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QuoteRef: fagiR9_1979 ;;Fagin, R. et al., Extendible hashing--a fast access method for dynamic files
QuoteRef: fahnM11_2003 ;;Fahndrich, M., Leino, K.R.M., Declaring and checking non-null types in an object-oriented language
QuoteRef: falkAD8_1978 ;;Falkoff, A.D., The evolution of APL
QuoteRef: faloC7_1987 ;;Faloutsos, C., Christodoulakis, S., Description and performance analysis of signature file methods for office filing
QuoteRef: farbDJ1_1964 ;;Farber, D.J. et al., SNOBOL, a string manipulation language
QuoteRef: farcE6_2005 ;;Farcas, E. et al., Transparent distribution of real-time components based on logical execution time
QuoteRef: faroS2_2013 ;;Faro, S., Lecroq, T., The exact online string matching problem: a review of the most recent results
QuoteRef: faroS5_2020 ;;Farooqi, S. et al., Measuring and mitigating OAuth access token abuse by collusion networks [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: faulSR3_1988 ;;Faulk, S.R., Parnas, D.L., On synchronization in hard-real-time systems
QuoteRef: fedaA3_1997 ;;Fedanzo, A., Distributed systems registry [Letter to the editor]
QuoteRef: fehrE4_1983 ;;Fehr, E., The "Simplest Functional Programming Language" is neither simple nor functional
QuoteRef: feiS7_2021 ;;Fei, S. et al., Security vulnerabilities of SGX and countermeasures: a survey [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: feigEA5_1996 ;;Feigenbaum, E.A., How the "what" becomes the "how"
QuoteRef: feinS1_1982 ;;Feiner, S. et al., An experimental system for creating and presenting interactive graphical documents
QuoteRef: feinS3_1988 ;;Feiner, S., Seeing the forest for the trees: hierarchical display of hypertext structure
QuoteRef: feitAM2_2021 ;;Feit, A.M. et al., AZERTY ameliore: Computational design on a national scale [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: fekeJD5_1999 ;;Fekete, J.-D., Plaisant, C., Excentric labeling: dynamic neighborhood labeling for data visualization
QuoteRef: feldJ2_1968 ;;Feldman, J., Gries, D., Translator writing systems
QuoteRef: feldJA8_1969 ;;Feldman, J.A., Rovner, P.D., An Algol-based associative language
QuoteRef: feldM7_2020 ;;Feldmann, M. et al., Survey on algorithms for self-stabilizing overlay networks [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: fellM3_2018 ;;Felleisen, M. et al., A programmable programming language
QuoteRef: fengM2_2011 ;;Feng, M. et al., SpiceC: Scalable parallelism via implicit copying and explicit commit
QuoteRef: fensW10_2017 ;;Fenske, W., How preprocessor annotations (do not) affect maintainability: a case study on change-proneness
QuoteRef: ferrJ7_1987 ;;Ferrante, J. et al., The program dependence graph and its use in optimization
QuoteRef: ferrP1_1995 ;;Ferragina, P., Grossi, R., Fast incremental text editing
QuoteRef: fialER4_1989 ;;Fiala, E.R., Greene, D.H., Data compression with finite windows
QuoteRef: fielRT5_2002 ;;Fielding, R.T., Taylor, R.N., Principled design of the modern web architecture
QuoteRef: fiscG5_1989 ;;Fischer, G. et al., Design environments for constructive and argumentative design
QuoteRef: fishJA10_1992 ;;Fisher, J.A., Freudenberger, S.M., Predicting conditional branch directions from previous runs of a program [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: fishK6_2005 ;;Fisher, K., Gruber, R., PADS: a domain-specific language for processing ad hoc data
