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About 570 references are published by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).
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QuoteRef: abadDJ2_2012 ;;Abadi, D.J., Consistency tradeoffs in modern distributed database system design
QuoteRef: abadM1_1996 ;;Abadi, M., Needham, R., Prudent engineering practice for cryptographic protocols
QuoteRef: abdaM12_1998 ;;Abdallah, M. et al., One-phase commit: Does it make sense
QuoteRef: abdeKA1_1994 ;;Abdel-Ghaffar, K.A.S., El Abbadi, A., An optimal strategy for comparing file copies
QuoteRef: ackeMS6_1996 ;;Ackerman, M.S., Starr, B., Social activity indicators for groupware
QuoteRef: adamKA7_1983 ;;Adams, K.A., Halasz, I.M., 25 ways to improve software user manuals
QuoteRef: adveSV5_1990 ;;Adve, S.V., Hill, M.D., Weak ordering -- a new definition [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: adveSV12_1996 ;;Adve, S.V., Gharachorloo, K., Shared memory models: a tutorial
QuoteRef: ahmeR12_1991 ;;Ahmed, R. et al., The Pegasus heterogeneous multidatabase system
QuoteRef: ahnY7_2014 ;;Ahn, Y. et al., Monitoring translation lookahead buffers to detect code injection attacks
QuoteRef: aikeH11_1937 ;;Aiken, H., Proposed automatic calculating machine [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: albrAJ11_1983 ;;Albrecht, A.J., Gaffney, J.E., Jr., Software function, source lines of code, and development effort prediction: A software science validation
QuoteRef: alexC9_1999 ;;Alexander, C., The origins of pattern theory
QuoteRef: alexRT1_2000 ;;Alexander, R.T. et al., Coping with Java programming stress
QuoteRef: alluY7_2017 ;;Allu, Y. et al., Backup to the future: how workload and hardware changes continually redefine data domain file systems
QuoteRef: alurR12_1993 ;;Alur, R., Taubenfeld, G., How to share an object: a fast timing-based solution
QuoteRef: amblSW5_2007 ;;Ambler, S.W., Test-driven development of relational databases
QuoteRef: amzaC2_1996 ;;Amza, C. et al., TreadMarks: shared memory computing on networks of workstations
QuoteRef: andaBC5_2009 ;;Anda, B.C.D. et al., Variability and reproducibility in software engineering: A study of four companies that developed the same system
QuoteRef: andeRJ5_1996 ;;Anderson, R.J., Bezuidenhoudt, S.J., On the reliability of electronic payment systems
QuoteRef: atkiDL7_2002 ;;Atkins, D.L. et al., Using version control data to evaluate the impact of software tools: A case study of the version editor
QuoteRef: atleJM1_1993 ;;Atlee, J.M., Gannon, J., State-based model checking of event-driven system requirements
QuoteRef: auguJ10_2015 ;;Augustine, J. et al., Enabling robust and efficient distributed computation in dynamic peer-to-peer networks
QuoteRef: austRD10_1999 ;;Austin, R.D., The phantom menace
QuoteRef: babeRL6_1985 ;;Baber, R.L., I/O statements in higher programming languages: unnecessary and undesirable
QuoteRef: bachFH7_2013 ;;Bachmann, F.H. et al., Integrate end to end early and often
QuoteRef: badgL5_1995 ;;Badger, L. et al., Practical domain and type enforcement for UNIX
QuoteRef: baerJL5_1989 ;;Baer, J.-L., Lin, Y.-B., Improving quicksort performance with a codeword data structure
QuoteRef: baezR9_1998 ;;Baeza-Yates, R., Navarro, G., Fast approximate string matching in a dictionary
QuoteRef: bahnH6_2002 ;;Bahn, H. et al., Efficient replacement of nonuniform objects in web caches
QuoteRef: baksA3_2016 ;;Baksa, A. et al., Software on a comet: the Philae Lander's central onboard computer [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: balaA7_2018 ;;Balazs, A., A comet revisited: lessons learned from Philae's landing [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: balkB10_2000 ;;Balkenhol, B., Kurtz, S., Universal data compression based on the Burrows-Wheeler transformation: theory and practice
QuoteRef: ballT12_1996 ;;Ball, T., Larus, J.R., Efficient path profiling
QuoteRef: ballT7_2000 ;;Ball, T., Larus, J.R., Using paths to measure, explain, and enhance program behavior
QuoteRef: ballT5_2011 ;;Ball, T. et al., Predictable and progressive testing of multithreaded code
