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How to pronounce "Thesa"

Use 'te-sa', the 'h' is silent. "Thesa" is the first five letters of "thesaurus."

How large is Thesa

Thesa contains 18,000 quotations from 4,700 references sorted into 1,200 topics.

Why are URLs numeric?

The URLs are the permanent IDs for each item in Thesa (e.g., 'thid-1468-5009-th-1114-0561'). It consists of a depot (e.g., 'ThesaHelp:' at 'thid-1468-5009') and an item within that depot (e.g., this page at 'th-1114-0561').

Permanent, numeric URLs allows the title of an item to change without changing its identity. This allows the title to remain descriptive despite changes to the item itself.

The namespace is flat and non-hierarchical. It is divided into depots. Numeric IDs identify depots and their items, while titles describe items. Items are organized by their links. Think of picking up an item, and thereby picking up its related items.

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