QuoteRef: fishK1_2008 ;;Fisher, K. et al., From dirt to shovels. Fully automatic tool generation from ad hoc data
QuoteRef: fishRS3_1988 ;;Fish, R.S. et al., Quilt: a collaborative tool for cooperative writing
QuoteRef: flanC6_2000 ;;Flanagan, C., Freund, S.N., Type-based race detection for Java
QuoteRef: flanC6_2002 ;;Flanagan, C. et al., Extended static checking for Java
QuoteRef: flanC6_2003 ;;Flanagan, C., Qadeer, S., A type and effect system for atomicity
QuoteRef: flanC6_2009 ;;Flanagan, C., Freund, S.N., FastTrack: efficient and precise dynamic race detection
QuoteRef: flanC6_2010 ;;Flanagan, C., Freund, S.N., Adversarial memory for detecting destructive races
QuoteRef: flatM6_2004 ;;Flatt, M., Findler, R.B., Kill-safe synchronization abstractions
QuoteRef: flatM1_2016 ;;Flatt, M., Binding as sets of scopes
QuoteRef: florD11_2016 ;;Florencio, D. et al., Pushing the string: the 'don't care' region of password strength
QuoteRef: floyRW2_1964 ;;Floyd, R.W., Bounded context syntactic analysis [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: floyRW8_1979 ;;Floyd, R.W., The paradigms of programming
QuoteRef: flurS1_2017 ;;Flur, S. et al., Mixed-size concurrency: ARM, POWER, C/C++11, and SC
QuoteRef: fordB7_1978 ;;Ford, B., Parameterization of the environment for transportable numerical software
QuoteRef: fostJM6_1977 ;;Foster, J.M., Foster, P.D., Abstract data and functors
QuoteRef: fostJN1_2005 ;;Foster, J.N. et al., Combinators for bi-directional tree transformations
QuoteRef: fostN9_2011 ;;Foster, N. et al., Frenetic: A network programming language
QuoteRef: fousG10_2015 ;;Foust, G. et al., Generating reactive programs for graphical user interfaces with multi-way dataflow constraint system
QuoteRef: foxEA7_1991 ;;Fox, E.A. et al., Order-preserving minimal perfect hash functions and information retrieval
QuoteRef: franM12_1997 ;;Franz, M., Kistler, T., Slim Binaries
QuoteRef: franMJ9_1997 ;;Franklin, M.J. et al., Transactional client-server cache consistency: alternatives and performance
QuoteRef: franN8_1977 ;;Francez, N., Another advantage of keyword notation for parameter communication with subprograms
QuoteRef: franRS4_1983 ;;Francis, R.S., Containment defines a class of recursive data structures
QuoteRef: frasAG6_1971 ;;Fraser, A.G., On the meaning of names in programming systems
QuoteRef: frasCW3_1980 ;;Fraser, C.W., A generalized text editor
QuoteRef: frasCW6_1983 ;;Fraser, C.W., Hanson, D.R., A high-level programming and command language
QuoteRef: frasCW6_1984 ;;Fraser, C.W. et al., Analyzing and compressing assembly code
QuoteRef: frasCW5_1999 ;;Fraser, C.W., Automatic inference of models for statistical code compression
QuoteRef: frasCW5_1999a ;;Fraser, C.W., Proebsting, T.A., Finite-state code generation
QuoteRef: frasK5_2007 ;;Fraser, K., Harris, T., Concurrent programming without locks
QuoteRef: frecM4_2015 ;;Frechtling, M., Leong, P.H.W., MCALIB: measuring sensitivity to rounding error with monte carlo programming [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: fredML7_1999 ;;Fredman, M.L., On the efficiency of pairing heaps and related data structures
QuoteRef: freeBN1_1990 ;;Freeman-Benson, B.N. et al., An incremental constraint solver