QuoteRef: balzRM3_1978 ;;Balzer, R.M. et al., Informality in program specifications
QuoteRef: barbLA8_2022 ;;Barba, L.A., Defining the role of open source software in research reproducibility [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: barbME7_1983 ;;Barber, M.E., PARSLEY: A new compiler-compiler
QuoteRef: baroAJ3_1982 ;;Baroody, A.J. Jr., DeWitt, D.J., The impact of run-time schema interpretation in a network data model DBMS
QuoteRef: barrLA3_2003 ;;Barroso, L.A. et al., Web search for a planet: the Google cluster architecture
QuoteRef: basiA5_2016 ;;Basiri, A. et al., Chaos Engineering [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: basiVR5_1982 ;;Basili, V.R., Mills, H.D., Understanding and documenting programs
QuoteRef: basiVR12_1987 ;;Basili, V.R., Selby, R.W., Comparing the effectiveness of software testing strategies
QuoteRef: bassPG7_1987 ;;Bassett, P.G., Frame-based software engineering
QuoteRef: baueFL_1976 ;;Bauer, F.L., Programming as an evolutionary process
QuoteRef: beenK9_2006 ;;Been, K. et al., Dynamic map labeling
QuoteRef: beet5_1989 ;;Beetem, A.F., Beetem, J.F., Introduction to the Galaxy language
QuoteRef: beizB3_1997 ;;Beizer, B., Cleanroom process model: a critical examination
QuoteRef: bellF6_1991 ;;Bell, F., Grosspietsch, K.-E., Specification of fault-tolerant system issues by predicate/transition nets and regular expressions--approach and case study
QuoteRef: bensJP_1973 ;;Benson, J.P., Structured programming techniques
QuoteRef: bentJ3_1999 ;;Bentley, J., McIlroy, D., Data compression using long common strings
QuoteRef: benvA9_1991 ;;Benveniste, A., Berry, G., The synchronous approach to reactive and real-time systems
QuoteRef: benvA1_2003 ;;Benveniste, A. et al., The synchronous languages 12 years later
QuoteRef: bereG9_1982 ;;Beretta, G. et al., XS-1: An integrated interactive system and its kernel
QuoteRef: bergD12_1985 ;;Bergmark, D., GIBBSGEN: Code generation for GIBBS
QuoteRef: bergGD10_1981 ;;Bergland, G.D., A guided tour of program design methodologies
QuoteRef: bernG12_2001 ;;Bernat, G., Gayssials, R., Guaranteed on-line weakly-hard real-time systems
QuoteRef: bernPA5_1978 ;;Bernstein, P.A. et al., The concurrency control mechanism of SDD-1: A system for distributed databases (the fully redundant case)
QuoteRef: bertF10_2019 ;;Bertini, F. et al., Can information hiding in social media posts represent a thread? [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: beylK2_2009 ;;Beyls, K., D'Hollander, K.H., Refactoring for data locality
QuoteRef: bhatS4_1997 ;;Bhattacharjee, S. et al., Application-layer anycasting
QuoteRef: bhatWA9_2018 ;;Bhat, W.A., Is a data-capacity gap inevitable in big data storage?
QuoteRef: bianMH_1976 ;;Bianchi, M.H., Wood, J.L., A user's viewpoint of the programmer's workbench
QuoteRef: biasR9_1991 ;;Bias, R., Walkthroughs: Efficient collaborative testing
QuoteRef: bigeJ3_1988 ;;Bigelow, J., Hypertext and CASE
QuoteRef: birdR2_1995 ;;Bird, R. et al., The KryptoKnight family of light-weight protocols for authentication and key distribution
QuoteRef: birrAD9_1980 ;;Birrell, A.D., Needham, R.M., A universal file server
QuoteRef: blahM2_2004 ;;Blaha, M., A copper bullet for software quality improvement
QuoteRef: blazM5_1996 ;;Blaze, M. et al., Decentralized trust management
QuoteRef: blumBI8_1985 ;;Blum, B.I., On how we get invalid systems
QuoteRef: boehBW_1976 ;;Boehm, B.W. et al., Quantitative evaluation of software quality
QuoteRef: boehBW12_1976 ;;Boehm, B.W., Software engineering
QuoteRef: boehBW_1979 ;;Boehm, B.W., Software engineering--as it is
QuoteRef: boehBW5_1984 ;;Boehm, B.W. et al., Prototyping versus specifying: A multiproject experiment
QuoteRef: borgA1_1985 ;;Borgida, A., Features of languages for the development of information systems at the conceptual level
QuoteRef: bornAH11_1986 ;;Borning, A.H., Classes versus prototypes in object-oriented languages
QuoteRef: bounE5_2015 ;;Bounimova, E. et al., Billions and billions of constraints: Whitebox fuzz testing in production
QuoteRef: boweJP4_1995 ;;Bowen, J.P., Hinchey, M.G., Ten commandments of formal methods
QuoteRef: boydRE3_1984 ;;Boydston, R.E., Programming cost estimate: Is it reasonable?
