: mckeP5_2011 ;;McKenzie, P., Weapons of mass assignment
QuoteRef: mckePE7_2013 ;;McKenney, P.E., Structured deferral: synchronization via procrastination
QuoteRef: mckeRM5_1984 ;;McKeag, R.M. et al., Designing software for children
QuoteRef: mckeWM_1966 ;;McKeeman, W.M., An approach to computer language design
QuoteRef: mckeWM_1970 ;;McKeeman, W.M. et al., A compiler generator
QuoteRef: mckeWM_1974 ;;McKeeman, W.M., Programming language design
QuoteRef: mckeWM_1975 ;;McKeeman, W.M., Mechanizing bankers' morality
QuoteRef: mckuK3_2010 ;;McKusick, K., Quinlan, S., GFS: Evolution on fast-forward
QuoteRef: mckuMK8_1984 ;;McKusick, M.K. et al., A fast file system for UNIX
QuoteRef: mckuMK6_1999 ;;McKusick, M.K., Ganger, G.R., Soft updates: a technique for eliminating most synchronous writes in the fast filesystem
QuoteRef: mcleDJ3_1976 ;;Mclead, D.J., High-level domain definition in a relational data-base system
QuoteRef: mcleJ1_1990 ;;McLean, J., The specification and modeling of computer security
QuoteRef: mcleSG5_1998 ;;McLellan, S.G. et al., Building more usable APIs
QuoteRef: mcmuT11_2015 ;;McMullen, T., It Probably Works
QuoteRef: mcphJ_1974 ;;McPhee, J., The curve of binding energy
QuoteRef: mcquD5_1975 ;;McQuillan, D., Transaction diagrams-- a design tool
QuoteRef: meadCA6_1997 ;;Mead, C.A., Collective electrodynamics I
QuoteRef: meawF10_2012 ;;Meawad, F. et al., Eval Begone! Semi-automated removal of eval from JavaScript programs
QuoteRef: medeA10_2016 ;;Medeiros, A., Dynamics of change: why reactivity matters
QuoteRef: medeO9_2009 ;;Medelyan, O. et al., Mining meaning from Wikipedia
QuoteRef: meekB9_1994 ;;Meek, B., A taxonomy of datatypes
QuoteRef: meerL_1978 ;;Meertens, L., Program text and program structure
QuoteRef: megiN4_2004 ;;Megiddo, N., Modha, D.S., Outperforming LRU with an adaptive replacement cache algorithm
QuoteRef: mehlK11_2011 ;;Mehlhorn, K. et al., A general approach to the analysis of controlled perturbation algorithms [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: mehtR8_1997 ;;Mehta, R. et al., Techniques for low energy software
QuoteRef: meijE10_2002 ;;Meijer, E., Szyperski, C., Overcoming independent extensibility challenges
QuoteRef: meijE4_2011 ;;Meijer, E., Bierman, G., A co-relational model of data for large shared data banks
QuoteRef: meikS4_2016 ;;Meiklejohn, S. et al., A fistful of Bitcoins: Characterizing payments among men with no names
QuoteRef: melaYY_2018 ;;Melamed, Y.Y., "A substance consisting of an infinity of attributes": Spinoza on the infinity of attributes [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: meliN_1986 ;;Melin, N., The new Alexandria: CD ROM in the library
QuoteRef: melnS6_2011 ;;Melnik, S. et al., Dremel: interactive analysis of web-scale datasets
QuoteRef: memaK6_2016 ;;Memarian, K. et al., Into the depths of C: elaborating the de facto standards
QuoteRef: memaK1_2019 ;;Memarian, K. et al., Exploring C semantics and pointer provenance [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: memorex ;;Memorex, Computer System Products, MRX/OS Assembler Reference Manual
QuoteRef: menaLF10_1842 ;;Menabrea, L.F., Sketch of the analytical engine invented by Charles Babbage, With notes upon the memoir by the translator Ada Augusta, Countess of Lovelace [OK]
QuoteRef: mendE3_1988 ;;Mendelson, E., $200 Guide: Hypertext for the PC
QuoteRef: mengB3_1981 ;;Mengarini, B., Macro facilities in Ada
QuoteRef: menoVS1_2006 ;;Menon, V.S. et al., A verifiable SSA program representation for aggressive compiler optimization
QuoteRef: menzT1_2007 ;;Menzies, T. et al., The strangest thing about software
QuoteRef: mercRT6_2021 ;;Mercuri, R.T., Neumann, P.G., The risks of election believability (or lack thereof) [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: merePO6_2010 ;;Meredith, P.O. et al., Efficient monitoring of parametric context-free patterns
