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QuoteRef: abadDJ9_2018 ;;Abadi, D.J., Faleiro, J.M., An overview of deterministic database systems
QuoteRef: abadM1_1993 ;;Abadi, M., Lamport, L., Composing specifications
QuoteRef: abadM5_1996 ;;Abadi, M. et al., Analysis and caching of dependencies
QuoteRef: abadM9_1999 ;;Abadi, M., Secrecy by typing in security protocols
QuoteRef: abboRJ8_1987 ;;Abbott, R.J., Knowledge abstraction
QuoteRef: abboRJ3_1990 ;;Abbott, R.J., Resourceful systems for fault tolerance, reliability, and safety
QuoteRef: abduSE9_1998 ;;Abdullahi, S.E., Ringwood, G.A., Garbage collecting the internet: a survey of distributed garbage collection
QuoteRef: abelJ2_2010 ;;Abella, J., Vera, X., Electromigration for microarchitects
QuoteRef: abraD11_1996 ;;Abramson, D. et al., Relative debugging: A new methodology for debugging scientific applications
QuoteRef: abraH12_1977 ;;Abramson, H., Ordered types and a generalized for statement
QuoteRef: abraP12_1986 ;;Abrahams, P., The role of failure in software design
QuoteRef: acarUA2_2013 ;;Acar, U.A. et al., Scheduling parallel programs by work stealing with private deques
QuoteRef: acarUA6_2018 ;;Acar, U.A. et al., Heartbeat scheduling: provable efficiency for nested parallelism [ExtraQuote]
QuoteRef: accoJ3_1997 ;;Accot, J., Zhai, S., Beyond Fitts' law: Models for trajectory-based HCI tasks
QuoteRef: accoJ4_2002 ;;Accot, J., Zhai, S., More than dotting the i's -- Foundations for crossing-based interfaces
QuoteRef: achuJO6_1981 ;;Achugbue, J.O., On the line breaking problem in text formatting
QuoteRef: ackeMS_1990 ;;Ackerman, M.S., Malone, T.W., Answer Garden: a tool for growing organizational memory
QuoteRef: adamK10_2006 ;;Adams, K., Agesen, O., A comparison of software and hardware techniques for x86 virtualization
QuoteRef: adamK10_2014 ;;Adamas, K. et al., The HipHop virtual machine
QuoteRef: adamMD5_2006 ;;Adams, M.D., Wise, D.S., Fast additions on masked integers
QuoteRef: adamMD9_2012 ;;Adams, M.D., DuBuisson, T.M., Template your boilerplate
QuoteRef: adamMD6_2016 ;;Adams, M.D. et al., On the complexity and performance of parsing with derivatives
QuoteRef: adamU6_2018 ;;Adams, U., Ryu: fast float-to-string conversion
QuoteRef: addyAM4_1980 ;;Addyman, A.M., A draft proposal for Pascal
QuoteRef: adjiW12_1999 ;;Adjie-Winoto, W. et al., The design and implementation of an intentional naming system
QuoteRef: adriD1_2019 ;;Adrian, D. et al., Imperfect forward secrecy: how DIffie-Hellman fails in practice
QuoteRef: adriFA11_1993 ;;Adrian, F.A., A modest proposal concerning variables and assignment statements
QuoteRef: adveSV8_2010 ;;Adve, S.V., Boehm, H.-J., Memory models: a case for rethinking parallel languages and hardware
QuoteRef: afekY1_1993 ;;Afek, Y. et al., Lazy caching
QuoteRef: afekY6_2011 ;;Afek, Y. et al., Cache index-aware memory allocation
QuoteRef: aftaEE6_2009 ;;Aftandilian, E.E., Guyer, S.Z., GC assertions: using the garbage collector to check heap properties
QuoteRef: agesO6_1998 ;;Agesen, O. et al., Garbage collection and local variable type-precision and liveness in Java Virtual Machines
QuoteRef: agesO11_1999 ;;Agesen, O. et al., An efficient meta-lock for implementing ubiquitous synchronization
QuoteRef: aggaA6_2001 ;;Aggarwal, A., Randall, K.H., Related field analysis