QuoteRef: freiFC1_2011 ;;Freiling, F.C. et al., The failure detector abstraction
QuoteRef: freiP4_2000 ;;Frei, P. et al., curlybot: Designing a new class of computational toys
QuoteRef: freiRA11_1974 ;;Freiburghouse, R.A., Register allocation via usage counts
QuoteRef: frieB7_1996 ;;Friedman, B., Nissenbaum, H., Bias in computer systems
QuoteRef: frieFL1_1974 ;;Friedman, F.L., Schneider, V.B, A programming language for mini-computers
QuoteRef: frigM6_1998 ;;Frigo, M. et al., The implementation of the Cilk-5 multithreaded language
QuoteRef: frisME7_1988 ;;Frisse, M.E., Searching for information in a hypertext medical handbook
QuoteRef: fuK2_2002 ;;Fu, K. et al., Fast and secure distributed read-only file system
QuoteRef: fuZ6_2017 ;;Fu, Z., Su, Z., Achieving high coverage for floating-point code via unconstrained programming
QuoteRef: furiCA1_2014 ;;Furia, C.A. et al., Loop invariants: analysis, classification, and examples
QuoteRef: furnGW4_1986 ;;Furnas, G.W., Generalized fisheye views
QuoteRef: furnGW11_1987 ;;Furnas, G.W. et al., The vocabulary problem in human-system communication
QuoteRef: furnGW3_1997 ;;Furnas, G.W., Effective view navigation
QuoteRef: gabeM10_2010 ;;Gabel, M. et al., Scalable and systematic detection of buggy inconsistencies in source code
QuoteRef: galkJT6_1980 ;;Galkowski, J.T., A critique of the DOD common language effort
QuoteRef: gallBA4_1967 ;;Galler, B.A., Perlis, A.J., A proposal for definitions in ALGOL
QuoteRef: gallJA9_1996 ;;Gallian, J.A., Error detection methods
QuoteRef: ganaM10_1981 ;;Ganapathi, M., Fischer, C.N., Bibliography on automated retargetable code generation
QuoteRef: gangG1_2015 ;;Gange, G. et al., Interval analysis and machine arithmetic: why signedness ignorance is bliss [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: gangG8_2021 ;;Gange, G. et al., A fresh look at zones and octagons [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: gannJD8_1977 ;;Gannon, J.D., An experimental exaluation of data type conventions
QuoteRef: gannJD_1978 ;;Gannon, J.D., Characteristic errors in programming languages
QuoteRef: gaoQ3_2011 ;;Gao, Q. et al., 2ndStrike: Toward manifesting hidden concurrency typestate bugs
QuoteRef: garcR10_2003 ;;Garcia, R. et al., A comparative study of language support for generic programming
QuoteRef: garnR6_2011 ;;Garner, R. et al., A comprehensive evaluation of object scanning techniques
QuoteRef: gaveWW4_1991 ;;Gaver, W.W., Smith, R.B., Effective sounds in complex systems: The ARKola simulation
QuoteRef: gayD6_2003 ;;Gay, D. et al., The nesC language: A holistic approach to networked embedded systems
QuoteRef: geX4_2017 ;;Ge, X. et al., Griffin: guarding control flows using Intel processor trace
QuoteRef: gebaM3_2018 ;;Gebai, M., Degenais, M.R., Survey and analysis of kernel and userspace tracers on Linux: design, implementation, and overhead [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: gehaA12_2021 ;;Gehani, A. et al., Digging into big provenance (with SPADE) [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: geigRS2_2010 ;;Geiger, R.S., Ribes, D., The work of sustaining order in Wikipedia: The banning of a vandal
QuoteRef: gelbB12_2000 ;;Gelbord, B., Signing your 011001010 The problems of digital signatures
QuoteRef: geleD1_1985 ;;Gelernter, D., Generative communication in Linda
