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About 130 references are from Software: Practice & Experience. It is published by John Wiley.
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QuoteRef: ahoAV4_1979 ;;Aho, A.V. et al., Awk-- A pattern scanning and processing language
QuoteRef: alleA8_2014 ;;Allevato, A., Edwards, S.H., Dereferee: instrumenting C++ pointers with meaningful runtime diagnostics
QuoteRef: anhVN2_2010 ;;Anh, V.N., Moffat, A., Index compression using 64-bit words
QuoteRef: aoeJI9_1992 ;;Aoe, J.-I. et al., An efficient implementation of trie structures
QuoteRef: atkiLV9_1979 ;;Atkinson, L.V., Should if...then...else... follow the dodo?
QuoteRef: aycoJ11_2015 ;;Aycock, J., Stringlish: improved English string searching in binary files
QuoteRef: baraAM3_1978 ;;Barak, A.M., Aharoni, M., A study of machine-level software profile
QuoteRef: barsM10_2010 ;;Barsky, M. et al., A survey of practical algorithms for suffix tree construction in external memory
QuoteRef: bartCW7_1974 ;;Barth, C.W., Notes on the case statement
QuoteRef: bellJ4_1993 ;;Bell, J., Gupta, G., An evaluation of self-adjusting binary search tree techniques
QuoteRef: bellT7_1993 ;;Bell, T., Kulp, D., Longest-match string searching for Ziv-Lempel compression
QuoteRef: bentJL11_1993 ;;Bentley, J.L., McIlroy, M.D., Engineering a sort function
QuoteRef: berkS11_2000 ;;Berkovich, S. et al., A bit-counting algorithm using the frequency division principle
QuoteRef: bernN3_1977 ;;Bernstein, N., Knobe, B., A non-general-purpose operating system
QuoteRef: bettL5_2006 ;;Bettini, L. et al., Double dispatch in C++
QuoteRef: bhamA2_1998 ;;Bhamidipaty, A., Proebsting, T.A., Very fast YACC-compatible parsers (for very little effort)
QuoteRef: boehHJ12_1995 ;;Boehm, H.-J. et al., Ropes: an alternative to strings
QuoteRef: boylJ5_2001 ;;Boyland, J., Alias burying: unique variables without destructive reads
QuoteRef: burrS2_2007 ;;Burrows, S. et al., Efficient plagiarism detection for large code repositories
QuoteRef: chamS5_2016 ;;Chambi, S. et al., Better bitmap performance with Roaring bitmaps
QuoteRef: chanDW7_2007 ;;Chang, D.-W. et al., Kernel support for zero-loss Internet service restart
QuoteRef: chapN10_1974 ;;Chapin, N., New format for flowcharts
QuoteRef: chenJC7_2004 ;;Chen, J.-C., Building a new sort function for a C library
QuoteRef: ciurMG9_2001 ;;Ciura, M.G., Deorowicz, S., How to squeeze a lexicon
QuoteRef: coheJD12_1998 ;;Cohen, J.D., An n-gram hash and skip algorithm for finding large numbers of keywords in continuous text streams
QuoteRef: cormGV5_1988 ;;Cormack, G.V., A micro-kernel for concurrency in C
QuoteRef: costAM7_1998 ;;Costello, A.M., Varghese, G., Redesigning the BSD timer facilities
QuoteRef: crawH11_2008 ;;Crawford, H., Aycock, J., Kwyjibo: automatic domain name generation
QuoteRef: cutcI9_2008 ;;Cutcutache, I., Wong, W.-F., Fast, frequency-based, integrated register allocation and instruction scheduling
QuoteRef: darrJJ3_1993 ;;Darragh, J.J. et al., Bonsai: A compact representation of trees
QuoteRef: daviG6_1986 ;;Davies, G., Bowsher, S., Algorithms for pattern matching
QuoteRef: daviJW11_1987 ;;Davidson, J.W., Fraser, C.W., Automatic inference and fast interpretation of peephole optimization rules
QuoteRef: decaG6_2019 ;;Decaroli, G. et al., A compact index for order-preserving pattern matching [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: demeR5_2008 ;;Dementiev, R. et al., STXXL: standard template library for XXL data sets