QuoteRef: ahlbC4_1994 ;;Ahlberg, C., Shneiderman, B., The Alphaslider: A compact and rapid selector
QuoteRef: ahnDH2_2021 ;;Ahn, D.H. et al., Keeping science on keel when software moves [ExtraQuote]
QuoteRef: ahoAV7_1976 ;;Aho, A.V., Johnson, S.C., Optimal code generation for expression trees
QuoteRef: ahoAV1_1977 ;;Aho, A.V. et al., Code generation for expressions with common subexpressions
QuoteRef: aignM10_2015 ;;Aigner, A. et al., Fast, multicore-scalable, low-fragmentation memory allocation through large virtual memory and global data structures
QuoteRef: aikeA6_2003 ;;Aiken, A. et al., Checking and inferring local non-aliasing
QuoteRef: ailoN2_2010 ;;Ailon, N., Chazelle, B., Faster dimension reduction
QuoteRef: aitkH1_1989 ;;Ait-Kaci, H. et al., Efficient implementation of lattice operations
QuoteRef: akerB10_2015 ;;Akerblom, B., Wrigstad, T., Measuring polymorphism in python programs
QuoteRef: akerD7_2012 ;;Akers, D. et al., Backtracking events as indicators of usability problems in creation-oriented applications
QuoteRef: akguT4_2004 ;;Akgul, T., Mooney, V.J., Assembly instruction level reverse execution for debugging
QuoteRef: akscRM7_1988 ;;Akscyn, R.M. et al., KMS: A distributed hypermedia system for managing knowledge in organizations [OK]
QuoteRef: akscRM7_1988a ;;Akscyn, R.M. et al., KMS: A distributed hypermedia system for managing knowledge in organizations
QuoteRef: akscRM11_1993 ;;Akscyn, R.M., McCracken, D.L., Design of hypermedia script languages: The KMS experience
QuoteRef: alakJ12_2018 ;;Alakuijala, J. et al., Brotli: a general-purpose data compressor
QuoteRef: alfoM_1980 ;;Alford, M., Software requirements in the 80's: from alchemy to science
QuoteRef: alglJ3_2015 ;;Alglave, J. et al., GPU concurrency: Weak behaviours and programming assumptions
QuoteRef: alglJ7_2021 ;;Alglave, J. et al., Armed cats: Formal concurrency modelling at Arm [ExtraQuote]
QuoteRef: alhaA11_2012 ;;Al-Hafeedh, A. et al., A comparison of index-based Lempel-Ziv LZ77 factorization algorithms
QuoteRef: aliIM8_2020 ;;Ali, I.M. et al., Foundations, properties, and security applications of puzzles: A survey [ExtraQuote]
QuoteRef: alisD2_2015 ;;Alistarh, D. et al., The spraylist: a scalable relaxed priority queue
QuoteRef: alleE10_2003 ;;Allen, E. et al., A first-class approach to genericity
QuoteRef: alleJF11_1983 ;;Allen, J.F., Maintaining knowledge about temporal intervals
QuoteRef: allmE7_2004 ;;Allman, E., A conversation with James Gosling
QuoteRef: allmE8_2011 ;;Allman, E., The robustness principle reconsidered
QuoteRef: allsJ10_2012 ;;Allspaw, J., Fault injection in production
QuoteRef: almaL6_2004 ;;Almagor, L. et al., Finding effective compilation sequences
QuoteRef: alpeB10_2001 ;;Alpern, B. et al., Efficient implementation of java interfaces: Invokeinterface considered harmless
QuoteRef: alstMW12_2021 ;;van Alstyne, M.W. et al., 'In Situ' Data Rights [ExtraQuote]
QuoteRef: alstS7_2005 ;;Alstrup, S. et al., Black box for constant-time insertion in priority queues (note)
QuoteRef: altmE10_2010 ;;Altman, E. et al., Performance analysis of idle programs
QuoteRef: alveP10_2015 ;;Alves, P. et al., Runtime pointer disambiguation
QuoteRef: ambeAH1_2022 ;;Ambe, A.H. et al., From collaborative habituation to everyday togetherness: a long-term study of use of the messaging kettle [ExtraQuote]
QuoteRef: amirA1_1994 ;;Amir, A. et al., Let sleeping files lie: pattern matching in Z-compressed files