QuoteRef: geleD2_1992 ;;Galernter, D., Carriero, N., Coordination languages and their significance
QuoteRef: gellDP7_1974 ;;Geller, D.P., Weinberg, G.M., The principle of sufficient reason. A guide to language design for parallel processing
QuoteRef: gellM5_1978 ;;Geller, M., Test data as an aid in proving program correctness
QuoteRef: gellS3_2012 ;;Gelly, S. et al., The grand challenge of computer go: Monte Carlo tree search and extensions
QuoteRef: genkD6_2016 ;;Genkin, D. et al., Physical key extraction attacks on PCs [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: gentD8_1996 ;;Gentner, D., Nielson, J., The anti-Mac interface
QuoteRef: georJ12_1977 ;;Georges, J., Heymans, F., On parameteric array expressions
QuoteRef: gescCM6_1975 ;;Geschke, C.M., Mitchell, J.G., On the problem of uniform reference to data structures
QuoteRef: gescCM8_1977 ;;Geschke, C.M. et al., Early experience with Mesa
QuoteRef: gettJ1_2012 ;;Gettys, J., Nichols, K., Bufferbloat: Dark buffers in the Internet
QuoteRef: geweFL5_2021 ;;Gewers, F.L. et al., Principal component analysis: a natural approach to data exploration [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: ghemS6_2000 ;;Ghemawat, S. et al., Field analysis: getting useful and low-cost interprocedural information
QuoteRef: ghenR7_1978 ;;van Ghent, R., Letter on real software, regarding the commentary by Dijkstra and the reply by DeMillo, Lipton, and Perlis
QuoteRef: gherS10_2003 ;;Ghemawat, S. et al., The Google file system
QuoteRef: ghiyR1_1998 ;;Ghiya, R., Hendren, L.J., Putting pointer analysis to work
QuoteRef: gibsVR3_1989 ;;Gibson, V.R., Senn, J.A., System structure and software maintenance performance
QuoteRef: giffDK4_1982 ;;Gifford, D.K., Cryptographic sealing for information secrecy and authentication
QuoteRef: giffDK12_1985 ;;Gifford, D.K. et al., An architecture for large scale information systems
QuoteRef: giffDK3_1988 ;;Gifford, D.K. et al., The Cedar file system
QuoteRef: gilJ8_2008 ;;Gil, J. (Y.) et al., Two-dimensional bidirectional object layout
QuoteRef: gimpJF6_1972 ;;Gimpel, J.F., Blocks--A new datatype for Snobol 4
QuoteRef: giniGC4_1985 ;;Gini, G.C., Gini, M.L., Dealing with world-model-based programs
QuoteRef: gladHM5_2001 ;;Gladney, H.M., Cantu, A., Authorization management for digital libraries
QuoteRef: glasRL9_1997 ;;Glass, R.L., Cobol--A contradiction and an enigma
QuoteRef: glavB7_2014 ;;Glavic, B. et al., Efficient stream provenance via operator instrumentation
QuoteRef: gleiM10_2019 ;;Gleirscher, M. et al., New opportunities for integrated formal methods [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: glusRJ5_1989 ;;Glushko, R.J., Transforming text into hypertext for a compact disc encyclopedia
QuoteRef: godbM2_2020 ;;Godbolt, M., Optimizations in C++ compilers [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: godeP1_1997 ;;Godefroid, P., Model checking for programming languages using VeriSoft
QuoteRef: godeP1_2010 ;;Godefroid, P. et al., Compositional may-must program analysis: unleashing the power of alternation
QuoteRef: godeP3_2012 ;;Godefroid, P. et al., Sage: Whitebox fuzzing for security testing
QuoteRef: gogS7_2016 ;;Gog, S., Venturini, R., Fast and compact hamming distance index
QuoteRef: goldA10_1995 ;;Goldberg, A., Why Smalltalk?