QuoteRef: merrG12_1983 ;;Merrill, G., Proofs, program correctness, and software engineering
QuoteRef: merwJ4_2007 ;;van der Merwe, J. et al., A survey on peer-to-peer key management for mobile ad hoc networks
QuoteRef: mesbA6_2012 ;;Mesbah, A., Mirshokraie, S., Automated analysis of CSS rules to support style maintenance
QuoteRef: mesnMP4_2009 ;;Mesnier, M.P. et al., Relative fitness modeling
QuoteRef: messHP_1995 ;;Messmer, H.-P., The indispensable PC hardware book
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QuoteRef: meurJ1_1977 ;;van Meurs, J., Cardozo, E.L., Interfacing the user
QuoteRef: meyeB1_1985 ;;Meyer, B., On formalism in specifications
QuoteRef: meyeB9_1990 ;;Meyer, B., Tools for the new culture: Lessons from the design of the Eiffel libraries
QuoteRef: meyeB10_1992 ;;Meyer, B., Applying "Design by contract"
QuoteRef: meyeB8_2008 ;;Meyer, B., Seven principles of software testing
QuoteRef: meyeB9_2009 ;;Meyer, B. et al., Programs that test themselves
QuoteRef: meyeB_2010 ;;Meyer, B. et al., Avoid a void: The eradication of null dereferencing [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: meyeJ10_2014 ;;Meyerson, J., The Go programming language [podcast with A. Gerrand]
QuoteRef: meyeLA10_2009 ;;Meyerovich, L.A. et al., Flapjax: a programming language for Ajax applications
QuoteRef: mezzG11_2016 ;;Mezzetti, G. et al., Type unsoundness in practice: an empirical study of Dart
QuoteRef: micaS2_2002 ;;Micali, S., Rivets, R.L., Micropayment revisited
QuoteRef: michJR9_2000 ;;Michener, J.R., Acar, T., Security domains: key management in large-scale systems
QuoteRef: michMM6_2004 ;;Michael, M.M., Scalable lock-free dynamic memory allocation
QuoteRef: midtJ6_2012 ;;Midtgaard, J., Control-flow analysis of functional programs
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QuoteRef: miltS8_2008 ;;Matched, S. et al., Decentralized access control in distributed file systems
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QuoteRef: minkH9_1908 ;;Minkowski, H., Space and time
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QuoteRef: mira10_2004 ;;MIRA Limited, MISRA-C:2004. Guidelines for the use of the C language in critical systems [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: miraE11_1999 ;;Miranda, E., Context management in VisualWorks 5i [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: miraE6_2015 ;;Miranda, E., Bera, C., A partial read barrier for efficient support of live object-oriented programming
QuoteRef: misrVN_1966 ;;Misra, V. N., The Descriptive Technique of Panini
QuoteRef: mitcJ3_1976 ;;Mitchell, J., Wegbreit, B., A next step in data structuring for programming languages
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QuoteRef: mitcJG6_1970 ;;Mitchell, J.G., The design and construction of flexible and efficient interactive programming systems
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QuoteRef: mitcN10_2007 ;;Mitchell, N., Sevitsky, G., The causes of bloat, the limits of health
QuoteRef: mitcN1_2010 ;;Mitchell, N. et al., Four trends leading to Java runtime bloat
QuoteRef: mitcN9_2012 ;;Mitchell, N., Shake before building. Replacing Make with Haskell
QuoteRef: mitcN11_2013 ;;Mitchell, N., Leaking space
QuoteRef: mitcR_1979 ;;Mitchell, R., Less Than Words Can Say
QuoteRef: mitrNJ1_2013 ;;Mitra, N.J. et al., Illustrating how mechanical assemblies work
QuoteRef: mitzM4_2002 ;;Mitzenmacher, M., Unbiasing random bits
QuoteRef: mitzM5_2002 ;;Mitzenmacher, M., Good hash tables & multiple hash functions
QuoteRef: mockA7_2002 ;;Mockus, A. et al., Two case studies of open source software development: Apache and Mozilla
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QuoteRef: moevC_2005 ;;Moevs, C., The Metaphysics of Dante's Comedy
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