QuoteRef: ammeW6_2001 ;;Amme, W. et al., SafeTSA: A type safe and referentially secure mobile-code representation based on static single assignment form
QuoteRef: ammoG1_2002 ;;Ammons, G. et al., Mining specifications
QuoteRef: ancoM6_1998 ;;Ancona, M., Cazzola, W., Static header as sentinel
QuoteRef: andeDG7_2011 ;;Andersen, D.G. et al., FAWN: A fast array of wimpy nodes
QuoteRef: andeJH8_1995 ;;Anderson, J.H., Ramamurthy, S., Using lock-free objects in hard real-time applications
QuoteRef: andeRJ11_1994 ;;Anderson, R.J., Why cryptosystems fail
QuoteRef: andeZ6_2008 ;;Anderson, Z. et al., SharC: checking data sharing strategies for multithreaded C
QuoteRef: andeZ10_2011 ;;Anderson, Z., Gay, D., Composable, nestable, pessimistic atomic statements
QuoteRef: andrM1_2016 ;;Andrysco, M. et al., Printing floating-point numbers. A faster, always correct method
QuoteRef: andrM4_2016 ;;Andrychowicz, M. et al., Secure multiparty computations on Bitcoin
QuoteRef: anglR9_2017 ;;Angles, R. et al., Foundations of modern query languages for graph databases
QuoteRef: antoS4_2010 ;;Antoy, S., Hanus, M., Functional logic programming
QuoteRef: apitG5_2010 ;;Apitz, G. et al., Foundations for designing and evaluating user interfaces based on the crossing paradigm
QuoteRef: aposA4_2016 ;;Apostolico, A. et al., 40 Years of suffix trees
QuoteRef: appeAW5_1988 ;;Appel, A.W., Jacobson, G.J., The world's fastest scrabble program
QuoteRef: appeAW7_1988 ;;Appel, A.W. et al., Real-time concurrent collection on stock multiprocessors
QuoteRef: appeAW4_1998 ;;Appel, A.W., SSA is functional programming
QuoteRef: arbeM2_2018 ;;Arbel-Raviv, M., Brown, T., Harnessing epoch-based reclamation for efficient range queries
QuoteRef: armoP11_2002 ;;Armour, P., Ten unmyths of project estimation
QuoteRef: armsJ9_2010 ;;Armstrong, J., Erlang
QuoteRef: arnoM10_2008 ;;Arnold, M. et al., QVM: An efficient runtime for detecting defects in deployed systems
QuoteRef: arnoM12_2011 ;;Arnold, M. et al., QVM: An efficient runtime for detecting defects in deployed systems
QuoteRef: aronM8_2000 ;;Aron, M., Druschel, P., Soft timers: efficient microsecond software timer support of network processing
QuoteRef: arroD11_2020 ;;Arroyuelo, D. et al., Three success stories about compact data structures [ExtraQuote]
QuoteRef: arsaJJ1_1979 ;;Arsac, J.J., Syntactic source to source transforms and program manipulation
QuoteRef: arulJ3_2013 ;;Arulraj, J. et al., Production-run software failure diagnosis via hardware performance counters
QuoteRef: arulJ3_2014 ;;Arulraj, J. et al., Leveraging the short-term memory of hardware to diagnose production-run software failures [ExtraQuote]
QuoteRef: ashkS3_2016 ;;Ashkiani, S. et al., GPU multisplit
QuoteRef: ashmH9_2000 ;;Ashman, H., Electronic document addressing: dealing with change
QuoteRef: aslaF6_2012 ;;Aslam, F., et. al., Rethinking Java call stack design for tiny embedded devices
QuoteRef: aspnJ11_2007 ;;Aspnes, J., Shah, G., Skip graphs
QuoteRef: asudA2_2021 ;;Asudeh, A. et al., Scalable signal reconstruction for a broad range of applications [ExtraQuote]
QuoteRef: atkiMP6_1987 ;;Atkinson, M.P., Buneman, O.P., Types and persistence in database programming languages
QuoteRef: atkiR_1977 ;;Atkinson, R., Hewitt, C., Synchronization in actor systems
