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Group: code generation
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Group: goals for a programming system
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Group: object-oriented programming
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Group: programming notation
Group: program module
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Topic: defensive programming
Topic: experimental results on programming
Topic: experimental results on structured programming
Topic: history of programming
Topic: learning a programming language
Topic: numeric methods
Topic: program execution
Topic: program listing
Topic: program statistics
Topic: programmers
Topic: software documentation
Subtopic: general medium for communication up

Quote: programming, like writing, should be accessible to everyone [diseAA9_1986]
Quote: Smalltalk is part of a general medium for communication only if it is usable by casual users [kayA3_1977]

Subtopic: concepts vs. language up

Quote: use mathematics to teach the concepts of computer science; not progamming languages or specification languages [lampL4_2008]

Subtopic: model of reality up

Quote: a program is a program about something; it has a systematic correspondence to reality [winoT_1986]

Subtopic: surveys up

QuoteRef: wegnP_1979 ;; excellent overview of the current state of computer programming

Subtopic: processes and control up

Quote: an algorithm is a collection of processes organized by a control function [perlAJ4_1957]

Subtopic: programming is arbitrary up

Quote: despite billions or trillions of lines of code, it still feels like we're making it up as we go along [seibP_2009]

Subtopic: operation as orders and parameters up

Quote: an operation is a sequence of orders; each order is an action and a sequence of parameter specifications [lampBW_1971]

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Group: memory management
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Topic: execution of hypertext nodes
Topic: programming as mathematics
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Topic: robot programming
Topic: semistructured messages for automated processing
Topic: software documentation

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concepts vs. language
general medium for communication
model of reality
operation as orders and parameters
processes and control
programming is arbitrary

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