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Subtopic: automatic testing up

Quote: code can automatically generate highly complex test cases by running on constrained, symbolic input; EXE does not generate false positive testcases [cadaC10_2006]
Quote: automated testing of concurrency libraries should locate bugs quickly, step through the scheduled that produced the bug, and have coverage guarantees [coonEE1_2010]
Quote: AutoTest reports faults in either implementation or contract; no false alarms; displays a witness for each failure with the first offending instruction [meyeB9_2009]
Quote: AutoTest generates class instances and reuses olds instances; tests routines with contracts and arguments; on failure, generates a reduced version [meyeB9_2009]

Subtopic: testable specifications up

Quote: QuickCheck runs testable specifications on a large number of cases; the specification language consists of Haskell classes, as does the test data generation language; tests can satisfy complex invariants [claeK9_2000]
Quote: wrote a unification language along with a QuickCheck testable specification; it was a lot of work; a false sense of security when it passes a large number of trivial tests [claeK9_2000]

Subtopic: automated error reporting up

Quote: Windows Error Reporting (WER) for a billion computers; collects and classifies error data automatically; progressive data collection to reduce overheads; automatically identifies available fixes [kinsK7_2011]
Quote: Windows error reporting attempts to define one bucket per bug; collects name, minidump, system configuration, full memory dump, program dump, files, or queried data [kinsK7_2011]
Quote: Windows Error Reporting uses expanding heuristics for multiple buckets, and condensing heuristics for fewer buckets; e.g., hang_wait_chain of synchronization objects up to user-input thread [kinsK7_2011]
Quote: Windows Error Reporting identified 5000 bugs in Vista beta testing [kinsK7_2011]

Subtopic: automated performance testing up

Quote: Toddler is an automatic oracle for performance bugs; reports repetitive code loops and memory-access patterns; identified old and new performance bugs [nistA5_2013]

Subtopic: static and dynamic veritesting up

Quote: veritesting alternates between static and dynamic symbolic execution using an SMT solver; static testing of dynamically generated control flow graph; found 11,000 bugs in 4,000 programs [avgeT6_2016]

Subtopic: regression test up

Quote: PL.8 optimizer bugs produce catastrophic results since optimizer applies to all code; regression test of 150 self-checking programs [auslM6_1982]
Quote: need systematic regression testing on both distributing and receiving sites; can automate acceptance test; more reliable under change [nowiDA8_1978]
Quote: a third of the performance bugs due to workload shifts after release or unrelated code changes [jinG6_2012]

Subtopic: code and dataflow up

Quote: FindBugs identifies 50 bug patterns using the inheritance hierarchy, linear code scan, control flow graph, and dataflow analysis; implemented with BCEL; most tests are short [hoveD12_2004]

Subtopic: bug finding up

Quote: comparison of Java bug-finding tools; wide range in the kinds of bugs found by different tools; should use multiple tools [rutaN11_2004]
Quote: Java bug-finding tools produce a large volume of warnings; no correlation of warning counts per bug class per pairs of tools; lines of code not strongly correlated to warning counts [rutaN11_2004]
Quote: bug-finding GUIs were invaluable when learning to use the tools; they group classes of bugs together and hyperlink warnings in source code; GUIs conflict with a meta-tool that extracts analysis results [rutaN11_2004]

Subtopic: network simulator up

Quote: a network simulator was the most effective bug-finding tool for Megastore; deterministically explore message orderings and delays; diagnose bugs via logs; add problematic event sequences to the test suite [bakeJ1_2011]

Subtopic: usage rules up

Quote: find bugs by automatic extraction of usage rules; as templates (beliefs) with few contradictions [englD10_2001]
Quote: use finite state model to check proper usage of uid-setting system calls; build a finite state model of the program; check for privileged regions [chenH8_2002]

Subtopic: not stop at first error up

Quote: automated tools should continue despite crashes and other faults; e.g., a test harness [meyeB9_2009]
Quote: automated testing must trigger as many failures as possible; not stop at the first [meyeB8_2008]

Subtopic: crash diagnosis up

Quote: an execution index identifies a unique execution point across runs; determine the execution index from a multicore dump file [weerD3_2010]
Quote: align a good, deterministic run with the execution index of a failed, multicore dump; compare differences between shared variables; quickly generate a failure inducing schedule from this point; 2% overhead [weerD3_2010]
Quote: automatic diagnosis of Windows XP failures; 83% third-party failures, 12% hardware, and 5% Microsoft bugs [murpB11_2004]