QuoteRef: boylJM5_1999 ;;Boyle, J.M. et al., Do you trust your compiler?
QuoteRef: bracRJ10_1983 ;;Brachman, R.J., What IS-A is and isn't: an analysis of taxonomic links in semantic networks
QuoteRef: bradJT5_1986 ;;Brady, J.T., A theory of productivity in the creative process
QuoteRef: brinP9_1978 ;;Brinch-Hansen, P., Staunstrup, J., Specification and implementation of mutual exclusion
QuoteRef: brooR3_1993 ;;Brooks, R., The case for the specialized interface
QuoteRef: brooR9_1993 ;;Brooks, R., reply to Goran Pop-Jordanov's letter, Prototyping for interface-development
QuoteRef: browAW5_1993 ;;Brown, A.W., An examination of the current state of IPSE technology
QuoteRef: browGM6_1989 ;;Brown, G.M. et al., Token systems that self-stabilize
QuoteRef: browMH1_1985 ;;Brown, M.H., Sedgewick, R., Techniques for algorithm animation
QuoteRef: browMH5_1988 ;;Brown, M.H., Exploring algorithms using Balsa-II
QuoteRef: browMH12_1992 ;;Brown, M.H., Hershberger, J., Color and sound in algorithm animation
QuoteRef: bryaGE_1994 ;;Bryan, G.E., Not all programmers are created equal
QuoteRef: bubeR2_1992 ;;Bubenik, R., Zwaenepoel, W., Optimistic Make
QuoteRef: buhrPA9_2000 ;;Buhr, P.A., Moke, W.Y.R., Advanced exception handling mechanisms
QuoteRef: butlR12_2000 ;;Butler, R. et al., A national-scale authentication infrastructure
QuoteRef: butlRW1_1993 ;;Butler, R.W., Finelli, G.B., The infeasibility of quantifying the reliability of life-critical real-time software
QuoteRef: callaO1_2013 ;;Callau, O., Tanter, E., Programming with ghosts
QuoteRef: cameJR2_1986 ;;Cameron, J.R., An overview of JSD
QuoteRef: campM8_2020 ;;Campbell, M., Putting the passe into passwords: How passwordless technologies are reshaping digital identity [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: carrJM4_1982 ;;Carroll, J.M., Thomas, J.C., Metaphor and the cognitive representation of computing systems
QuoteRef: carrJM11_1982 ;;Carroll, J.M., The adventure of getting to know a computer
QuoteRef: cartL5_1978 ;;Carter, L. et al., Exact and approximate membership testers
QuoteRef: cellW11_2008 ;;Cellary, W., Content communities on the Internet
QuoteRef: cercN11_1985 ;;Cercone, N. et al., An interactive system for finding perfect hash functions
QuoteRef: chaiGJ_1970 ;;Chaitin, G.J., On the difficulty of computations
QuoteRef: chakS8_1998 ;;Chakrabarti, S. et al., Mining the web's link structure
QuoteRef: chamC4_1995 ;;Chambers, C. et al., A framework for selective recompilation in the presence of complex intermodule dependencies
QuoteRef: chanYI11_1999 ;;Chang, Y.-I. et al., Linear spiral hashing for expansible files
QuoteRef: charJ5_1997 ;;Charles, J., Snapshots from industry
QuoteRef: cheaTE_1979 ;;Cheatham, T.E., Jr. et al., A system for program refinement
QuoteRef: chenH5_2007 ;;Chen, H. et al., POLUS: A powerful live updating system
QuoteRef: chenSK8_2001 ;;Chen, S.-K. et al., Reversible debugging using program instrumentation
QuoteRef: cherDR4_1984 ;;Cheriton, D.R., The V kernel: A software base for distributed systems
QuoteRef: cherDR5_1986 ;;Cheriton, D.R., Problem-oriented shared memory: A decentralized approach to distributed system design
QuoteRef: chilTM12_2000 ;;Chilimbi, T.M. et al., Making pointer-based data structures cache conscious
