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Thesa - a thesaurus of ideas


This site is maintained by Brad Barber. It is part of a long-term project to improve programming and information retrieval.

See Qhull for computing convex hulls and related structures.

See Road Bash for Unix shell on Windows, Linux, and Macintosh [updated 2010]

See Road Intranet for FAQs on software infrastructure [updated 2010]

See Ttcnf for truth table CNF.

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[Aug 2023] Installed with 18,000 quotations. New quotations are rough-sorted into topics.

[Sept 2018] First release of Avev, namec 1.0.0 on github

[Oct 2007] Converted ID format to thid-nnnn-nnnn-th-nnnn-nnnn

[June 2006] Finished reviewing topic summaries. There are 1,200 topics, of which 450 need new summaries. The topics organize 12,800 quotations.

[June 2006] Converted ID format to thi-nnn-nnn-nnn-th-nnn-nnn-nnn. Prior to the conversion, Google had dropped its index to many of the quotations.

[Mar 2006] Finished adding subtopics to each topic

[Feb 2006] Google reindexed quotations with 7-word Google links

[Jan 2005] Google indexed 13,400 pages. It appears to index everything except for QuoteRef pages.

[Oct 2004] AskJeeves indexed all pages. Google indexed 6,160 pages.

[Mar 2004] Released 2004.1 with 16,000 pages of topics, quotations, and quotation skeletons. Quotations included Google links.

[Aug 2002] First launch of with 301 items, including the full text of Akscyn et al 1988 (QuoteRef: akscRM7_1988).

[Sept 1997] The original launch of Thesa failed due to copyright issues.

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ThesaHelp: Thesa - a thesaurus of ideas
ThesaHelp: how to report problems

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