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The following procedure may used to test directed search in Thesa.

  1. Locate the full text of (QuoteRef: akscRM7_1988 ); it is available as reprints and electronically. The Thesa version consists of KMSquote, KMStopic, and KMSgroup depots. It divides the full text into quotations and organizes the quotations into topics.

  2. Have someone select passages from (QuoteRef: akscRM7_1988 ), and write questions which the passages help answer. The questions should not use keywords from the passages.

  3. Have a group of subjects locate all material relevant to the questions. Split the searchers into three groups: full-text, keyword, and directed search. The first group reads the reprint of the Akscyn, et. al. article. The second group uses keyword search; and the last group uses Thesa's directed search (ThesaHelp: how to find everything relevant to some topic or question ).

  4. Measure recall ratio, precision ratio, and whether or not the original quotation was located and deemed relevant.

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ThesaHelp: a preliminary test of directed search

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