QuoteRef: deorS11_2000 ;;Deorowicz, S., Improvements to Burrows-Wheeler compression algorithm
QuoteRef: dewaRB1_1977 ;;Dewar, R.B.K., McCann, A.P., Macro Spitbol--a Snobol4 compiler
QuoteRef: drecRL5_2007 ;;Drechsler, R.L., Mocenigo, J.M., The Yoix scripting language: a different way of writing Java applications
QuoteRef: drizL7_1993 ;;Drizis, L., A method for fast tape backups and restores
QuoteRef: ducoR5_2011 ;;Ducournau, R., Coloring, a versatile technique for implementing object-oriented languages
QuoteRef: ducoR5_2011a ;;Ducournau, R., Morandat, F., Perfect class hashing and numbering for object-oriented implementation
QuoteRef: eggePR4_2005 ;;Eggert, P.R., Parker, D.S., Perturbing and evaluating numerical programs without recompilation--the
QuoteRef: einbJM1_1988 ;;Einbu, J.M., An architectural approach to improved program maintainability
QuoteRef: esteC6_2014 ;;Estebanez, C. et al., Performance of the most common non-cryptographic hash functions
QuoteRef: farnC7_1988 ;;Farnum, C., Compiler support for floating-point computation
QuoteRef: feldSI4_1979 ;;Feldman, S.I., Make--A program for maintaining computer programs
QuoteRef: fenwP4_1998 ;;Fenwick, P., Symbol ranking text compressors: review and implementation
QuoteRef: fenwP7_2001 ;;Fenwick, P., Fast string matching for multiple searches
QuoteRef: fenwP7_2001a ;;Fenwick, P., Some perils of performance prediction: a case study on pattern matching
QuoteRef: fenwP11_2002 ;;Fenwick, P., Burrows-Wheeler compression with variable length integer codes
QuoteRef: franL12_1999 ;;Frank, L., Evaluation of the basic remote backup and replication methods for high availability databases
QuoteRef: frasCW1_1992 ;;Fraser, C.W., Hanson, D.R., Simple register spilling in a retargetable compiler
QuoteRef: frasCW4_2006 ;;Fraser, C.W., An instruction for direct interpretation of LZ77-compressed programs
QuoteRef: fredK4_2016 ;;Fredriksson, K., Kilpelainen, P., Practically efficient array initialization [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: fricA4_2000 ;;Frick, a. et al., Construction of robust class hierarchies
QuoteRef: gentWM5_1981 ;;Gentleman, W.M., Message passing between sequential processes: the reply primitive and the administrator concept
QuoteRef: gibbM2_2006 ;;Gibbs, M., Stroustrup, B., Fast dynamic casting
QuoteRef: hansDR3_1978 ;;Hanson, D.R., Event associations in Snobol4 for program debugging
QuoteRef: hansDR11_1979 ;;Hanson, D.R., A simple technique for controlled communication among separately compiled modules
QuoteRef: hansDR1_1990 ;;Hanson, D.R., Fast allocation and deallocation of memory based on object lifetimes
QuoteRef: hansDR8_1999 ;;Hanson, D.R., A machine-independent debugger--revisited
QuoteRef: hansDR3_2004 ;;Hanson, D.R., lcc.NET: targeting the .NET common intermediate language from standard C
QuoteRef: hansPB6_1994 ;;Hansen, P.B., Multiple-length division revisited: a tour of the minefield
QuoteRef: holzGJ2_1988 ;;Holzmann, G.J., An improved protocol reachability analysis technique
QuoteRef: hoshJ7_1998 ;;Hoshen, J., A graph theoretical method for the management and synchronization of large software updates
QuoteRef: humeA11_1991 ;;Hume, A., Sunday, D., Fast string searching
QuoteRef: huntG6_1977 ;;Hunter, G. et al., The advantages of stream output procedures over format-dominated record transmissions
QuoteRef: ieruR6_1996 ;;Ierusalimschy, R. et al., Lua -- an extensible extension language
