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Thesa - a thesaurus of ideas


Thesa is a thesaurus of ideas organized as topics, references, and quotations. It helps answer the question, How should you write a program?

  • Group: all references ;;all bibliographic references

  • Group: all topics ;;all research topics

  • Group: topic root ;;root of the topic hierarchy

  • Group: computer science ;;the largest group of topics

  • KMSgroup: KMS topic root ;;for testing Thesa search, topics from an article

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    The main groups of topics:
    Group: topic root
    Group: computer science

    ThesaGroup: help with Thesa
    ThesaGroup: search with Thesa
    Group: topic root
    Group: communication
    Group: formalism
    Group: mathematics
    Group: naming
    Group: organizations
    Group: philosophy
    Group: science

    Group: computer science
    Group: artificial intelligence
    Group: data
    Group: database
    Group: digital communication
    Group: distributed systems
    Group: electronic mail
    Group: hypertext
    Group: information
    Group: machine model
    Group: operating system
    Group: parallel processing
    Group: process control
    Group: programming
    Group: robots
    Group: security
    Group: systems
    Group: user interface

    ThesaHelp: Thesa - a thesaurus of ideas
    ThesaHelp: how to use Thesa
    ThesaHelp: how to report problems
    ThesaHelp: news about Thesa
    ThesaGroup: search with Thesa
    ThesaHelp: how to find everything relevant to some topic or question
    ThesaHelp: why does directed search succeed for Thesa

    ThesaHelp: a preliminary test of directed search
    ThesaHelp: needle-in-a-haystack test of directed search
    ThesaHelp: read-everything test of directed search

    ThesaGroup: help with Thesa
    ThesaHelp: getting started with Thesa
    ThesaHelp: help with quotation skeletons
    ThesaHelp: help with quotations
    ThesaHelp: help with bibliographic references
    ThesaHelp: help with search
    ThesaHelp: help with topics

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    Group: computer science
    Group: topic root
    Group: all references
    Group: all topics
    ThesaGroup: help with Thesa
    ThesaGroup: search with Thesa

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