QuoteRef: chiuTC3_1999 ;;Chiueh, T.-C. et al., Intra-address space protection using segmentation hardware
QuoteRef: cleaJG4_1984 ;;Cleary, J.G., Witten, I.H., Data compression using adaptive coding and partial string matching
QuoteRef: cobbRH11_1990 ;;Cobb, R.H., Mills, H.D., Engineering software under statistical quality control
QuoteRef: cockA3_2008 ;;Cockburn, A., [Counterpoint] Subjective quality counts in software development
QuoteRef: cokeZ5_2013 ;;Coker, Z., Hafiz, M., Program transformations to fix C integers
QuoteRef: colwRP_2006 ;;Colwell, R.P., The Pentium Chronicles
QuoteRef: conkJ9_1987 ;;Conklin, J., Hypertext: an introduction and survey
QuoteRef: cookDE9_2009 ;;Cooke, D.E., Rushton, J.N., Taking Parnas's principles to the next level: declarative language design
QuoteRef: coplJ11_1998 ;;Coplien, J. et al., Commonality and variability in software engineering
QuoteRef: corbJC3_1996 ;;Corbett, J.C., Evaluating deadlock detection methods for concurrent software
QuoteRef: cordD6_1991 ;;Cordes, D., Brown, M., The literate-programming paradigm
QuoteRef: cormG1_2012 ;;Cormode, G., Muthukrishnan, S., Approximating data with the count-min sketch
QuoteRef: creeC11_1997 ;;Creel, C. et al., The opportunity of a millennium
QuoteRef: crocSD10_2019 ;;Crocker, S.D., The Arpanet and its impact on the state of networking [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: currG11_1986 ;;Curry, G., An approach to type safety in a traits system
QuoteRef: cusuMA10_1999 ;;Cusumano, M.A., Yoffie, D.B., Software development on internet time
QuoteRef: daviA7_2006 ;;Davis, A., First virus? [Letter to the editor]
QuoteRef: dawsR11_1997 ;;Dawson, R., Newsham, R., Introducing software engineering to the real world
QuoteRef: deanD5_1996 ;;Dean, D. et al., Java security: from HotJava to Netscape and beyond
QuoteRef: defrJF6_2022 ;;DeFranco, J.F., Voes, J., Revisting software metrology [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: demaT3_1984 ;;DeMarco, T., Soceneantu, A., SYNCRO: A dataflow command shell for the Lilith/Modula computer
QuoteRef: demeA4_1995 ;;Demers, A. et al., The Bayou architecture: support for data sharing among mobile users
QuoteRef: dennDE2_1983 ;;Denning, D.E., Protecting public keys and signature keys
QuoteRef: dennPJ1_1980 ;;Denning, P.J., Working sets past and present
QuoteRef: dennPJ9_1980 ;;Denning, P.J., On learning how to predict
QuoteRef: desbN2_2012 ;;Desnoyers, M. et al., User-level implementations of read-copy update
QuoteRef: dhirS2_2020 ;;Dhir, S., Devi, S.K.A., The use of biometric fingerprints for on-the-fly digital signing of documents [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: dickTE7_1981 ;;Dickey, T.E., Programmer variability
QuoteRef: digD5_2007 ;;Dig, D. et al., Refactoring-aware configuration management for object-oriented programs
QuoteRef: dijkEW_1979 ;;Dijkstra, E.W., My hopes of computer science
QuoteRef: dillDL4_1996 ;;Dill, D.L., Rushby, J., Acceptance of formal methods: lessons from hardware design
QuoteRef: diniJ_2010 ;;Dinis, J., Mamede, M., Sweeping the sphere
QuoteRef: doloTA_1976 ;;Dolotta, T.A. et al., The LEAP load and test driver
QuoteRef: douW3_2017 ;;Dou, W. et al., CACheck: detecting and repairing cell arrays in spreadsheets [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: drosI4_1971 ;;Drost-Fromm, I., Tompkins, R., Open source community governance the Apache way [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: duMW8_1994 ;;Du, M.-W., Chang, S.C., An approach to designing very fast approximate string matching algorithms