QuoteRef: attiH1_2011 ;;Attiya, H. et al., Laws of order: expensive synchronization in concurrent algorithms cannot be eliminated
QuoteRef: auerJ7_2008 ;;Auerbach, J. et al., Flexible task graphs: a unified restricted thread programming model for Java
QuoteRef: auslM6_1982 ;;Auslander, M., Hopkins, M., An overview of the PL.8 compiler
QuoteRef: auslM5_2011 ;;Auslander, M., Let implementation semantics unlock the pop [Letter to the Editor]
QuoteRef: austTM6_1994 ;;Austin, T.M. et al., Efficient detection of all pointer and array access errors
QuoteRef: avgeT6_2016 ;;Avgerinos, T. et al., Enhancing symbolic execution with veritesting
QuoteRef: awadA4_2016 ;;Awad, A. et al., Silent shredder: zero-cost shredding for secure non-volatile main memory controllers
QuoteRef: awekZB4_2016 ;;Aweke, Z.B. et al., ANVIL: software-based protection against next-generation rowhammer attacks
QuoteRef: axfoTH3_1979 ;;Axford, T.H. et al., ATOL: A simple language with powerful data structuring facilities
QuoteRef: aycoJ6_2003 ;;Aycock, J., A brief history of just-in-time
QuoteRef: ayerA6_1998 ;;Ayers, A. et al., Scalable cross-module optimization
QuoteRef: azatH10_2003 ;;Azatchi, H. et al., An on-the-fly mark and sweep garbage collector based on sliding views
QuoteRef: babiD5_2008 ;;Babic, D., Hu, A.J., Calysto: scalable and precise extended static checking
QuoteRef: bacaR9_2017 ;;Baca, R. et al., Structural XML query processing
QuoteRef: bachCW11_1973 ;;Bachman, C.W., The programmer as navigator
QuoteRef: bachM8_2017 ;;Bacher, M. et al., Spin-it: optimizing moment of inertia for spinnable objects
QuoteRef: bachR1_1997 ;;Bachrach, R., El-Yaniv, R., Online list accessing algorithms and their applications: Recent empirical evidence
QuoteRef: backJ_1973 ;;Backus, J., Programming language semantics and closed applicative languages
QuoteRef: backJ8_1978 ;;Backus, J., The history of Fortran I, II, and III
QuoteRef: backJ8_1978a ;;Backus, J., Can programming be liberated from the von Neumann style? A functional style and its algebra of programs
QuoteRef: backJW1_1954 ;;Backus, J.W., The IBM 701 speedcoding system
QuoteRef: backL12_2011 ;;Backstrom, L. et al., Wherefore art though R3579X? Anonymized social networks, hidden patterns, and structural steganography
QuoteRef: bacoDF10_2000 ;;Bacon, D.F. et al., Guava: a dialect of Java without data races
QuoteRef: bacoDF6_2001 ;;Bacon, D.F. et al., Java without the coffee breaks: a noninstrusive multiprocessor garbage collector
QuoteRef: bacoDF1_2003 ;;Bacon, D.F. et al., A real-time garbage collector with low overhead and consistent utilization
QuoteRef: bacoDF10_2004 ;;Bacon, D.F. et al., A unified theory of garbage collection
QuoteRef: bacoDF6_2005 ;;Bacon, D.F. et al., Syncopation: generational real-time garbage collection in the metronome
QuoteRef: bacoDF6_2012 ;;Bacon, D.F. et al., An then there were none: A stall-free real-time garbage collector for reconfigurable hardware
QuoteRef: bacoDF12_2013 ;;Bacon, D.F. et al., And then there were none: a stall-free real-time garbage collector for reconfigurable hardware
QuoteRef: baeJ2_2020 ;;Bae, J. et al., Interactive clustering: a comprehensive review [ExtraQuote]
QuoteRef: baecR4_1991 ;;Baecker, R. et al., Bringing icons to life
QuoteRef: baezRA11_1996 ;;Baeza-Yates, R.A.,, Gonnet, G.H., Fast text searching for regular expressions or automaton searching on tries