QuoteRef: ivanD10_2017 ;;Ivanchykhin, D. et al., Regular and almost universal hashing: an efficient implementation [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: kandE3_1998 ;;Kandogan, E., Shneiderman, B., Elastic windows: design, implementation, and evaluation of multi-window operations
QuoteRef: kantE7_1986 ;;Kantorowitz, E., Laor, H., Automatic generation of useful syntax error messages
QuoteRef: kernBW1_1979 ;;Kernighan, B.W., Mashey, J.R., The UNIX programming environment
QuoteRef: kernBW7_1998 ;;Kernighan, B.W., van Wyk, C.J., Timing trials, or the trials of timing: Experiments with scripting and user-interface languages
QuoteRef: knieG5_2001 ;;Kneisel, G., Theisen, D., JAC--Access right based encapsulation for Java
QuoteRef: knutDE11_1981 ;;Knuth, D.E., Plass, M.F., Breaking paragraphs into lines
QuoteRef: knutDE7_1989 ;;Knuth, D.E., The errors of TEX
QuoteRef: koenA12_1995 ;;Koenig, A., Stroustrup, B., Foundations for native C++ styles
QuoteRef: kurtS11_1999 ;;Kurtz, S., Reducing the space requirements of suffix trees
QuoteRef: larmJ9_1978 ;;Larmouth, J., Scheduling for immediate turnaround
QuoteRef: leavBM7_1977 ;;Leavenworth, B.M., Structure debugging using a domain specific language
QuoteRef: lecrT7_1995 ;;Lecroq, T., Experimental results on string matching algorithms
QuoteRef: leeEK12_2007 ;;Lee, E.K., Martel, C.U., When to use splay trees
QuoteRef: lemiD1_2015 ;;Lemire, D., Boytsov, L., Decoding billions of integers per second through vectorization
QuoteRef: lemiD4_2018 ;;Lemire, D. et al., Roaring bitmaps: implementation of an optimized software library [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: liddM12_2006 ;;Liddell, M., Moffat, A., Decoding prefix codes
QuoteRef: liuF5_2016 ;;Liu, F. et al., Efficient online cycle detection technique combining with Steensgaard points-to information [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: liuZ2_1998 ;;Liu, Z. et al., An improved adaptive string searching algorithm
QuoteRef: maclIA11_1977 ;;Macleod, I.A., Design and implementation of a display oriented text editor
QuoteRef: marcM1_1974 ;;Marcotty, M., Schutz, H., The systems programming language, Malus
QuoteRef: martG8_2018 ;;Marton, G., Porkolab, Z., Selective friends in C++ [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: mcilMD8_1992 ;;McIlroy, M.D., Reeds, J.A., Multilevel security in the UNIX tradition
QuoteRef: mckeBJ2_1990 ;;McKenzie, B.J. et al., Selecting a hashing algorithm
QuoteRef: mckeRM5_1984 ;;McKeag, R.M. et al., Designing software for children
QuoteRef: meurJ1_1977 ;;van Meurs, J., Cardozo, E.L., Interfacing the user
QuoteRef: millW7_1988 ;;Miller, W., Myers, E.W., A simple row-replacement method
QuoteRef: moffA7_1996 ;;Moffat, A. et al., Splaysort: fast, versatile, practical
QuoteRef: moffA7_1999 ;;Moffat, A., An improved data structure for cumulative probability tables
QuoteRef: mosbD1_1996 ;;Mosberger, D. et al., Implementing atomic sequences on uniprocessors using rollforward
QuoteRef: navaG10_2005 ;;Navarro, G., Tarhio, J., LZgrep: a Boyer-Moore string matching tool for Ziv-Lempel compressed text
QuoteRef: ogasT7_2004 ;;Ogasawara, T. et al., Optimizing precision overhead for x86 processors
QuoteRef: pagaFG6_1988 ;;Pagan, F.G., Converting interpreters into compilers
QuoteRef: palmJ1_1978 ;;Palme, J., How I fought with hardware and software and succeeded
QuoteRef: palmJ9_1979 ;;Palme, J., A human-computer interface for non-computer specialists