QuoteRef: duttG9_1993 ;;Dutton, G., Usability testing emerges as new benchmark
QuoteRef: duvaVJ9_1997 ;;Duvanenko, V.J., Two writes make a read
QuoteRef: dzidW7_1978 ;;Dzida, W. et al., User-perceived quality of interactive systems
QuoteRef: eastCM1_1988 ;;Eastman, C.M., Paired comments on parallel querying [letter to the editor in support of Stone, H.S., "Parallel Querying of large databases"]
QuoteRef: eckhDE7_1991 ;;Eckhardt, D.E. et al., An experimental evaluation of software redundancy as a strategy for improving reliability
QuoteRef: edmuMG7_2011 ;;Edmunds, M.G., Freeth, T., Using computation to decode the first known computer
QuoteRef: edwaSH2_1997 ;;Edwards, S.H., Representation inheritance: a safe form of "white box" code inheritance
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QuoteRef: englP7_2003 ;;England, P. et al., A trusted open platform
QuoteRef: englWK3_1967 ;;English, W.K. et al., Display selection techniques for text manipulation
QuoteRef: ephrA1_1982 ;;Ephremides, A., Mowafi, O.A., Analysis of a hybrid access scheme for buffered users-probabilistic time division
QuoteRef: eugsPT5_2004 ;;Eugster, P.T. et al., Epidemic information dissemination in distributed systems
QuoteRef: evanD1_2002 ;;Evans, D., Larochelle, D., Improving security using extensible lightweight static analysis
QuoteRef: fairRE7_1979 ;;Fairley, R.E., ALLADDIN: Assembly language assertion driven debugging interpreter
QuoteRef: feldDC8_1989 ;;Feldmeier, D.C., Karn, P.R., UNIX password security--Ten years later
QuoteRef: fishG7_1987 ;;Fischer, G., Cognitive view of reuse and redesign
QuoteRef: flynMJ9_1987 ;;Flynn, M.J. et al., An now a case for more complex instruction sets
QuoteRef: formIR9_1982 ;;Forman, I.R., Global Data flow analysis by decomposition into primes
QuoteRef: fowlM3_2001 ;;Fowler, M., Separating user interface code
QuoteRef: fowlM11_2001 ;;Fowler, M., To be explicit
QuoteRef: franG4_2019 ;;de Francesco, G., The general data protection regulation's practical impact on software architecture
QuoteRef: franM3_1997 ;;Franz, M., Dynamic linking of software components
QuoteRef: franM11_1998 ;;Franz, M., The Java virtual machine: a passing fad?
QuoteRef: franR5_1996 ;;Franceschini, R., Mukherjee, A., Data compression using encrypted text
QuoteRef: franRJ4_1978 ;;Frank, R.J., The patentability of software inventions
QuoteRef: franVN6_2012 ;;Franqueira, V.N.L., Wieringa, R.J., Role-based access control in retrospect
QuoteRef: freeAL2_1984 ;;Freedman, A.L., comment under General discussion
QuoteRef: freeP_1976 ;;Freeman, P., Software reliability and design: a survey
QuoteRef: fridM5_1985 ;;Fridrich, M., Older, W., Helix: The architecture of the XMS distributed file system
QuoteRef: futaY3_1981 ;;Futamura, Y. et al., Development of computer programs by problem analysis diagram (PAD)
QuoteRef: gantV8_1999 ;;Ganit, V. et al., Mining very large databases
QuoteRef: gebiJ4_2007 ;;Gebis, J., Peterson, D., Embracing and extending 20th-century instruction set architectures
QuoteRef: gelbR1_2010 ;;Gelbard, R. et al., Object-oriented analysis -- is it just theory?