QuoteRef: bahlD8_2002 ;;Bahle, D. et al., Efficient phrase querying with an auxiliary index
QuoteRef: bailG10_2016 ;;Bailly, G. et al., Visual menu techniques
QuoteRef: bailP8_2014 ;;Bailis, P. et al., Quantifying eventual consistency with PBS
QuoteRef: bainE8_2013 ;;Bainomugisha, E. et al., A survey of reactive programming
QuoteRef: baldG8_1987 ;;Baldwin, G., Implementation of physical units
QuoteRef: baldR5_2018 ;;Baldoni, R. et al., A survey of symbolic execution techniques
QuoteRef: ballG2_2014 ;;Ballard, G. et al., Communication costs of Strassen's matrix multiplication
QuoteRef: ballT6_1993 ;;Ball, t., Larus, J.R., Branch prediction for free
QuoteRef: ballT12_1996 ;;Ball, T., Larus, J.R., Efficient path profiling
QuoteRef: ballT1_2003 ;;Ball, T. et al., From symptom to cause: localizing errors in counterexample traces
QuoteRef: ballT3_2005 ;;Ball, T. et al., Polymorphic predicate abstraction
QuoteRef: ballT7_2011 ;;Ball, T. et al., A decade of software model checking with SLAM
QuoteRef: bandS9_2011 ;;Bandhakavi, S. et al., Vetting browser extensions for security vulnerabilities with VEX
QuoteRef: baneA11_2005 ;;Banerjee, A., Naumann, D.A., Ownership confinement ensures representation independence for object-oriented programs
QuoteRef: bankRD11_1993 ;;Banker, R.D. et al., Software complexity and maintenance costs
QuoteRef: bansJP4_1993 ;;Bansler, J.P., Bodker, K., A reappraisal of structured analysis: design in an organizational context
QuoteRef: bansS10_2006 ;;Bansal, S., Aiken, A., Automatic generation of peephole superoptimizers
QuoteRef: baoT10_2013 ;;Bao, T.,, Zhang, X., On-the-fly detection of instability problems in floating-point program execution
QuoteRef: baraK10_2003 ;;Barabash, K. et al., Mostly concurrent garbage collection revisited
QuoteRef: bardGJ12_2001 ;;Badros, G.J. et al., The Cassowary linear arithmetic constraint solving algorithm
QuoteRef: barkK11_2011 ;;Barkati, K., Jouvelot, P., Synchronous programming in audio processing: A lookup table oscillator case study
QuoteRef: barkL9_2009 ;;Barkhuus, L., Brown, B., Unpacking the television: user practices around a changing technology
QuoteRef: barnC11_2011 ;;Barnes, C. et al., The PatchMatch randomized matching algorithm for image manipulation
QuoteRef: barnDT3_1978 ;;Barnard, D.T. et al., Euclid and Modula
QuoteRef: baroDW10_2014 ;;Barowy, D.W. et al., CHECKCELL: Data debugging for spreadsheets
QuoteRef: baroDW11_2018 ;;Barowy, D.W. et al., ExceLint: automatically finding spreadsheet formula errors [ExtraQuote]
QuoteRef: barrD7_1995 ;;Barreau, D., Nardi, B.A., Finding and reminding, file organization from the desktop
QuoteRef: barrET1_2013 ;;Barr, E.T. et al., Automatic detection of floating-point exceptions
QuoteRef: barrET10_2014 ;;Barr, E.T., Marron, M., Tardis: Affordable time-travel debugging in managed runtimes
QuoteRef: barrJ5_2006 ;;Barr, J., Cabrera, L.F., AI gets a brain
QuoteRef: bartA6_2009 ;;Barth, A. et al., Securing frame communication in browsers
QuoteRef: bartA5_2019 ;;Bartoli, A. et al., Enterprise Wi-Fi: we need devices that are secure by default [ExtraQuote]
QuoteRef: baryR12_2004 ;;Bar-Yehuda, R. et al., Local ratio: a unified framework for approximation algorithms
QuoteRef: bassL3_1997 ;;Bass, L. et al., The design of a wearable computer
QuoteRef: bastH8_2006 ;;Bast, H., Weber, I., Type less, find more: Fast autocompletion search with a succinct index