QuoteRef: goldCF6_1981 ;;Goldfarb, C.F., A generalized approach to document markup
QuoteRef: goldD3_1991 ;;Goldberg, D., What every computer scientist should know about floating-point arithmetic
QuoteRef: goldD6_1992 ;;Goldberg, D., The design of floating-point data types
QuoteRef: goldD4_1993 ;;Goldberg, D., Richardson, C., Touch-typing with a stylus
QuoteRef: goldO10_1986 ;;Goldreich, O. et al., How to construct random functions
QuoteRef: goldY11_1992 ;;Goldberg, Y. et al., Active Mail--a framework for implementing groupware
QuoteRef: gongL11_2011 ;;Gong, L., Java security architecture revisited
QuoteRef: gonnGH7_1981 ;;Gonnet, G.H., Coding Benchmark for Utopia84
QuoteRef: goodB8_2017 ;;Goodwin, B. et al., BitFunnel: revisiting signatures for search [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: goodJB_1968 ;;Goodenough, J.B., The comparison of programming languages: a linguistic approach
QuoteRef: goodJB12_1975 ;;Goodenough, J.B., Exception handling: issues and a proposed notation
QuoteRef: goodM6_1981 ;;Good, M., Etude and the folklore of user interface design
QuoteRef: goodMD10_1984 ;;Good, M.D. et al., Building a user-derived interface
QuoteRef: gordCS10_2012 ;;Gordon, C.S. et al., Uniqueness and reference immutability for safe parallelism
QuoteRef: gordRM3_1990 ;;Gordon, R.M., letter to the editor
QuoteRef: goreM10_2003 ;;Goresky, M., Klapper, A., Efficient multiply-with-carry random number generators with maximal period
QuoteRef: goriJ9_2018 ;;Gori, J. et al., Speed-accuracy tradeoff: A formal information-theoretic transmission scheme (FITTS)
QuoteRef: goroN1_2019 ;;Gorogiannis, N. et al., A true positives theorem for a static race detector [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: gottA4_1983 ;;Gottlieb, A et al., Basic techniques for the efficient coordination of very large numbers of cooperating sequential processors
QuoteRef: goulJD3_1985 ;;Gould, J.D., Lewis, C., Designing for usability: Key principles and what designers think
QuoteRef: goulJD4_1987 ;;Gould, J.D. et al., Why reading was slower from CRT displays than from paper
QuoteRef: goulJD8_1987 ;;Gould, J.D. et al., The 1984 olympic message system: A test of behavioral principles of system design
QuoteRef: gracG6_2009 ;;Gracioli, G., Fischmeister, S., Tracing interrupts in embedded software
QuoteRef: gracG11_2015 ;;Gracioli, G. et al., A survey on cache management mechanisms for real-time embedded systems
QuoteRef: graeG9_2006 ;;Graefe, G., Implementing sorting in database systems
QuoteRef: graeG7_2009 ;;Graefe, G., The five-minute rule 20 years later (and how flash memory changes the rules)
QuoteRef: grahG6_2018 ;;Grahne, G., Moallemi, A., A useful four-valued database logic [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: grahRM2_1973 ;;Graham, R.M. et al., A software design and evaluation system
QuoteRef: grahSL6_1982 ;;Graham, S.L. et al., gprof: a call graph execution profiler
QuoteRef: gramFT7_1978 ;;Grampp, F.T., Letter to the editor
QuoteRef: gramV2_2015 ;;Gramoli, V., More than you ever want to know about synchronization. Synchrobench, measuring the impact of synchronization on concurrent algorithms
QuoteRef: granCA12_1971 ;;Grant, C.A., Syntax translation with context macros, or macros without arguments
QuoteRef: grayCG12_1989 ;;Gray, C.G., Cheriton, D.R., Leases: an efficient fault-tolerant mechanism for distributed file cache consistency
QuoteRef: grayDN5_1998 ;;Gray, D.N. et al., Modern languages and Microsoft's component object model
QuoteRef: grayJ8_1988 ;;Gray, J., The cost of messages
QuoteRef: grayJ6_1996 ;;Gray, J. et al., The dangers of replication and a solution
QuoteRef: grayJ6_2003 ;;Gray, J., A conversation with Jim Gray [as interviewed by Dave Patterson]