QuoteRef: gescCC1_1983 ;;Geschke, C.C., A system for programming and controlling sensor-based robot manipulators
QuoteRef: getoV8_2021 ;;Getov, V., Insights into the origins of the IEEE Computer Society and the invention of electronic digital computing [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: giffDK5_1985 ;;Gifford, D.K. et al., The application of digital broadcast communication to large scale information systems
QuoteRef: gilbA6_2010 ;;Gilbert, A., Indyk, P., Sparse recovery using sparse matrices
QuoteRef: glasRL3_1981 ;;Glass, R.L., Persistent software errors
QuoteRef: glasRL7_2008 ;;Glass, R.L., Two mistakes and error-free software: a confession
QuoteRef: gligVD11_1979 ;;Gligor, V.D., Lindsay, B.G., Object migration and authentication
QuoteRef: gomaH11_1982 ;;Gomaa, H., Martello, S.J., A partially automated method for testing interactive systems
QuoteRef: gopaRD7_2001 ;;Gopal, R.D. et al., Criss-cross hash joins: design and analysis
QuoteRef: gordRD3_1979 ;;Gordon, R.D., Measuring improvements in program clarity
QuoteRef: goslJ6_1997 ;;Gosling, J., The feel of Java
QuoteRef: goudMG5_1998 ;;Gouda, M.G., Accelerated heartbeat protocols
QuoteRef: goviS5_2003 ;;Govindavajhala, S., Appel, A.W., Using memory errors to attack a virtual machine
QuoteRef: gramAY8_1993 ;;Grama, A.Y. et al., Isoefficiency: measuring the scalability of parallel algorithms and architectures
QuoteRef: grayJN6_1986 ;;Gray, J.N., An approach to decentralized computer systems
QuoteRef: gudeE9_1980 ;;Gudes, E., The design of a cryptography based secure file system
QuoteRef: guptNK1_1997 ;;Gupta, N.K. et al., Auditdraw: generating audits the FAST way
QuoteRef: gutmP8_2002 ;;Gutmann, P., PKI: It's not dead, just resting
QuoteRef: gutmP2_2004 ;;Gutmann, P., Simplifying public key management
QuoteRef: guttJV9_1985 ;;Guttag, J.V. et al., The Larch family of specification languages
QuoteRef: haliU7_1991 ;;Halici, U., Dogac, A., An optimistic locking technique for concurrency control in distributed databases
QuoteRef: hallA9_1990 ;;Hall, A., Seven myths of formal methods
QuoteRef: hallS11_2018 ;;Halle, S. et al., Streamlining the inclusion of computer experiments in a research paper
QuoteRef: hallW1_1994 ;;Hall, W., Ending the tyranny of the button
QuoteRef: hallWE5_1986 ;;Hall, W.E. III, Zweben, S.H., The Cloze procedure and software comprehensibility measurement
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QuoteRef: henrG1_2020 ;;Henry, A., Justin Richer on OAuth [NewQuotes]
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QuoteRef: holzGJ6_2006 ;;Holzmann, G.J., The power of 10: Rules for developing safety-critical code
QuoteRef: holzGJ12_2007 ;;Holzmann, G.J., Conquering complexity
QuoteRef: holzGJ3_2013 ;;Holzmann, G.J., Landing a spacecraft on Mars
QuoteRef: holzGJ11_2015 ;;Holzmann, G.J., Out of bounds
QuoteRef: holzGJ1_2017 ;;Holzmann, G.J., The value of doubt [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: holzGJ1_2021 ;;Holzmann, G.J., Right code [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: howdWE1_1990 ;;Howden, W.E., Comments analysis and programming errors
QuoteRef: hsiaP11_1993 ;;Hsia, P. et al., Status report: Requirements engineering
QuoteRef: hullJJ3_2001 ;;Hull, J.J., Hart, P.E., Toward zero-effort personal document managements
QuoteRef: huntA1_2003 ;;Hunt, A., Thomas, D., The art of enbugging
QuoteRef: hurlG2_2018 ;;Hurlburt, G., How much to trust artificial intelligence?
QuoteRef: induB3_1986 ;;Indurkhya, B. et al., Optimal partitioning of randomly generated distributed programs
QuoteRef: isreJW6_2012 ;;Israel, J.W., Why the FBI can't build a case management system
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QuoteRef: jakoM5_2019 ;;Jakobsson, M., The rising thread of launchpad attacks [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: jansP4_1997 ;;Janson, P. et al., Scalability and flexibility in authentication services: the KryptoKnight approach
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