Subtopic: crash testing up

Quote: whitebox fuzzing identifies most memory corruptions in the first few days of testing, but new crashes continue to occur throughout the 23 day test session; identify a crash via its stack hash [bounE5_2015]
Quote: with debugging checks and asserts, crash testing a compiler is surprisingly effective [sherF11_2007]
Quote: most system crashes occur within 10 seconds of injecting 10 hardware and software faults; e.g., a memory bit flip or memory allocation error; about 40% of the time, no crash within 15 minutes [ngWT4_2001]

Subtopic: weak memory up

Quote: use stressing and fuzzing to reveal errors in GPU applications due to weak memory effects; identify root cause and suggest GPU fences [soreT6_2016]

Subtopic: fuzzing up

Quote: QuickFuzz is an automatic random fuzzer for common file formats; random mutations of QuickCheck generated files with Haskell file-format-handling libraries [grieG9_2016]
Quote: large scale, constraint-based white-box fuzz testing across hundreds of large Windows applications over seven years; generate test inputs by symbolic execution on binary traces and constraint solving [bounE5_2015]
Quote: white-box fuzz testing found one-third of all file fuzzing bugs in Windows 7; largest usage ever for a SMT solver; bugs missed by everything else, including static program analysis [bounE5_2015]
Quote: SAGE found a third of all Windows 7 bugs discovered by file fuzzing; largest usage of SMT solver [godeP3_2012]
Quote: whitebox fuzzing -- explore input and program behavior by gathering constraints on inputs from conditional branches, then solving for their negation; [godeP3_2012]
Quote: SAGE security tester for binary code; what you fuzz is what you ship [godeP3_2012]

Subtopic: automated test case generation by forks of symbolic execution up

Quote: EXE automatically finds and generates test cases for failures and crashes; EXE tracks the input constraints for each input-derived memory location; EXE forks at conditional checks of constrained inputs [cadaC10_2006]

Subtopic: automated test generation up

Quote: QuickCheck runs testable specifications on a large number of cases; the specification language consists of Haskell classes, as does the test data generation language; tests can satisfy complex invariants [claeK9_2000]
Quote: test synthesis for deadlock detection from single threaded executions; detect cycles in the lock dependency relation and search backwards for data dependencies; found 61 deadlocks including 45 true positives [samaM10_2014]
Quote: meaningful, randomized test programs by interleaving static analysis with code generation; no undefined behaviors [yangX6_2011]
Quote: must compiler bugs found with 81 KByte C programs as generated by Csmith [yangX6_2011]
Quote: test case generation is tedious; AutoTest generates tests, test values, and test objects [meyeB9_2009]
Quote: adaptive random testing generates test cases by object distance; no more effective than random, but finds different faults [meyeB9_2009]
Quote: the argument-less boolean queries of a class partition the object state space; e.g., an account is overdraft or not; improves test coverage and finds more faults [meyeB9_2009]
Quote: generate SQL by random parse trees and delayed decisions; propagate state information downwards and decisions upwards [slutD8_1998 OK]
Quote: must automate the generation of SQL tests; manually written tests cover a tiny fraction of the SQL input domain [slutD8_1998 OK]
Quote: Cleanroom estimates the user input distribution to generate test cases [lingRC10_1988]
Quote: generate test cases by selecting operations randomly according to the operational profile and input states randomly with its domain [musaJD3_1993]
Quote: TOPD's checker generates test cases from the model and determines if the procedure's result matches the model's result [hendP9_1975]

Subtopic: limit constraint generation time up

Quote: for whitebox fuzzing almost all tasks take less than 200 seconds for symbolic execution and 200 seconds for constraint solving; most outliers are unsatisfiable; enforce limits on constraint generation time and number of constraints per run [bounE5_2015]

Subtopic: automated debugging up

Quote: automatic fault localization by identifying likely program invariants from similar passing runs [sahoSK3_2013]