QuoteRef: palmJ2_1982 ;;Palme, J., Uses of the SIMULA process concept [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: petrM4_2018 ;;Petri, M., Moffat, A., Compact inverted index storage using general-purpose compression libraries [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: pettGW11_2001 ;;Petty, G.W., Automated computation and consistency checking of physical dimensions and units in scientific programs
QuoteRef: philJB5_1978 ;;Phillips, J.B. et al., Threaded code for laboratory computers
QuoteRef: plumT3_1977 ;;Plum, T., Fooling the user of programming language
QuoteRef: potoTE10_1999 ;;Potok, T.E. et al., Productivity analysis of object-oriented software developed in a commercial environment
QuoteRef: quinS12_1991 ;;Quinlan, S., A cached WORM file system
QuoteRef: ramaGM1_2015 ;;Rama, G.M., Kak, A., Some structural measures of API usability [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: ramsN4_1996 ;;Ramsey, N., A simple solver for linear equations containing nonlinear operators
QuoteRef: schuKB3_2007 ;;Schurmann, K.-B., Stoye, J., An incomplex algorithm for fast suffix array construction
QuoteRef: shavMJ2_1980 ;;Shave, M.J.R., Problems of integrity and distributed databases
QuoteRef: sherF11_2007 ;;Sheridan, F., Practical testing of a C99 compiler using output comparison
QuoteRef: shriSK12_1979 ;;Shrivastava, S.K., Concurrent Pascal with backward error recovery: language features and examples
QuoteRef: shriSK7_1993 ;;Shrivastava, S.K. et al., The duality of fault-tolerant system structures
QuoteRef: skibP8_2008 ;;Skibinski, P. et al., Effective asymmetric XML compression
QuoteRef: snowCR5_1994 ;;Snow, C.R., Whitfield, H., Simple authentication
QuoteRef: spivJM3_2004 ;;Spivey, J.M., Fast, accurate call graph profiling
QuoteRef: stewHD6_1979 ;;Stewart, H.D., letter to the editor
QuoteRef: tarhJ12_2017 ;;Tarhio, J. et al., Technology beats algorithms (in exact string matching) [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: thimH2_1980 ;;Thimbleby, H., Leave and recall: Primitives for procedural programming
QuoteRef: tichWF7_1985 ;;Tichy, W.F., RCS -- A system for version control
QuoteRef: turnDA1_1979 ;;Turner, D.A., A new implementation technique for applicative languages
QuoteRef: voKP2_2000 ;;Vo, K.-P., The discipline and method architecture for reusable libraries
QuoteRef: wadlP2_1985 ;;Wadler, P., A simple language is also a functional language
QuoteRef: warrDH2_1980 ;;Warren, D.H.D., Logic programming and compiler writing
QuoteRef: welsJ1_1978 ;;Welsh, J., Economic range checks in Pascal
QuoteRef: wichBA5_1977 ;;Wichmann, B.A., How to call procedures, or second thoughts on Ackermann's function
QuoteRef: wirtN7_1988 ;;Wirth, N., From Modula to Oberon
QuoteRef: wirtN9_1989 ;;Wirth, N., Gutknecht, J., The Oberon system
QuoteRef: wittRW9_1977 ;;Witty, R.W., Dimensional flowcharting
QuoteRef: yangBS3_2005 ;;Yang, B.-S. et al., Lightweight monitors for the Java virtual machine
QuoteRef: yuvaG3_1977 ;;Yuval, G., Is your register really necessary
QuoteRef: zandBT11_2005 ;;Zanden, B.T.Z. et al., Lessons learned from programmers' experiences with one-way constraints
QuoteRef: zelkMV1_1974 ;;Zelkowitz, M.V., Optimiztion of structured programs
QuoteRef: zhuX11_2015 ;;Zhu, X. et al., An analysis of programming language statement frequency in C, C++, and Java source code [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: zobeJ8_1995 ;;Zobel, J., Moffat, A., Adding compression to a full-text retrieval system

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