QuoteRef: grayJ5_2006 ;;Gray, J., A conversation with Werner Vogels
QuoteRef: grayJC_1973 ;;Gray, J.C., Tomlinson, J.C., The L* data language
QuoteRef: greeA3_2011 ;;Greenberg, A. et al., VL2: a scalable and flexible data center network
QuoteRef: greeR12_2011 ;;Green, R., Ledgard, H., Coding guidelines: Finding the art in the science
QuoteRef: gregB2_2013 ;;Gregg, B., Thinking methodically about performance
QuoteRef: gregB6_2016 ;;Gregg, B., The flame graph
QuoteRef: gremLL9_1982 ;;Gremillion, L.L., Designing a Bloom filter for differential file access
QuoteRef: grieD7_1990 ;;Gries, D., letter to the editor
QuoteRef: grieG9_2016 ;;Grieco, G. et al., QuickFuzz: an automatic random fuzzer for common file formats
QuoteRef: grifG7_1987 ;;Grifiths, G., Stones, G.C., The tea-leaf reader algorithm: An efficient implementation of CRC-16 and CRC-32
QuoteRef: grigPF3_1972 ;;Griggith P.F., Henry, R.M., An investigatory study into human problem solving capabilities as they relate to program efficiency
QuoteRef: grimR2_2001 ;;Grimm, R., Bershad, B.N., Separating access control policy, enforcement, and functionality in extensible systems
QuoteRef: grisRE4_1979 ;;Griswold, R.E. et al., The Icon programming language: An overview
QuoteRef: grisRE4_1980 ;;Griswold, R.E., Hanson, D.R., An alternative to the use of patterns in string processing
QuoteRef: grosE5_2021 ;;Grosse, E. et al., Implementing insider defenses [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: grosR5_2000 ;;Grossi, R., Vitter, J.S., Compressed suffix arrays and suffix trees with applications to text indexing and string matching
QuoteRef: grovLJ11_1982 ;;Groves, L.J., Using simple English sentences to call procedures
QuoteRef: grudJ9_1988 ;;Grudin, J., Why CSCW applications fail: Problems in the design and evaluation of organizational interfaces
QuoteRef: grudJ12_2002 ;;Grudin, J., Group dynamics and ubiquitous computing
QuoteRef: guR10_2019 ;;Gu, R. et al., Building certified concurrent OS kernels [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: guevM2_2021 ;;Guevara, M. et al., Differential privacy: The pursuit of protections by default [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: guhaRV2_2016 ;;Guha, R.V. et al., evolution of structured data on the web
QuoteRef: guimML6_2012 ;;Guimaraes, M. L., Silva, A. R., Improving early detection of software merge conflicts
QuoteRef: gullWE2_1979 ;;Gull, W.E., Jenkins, M.A., Recursive data structures in APL
QuoteRef: gulwS1_2004 ;;Gulwani, S., Necula, G.C., Global value numbering using random interpretation
QuoteRef: guoP9_2014 ;;Guo, P., Small-group code reviews for education (blog@cacm)
QuoteRef: guoPJ3_2013 ;;Guo, P.J., Online python tutor: embeddable web-based program visualization for CS education
QuoteRef: guptA7_2016 ;;Gupta, A. et al., Mesa: A geo-replicated online data warehouse for Google's advertising system
QuoteRef: guptD10_2010 ;;Gupta, D. et al., Difference engine: harnessing memory redundancy in virtual machines
QuoteRef: guptI8_2001 ;;Gupta, I. et al., On scalable and efficient distributed failure detectors
QuoteRef: guptR3_1993 ;;Gupta, R., Optimizing array bound checks using flow analysis
QuoteRef: guptR3_1994 ;;Gupta, R. et al., On randomization in sequential and distributed algorithms
QuoteRef: gutkJ9_1985 ;;Gutknecht, J., Concepts of the text editor Lara
QuoteRef: guttJV6_1977 ;;Guttag, J.V., Abstract data types and the development of data structures
QuoteRef: guyI3_2018 ;;Guy, I., The characteristics of voice search: comparing spoken with typed-in mobile web search queries
QuoteRef: guyeSZ6_2006 ;;Guyer, S.Z. et al., Free-me: a static analysis for automatic individual object reclamation.