Subtopic: test oracle up

Quote: pass/fail by checksum of the program's non-pointer global variables; all compilers and compiler options must produce the same checksum [yangX6_2011]
Quote: a test oracle determines if a test passed; AutoTest relies on contracts already present in the code [meyeB9_2009]
Quote: test by a pseudo-oracle which independently implements a program and compare results; use a very high level language [daviMD_1981]

Subtopic: falsifier up

Quote: our falsifier detects 80 generic and project-specific errors; difficulty 0 concern one statement, e.g., lint; difficulty 1 violate a finite state property, e.g., initialization error; difficulty 2 are failed assertions [branD10_2000]
Quote: project-specific symptoms are assertions; a falsifier requires some theorem proving; e.g., index out of range [branD10_2000]

Subtopic: compare multiple implementations up

Quote: many performance bugs caught by comparison to other software [jinG6_2012]
Quote: automated, stochastic testing of SQL across multiple database managers; randomly generate SQL statements [slutD8_1998 OK]
Quote: compare SQL queries across multiple vendors; avoid sorting by comparing row counts and column checksums [slutD8_1998 OK]
Quote: example of comparing random SQL across multiple database systems; 0.07% had possible errors [slutD8_1998 OK]
Quote: SQL comparison across database systems not effective for testing NULL, strings, and numeric type coercion; needed for portability [slutD8_1998 OK]
Quote: compiler testing by comparing output with output from other compilers; found several hundred bugs in the compiler and pre-existing code; test cases easily created [sherF11_2007]

Subtopic: test bus up

Quote: over a century ago, telephone companies added a test bus to its phone switches; the built-in test access allowed automatic, nightly testing of every phone line; problems found and fixed before subscribers noticed [martRC7_2005]
Quote: a software test bus is an API for unit and acceptance tests, using the same APIs as the user interface [martRC7_2005]

Subtopic: test case reduction up

Quote: minimization generates a simpler test that exhibits the same fault [meyeB9_2009]
Quote: test case minimization retains only instructions that involve the target and its arguments; if successful, much smaller test case [meyeB9_2009]
Quote: automated testing should include automated test case simplification [zellA2_2002]
Quote: use Delta Debugging to help identify bugs tripped by a test; e.g., reduced an HTML page to a single line [zellA11_2001]
Quote: automatic simplification of erroneous SQL; helped debug problems [slutD8_1998 OK]

Subtopic: database testing up

Quote: use small, canned, in-memory databases for testing; create database just before test execution; faster, known content, repeatable, self-contained [martRC7_2005]

Subtopic: randomized testing up

Quote: Csmith found 25 P1 GCC bugs and 300 more bugs in mainstream C compilers; fixed test suites are inadequate [yangX6_2011]
Quote: wynot minimized the random input that caused a crashed program; crash identification by stack trace [zellA2_2002]
Quote: race-directed random testing postpones potential race conditions until another thread conflicts; no false warnings; RaceFuzzer [senK6_2008]

Subtopic: inapplicable test up

Quote: check class invariant and precondition prior to executing a test; avoids running inapplicable tests [meyeB9_2009]

Subtopic: exceptions up

Quote: automated test of exception-safety; ThisCanThrow() throws an exception when a global counter becomes zero; rerun with increasing values of the counter; operations must be exception-neutral [abraD4_1998]

Subtopic: sampling up

Quote: use sampling to identify predicates that are always true for a bug; called deterministic bugs [liblB6_2003]
Quote: use adaptive profiling to identify memory leaks in long running programs; sample code segments inversely to execution frequency; a leak is a stale object that is not accessed; SWAT has a low false positive rate [chilTM10_2004]

Subtopic: manual testing up

Quote: 44% of Apollo bugs found manually, despite spending half the budget on simulation [hamiM12_2008]
Quote: 60% of verification and validation errors existed in previous Apollo flights; subtle errors that did not cause problems [hamiM12_2008]

Subtopic: problems with automated testing up

Quote: wrote a unification language along with a QuickCheck testable specification; it was a lot of work; a false sense of security when it passes a large number of trivial tests [claeK9_2000]
Quote: test frameworks do not help with the labor-intensive tasks of preparing test cases, interpreting test results, and minimizing test cases [meyeB9_2009]
Quote: automatic testing of software through its UI is slow, opaque, and dangerous; even tiny changes can cause may tests to fail or become inoperable [martRC7_2005]

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