QuoteRef: bastH7_2011 ;;Bast, H., Celikik, M., Fast construction of the HYB index
QuoteRef: bastH5_2013 ;;Bast, H., Celikik, A., Efficient fuzzy selection in large text collections
QuoteRef: batesR11_2004 ;;Bates, R., Schizoid classes
QuoteRef: batsJ8_2013 ;;Batson, J. et al., Spectral sparsification of graphs: theory and algorithms
QuoteRef: baudP8_2021 ;;Baudin, P. et al., The dogged pursuit of bug-free C programs: The Frama-C software analysis platform [ExtraQuote]
QuoteRef: baueFL7_1972 ;;Bauer, F.L., Wossner, H., The 'plankalkul' of Konrad Zuse: a forerunner of today's programming languages
QuoteRef: baymP9_1983 ;;Bayman, P., Mayer, R.E., A diagnosis of beginning programmers' misconceptions of BASIC programming statements
QuoteRef: bealNC_1981 ;;Beale, N.C. et al., An ADA compatible specification language
QuoteRef: beauO5_2020 ;;Beaumont, O. et al., Scheduling on two types of resources: A survey [ExtraQuote]
QuoteRef: beckJD7_1987 ;;Becker, J.D., Arabic word processing
QuoteRef: beckLL10_1982 ;;Beck, L.L., A dynamic storage allocation technique based on memory residence time
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QuoteRef: bellB10_2008 ;;Bellamy, B. et al., Efficient local type inference
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QuoteRef: bellSM10_1990 ;;Bellovin, S.M., Merritt, M., Limitations of the Kerberos Authentication System
QuoteRef: bellT12_1989 ;;Bell, T. et al., Modeling for text compression
QuoteRef: benaM9_2010 ;;Ben-Ari, M., Viewpoint: Objects never? Well, hardly ever!
QuoteRef: benbI4_1984 ;;Benbasat, I., Wand, Y., Command abbreviation behavior in human-computer interaction
QuoteRef: bendMA3_2016 ;;Bender, M.A. et al., B-trees and cache-oblivious b-trees with different-sized atomic keys
QuoteRef: bennRK7_1976 ;;Bennett, R.K., Build: a primitive approach to the design of computer languages and their translators
QuoteRef: bensAR2_2015 ;;Benson, A.R., Ballard, G., A framework for practical parallel fast matrix multiplication
QuoteRef: bensBW2_1999 ;;Benson, B.W., Jr., Inner classes. Closures for the masses
QuoteRef: bentC12_2006 ;;Bentley, C. et al., Implicit array bounds checking on 64-bit architectures
QuoteRef: bentJ10_1983 ;;Bentley, J., Programming Pearls: Writing correct programs
QuoteRef: bentJ3_1984 ;;Bentley, J., Programming pearls: The back of the envelope
QuoteRef: bentJ5_1985 ;;Bentley, J., Programming pearls: A spelling checker
QuoteRef: bentJ2_1986 ;;Bentley, J., Programming pearls: Cutting the Gordian knot
QuoteRef: bentJ9_1987 ;;Bentley, J., Programming pearls. A sample of brilliance
QuoteRef: bentJL1_1997 ;;Bentley, J.L., Sedgewick, R., Fast algorithms for sorting and searching strings
QuoteRef: benzF6_2012 ;;Benz, F. et al., A dynamic program analysis to find floating-point accuracy problems
QuoteRef: bergED11_2000 ;;Berger, E.D. et al., Hoard: A scalable memory allocator for multithreaded applications
QuoteRef: bergED11_2002 ;;Berger, E.D. et al., Reconsidering custom memory allocation
QuoteRef: bergED10_2009 ;;Berger, E.D. et al., Grace: safe multithreaded programming for C/C++
QuoteRef: bergO9_2008 ;;Bergman, O. et al., Improved search engines and navigation preference in personal information systems
QuoteRef: bergT9_1997 ;;Bergin, T., HOPL II - Closing panel: The history of programming: Does our present past have a future?