QuoteRef: haasA6_2017 ;;Haas, A. et al., Bringing the web up to speed with WebAssembly
QuoteRef: hackB6_2012 ;;Hackett, B., Guo, S., Fast and precise hybrid type inference of JavaScript
QuoteRef: hagmR_1987 ;;Hagmann, R., Reimplementing the Cedar File system using logging and group commit
QuoteRef: hainDP3_1997 ;;Haine, D.P., Claris Organizer's expanding contact card
QuoteRef: halaF2_1994 ;;Halasz, F.A., Schwartz, M., The Dexter Reference Model
QuoteRef: halaFG4_1987 ;;Halasz, F.G. et al., NoteCards in a nutshell
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QuoteRef: haleS8_1999 ;;Halevi, S., Krawczyk, H., Public-key cryptography and password protocols
QuoteRef: hallDE9_1980 ;;Hall, D.E. et al., A virtual operating system
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QuoteRef: hareD5_1988 ;;Harel, D., On visual formalisms
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QuoteRef: harrR10_2015 ;;Harris, R., Dismantling the barriers to entry
QuoteRef: harrT10_2003 ;;Harris, T., Fraser, K., Language support for lightweight transactions
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QuoteRef: hartH7_2016 ;;Hartmann, H., Statistics for engineers
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QuoteRef: hartPE6_2003 ;;Hart, P.E., Liu, Z., Trust in the preservation of digital information
QuoteRef: hartPH12_2001 ;;Hartel, P.H., Moreau, L., Formalizing the safety of Java, the Java virtual Machine, and Java Card
QuoteRef: hasaR12_2009 ;;Hasan, R. et al., Preventing history forgery with secure provenance
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QuoteRef: haslB2_2010 ;;Haslhofer, B., Klas, W., A survey of techniques for achieving metadata interoperability
QuoteRef: hatcJ6_2012 ;;Hatcliff, J. et al., Behavioral interface specification languages
QuoteRef: hathC6_2015 ;;Hathhorn, C. et al., Defining the undefinedness of C*
QuoteRef: hausRC11_1994 ;;Hauser, R.C., Does licensing require new access control techniques?
QuoteRef: hauzBM10_1986 ;;Hauzeur, B.M., A model for naming, addressing, and routing
QuoteRef: hawbC7_2017 ;;Hawblitzel, C. et al., IronFleet: proving safety and liveness of practical distributed systems
QuoteRef: haydCM10_2012 ;;Hayden, C.M. et al., Kitsune: efficient, general-purpose dynamic software updating for C
QuoteRef: heckP4_1978 ;;Heckel, P., A technique for isolating differences between files
QuoteRef: heerJ4_1985 ;;Heering, J., Klint, P., Towards monolingual programming environments
QuoteRef: heerJ11_1989 ;;Heering, J. et al., The syntax definition formalism SDF
QuoteRef: hehnEC_1977 ;;Hehner, E.C.R., Structuring
QuoteRef: hehnEC2_1984 ;;Hehner, E.C.R., Predicative Programming Part 1
QuoteRef: heidS6_2018 ;;Heidari, S. et al., Scalable graph processing frameworks: a taxonomy and open challenges
QuoteRef: heinDL6_2003 ;;Heine, D.L., Lam, M.S., A practical flow-sensitive and context-sensitive C and C++ memory leak detector
QuoteRef: heinN6_2001 ;;Heintze, N., Tardieu, O., Ultra-fast aliasing analysis using CLA: A million lines of C code in a second
QuoteRef: heinS4_2002 ;;Heinz, S. et al., Burst tries: a fast, efficient data structure for string keys
QuoteRef: hekmS9_1986 ;;Hekmatpour, S., Ince, D.C., Forms as a language facility
QuoteRef: hellJM9_2020 ;;Hellerstein, J.M., Alvaro, P., Keeping CALM: when distributed consistency is easy [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: hellP4_2012 ;;Helland, P., Idempotence is not a medical condition
QuoteRef: hellP2_2017 ;;Helland, P., Life beyond distributed transactions
QuoteRef: hellP11_2020 ;;Helland, P., Data on the outside versus data on the inside [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: hemmD3_1988 ;;Hemmendinger, D., Unfair process scheduling in Modula-2
QuoteRef: hendDA7_1986 ;;Henderson, D.A., Jr., Card, S.K., Rooms: The use of multiple virtual workspaces to reduce space contention in a window-based graphical user interface
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