QuoteRef: bergT3_2010 ;;Bergan, T. et al., CoreDet: A compiler and runtime system for deterministic multithreaded execution
QuoteRef: bernM6_2003 ;;Berndl, M. et al., Pointers-to analysis using BDDs
QuoteRef: bernM9_2008 ;;Bernstein, M. et al., Information scraps: how and why information eludes our personal information management tools
QuoteRef: bernT8_1994 ;;Berners-Lee, T. et al., The world-wide web
QuoteRef: bersBN12_1995 ;;Bershad, B.N. et al., Extensibility, safety and performance in the SPIN operating system
QuoteRef: bertE4_1999 ;;Bertino, E. et al., A flexible authorization mechanism for relational data management systems
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QuoteRef: bezaJ11_2018 ;;Bezanson, J. et al., Julia: dynamism and performance reconciled by design [ExtraQuote]
QuoteRef: bharR3_2008 ;;Bhargava, R. et al., Accelerating two-dimensional page walks for virtualized systems
QuoteRef: bhatP5_2011 ;;Bhattacharya, P., Neamtiu, L., Assessing programming language impact on development and maintenance: A study on C and C++
QuoteRef: bhatP2_2019 ;;Bhat, P., Dutta, K., A survey of various threats and current state of security in Android platform [ExtraQuote]
QuoteRef: bierGM10_2007 ;;Bierman, G.M. et al., Lost in translation: Formalizing proposed extensions to C#
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QuoteRef: birdR2_1995 ;;Bird, R. et al., The KryptoKnight family of light-weight protocols for authentication and key distribution
QuoteRef: birkA10_2004 ;;Birka, A., Ernst, M.D., A practical type system and language for reference immutability
QuoteRef: birmKP2_1987 ;;Birman, K.P., Joseph, T.A., Reliable communication in the presence of failures
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QuoteRef: bishS1_2006 ;;Bishop, S. et al., Engineering with Logic: HOL specification and symbolic-evaluation testing for TCP implementations
QuoteRef: blacS11_2018 ;;Blackshear, S. et al., RacerD: compositional static race detection [ExtraQuote]
QuoteRef: blacSM10_2003 ;;Blackburn, S.M., McKinley, K.S., Ulterior reference counting: fast garbage collection without a long wait
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QuoteRef: boccRL10_2009 ;;Bocchino, R.L., Jr. et al., A type and effect system for deterministic parallel Java
QuoteRef: bochGV7_1973 ;;Bochmann, G.V., Multiple exits from a loop without the goto
QuoteRef: bocqS10_2012 ;;Bocq, S., Daenen, K., Molecule: using monadic and streaming I/O to compose process networks on the JVM
QuoteRef: bodiR6_2000 ;;Bodik, R. et al., ABCD: Eliminating array bounds checks on demand
QuoteRef: boehHJ6_1993 ;;Boehm, H.-J., Space efficient conservative garbage collection
QuoteRef: boehHJ1_2004 ;;Boehm, H.J., The space cost of lazy reference counting
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QuoteRef: bohmC5_1966 ;;Bohm, C., Jacopini, G., Flow diagrams, turing machines, and languages with only two formation rules
QuoteRef: bohmC9_2001 ;;Bohm, C. et al., Searching in high-dimensional spaces--Index structures for improving the performance of multimedia databases
QuoteRef: bohmR10_2020 ;;Bohme, R. et al., Responsible vulnerability disclosure in cryptocurrencies [ExtraQuote]
QuoteRef: boisJD6_2000 ;;Boissonnat, J.-D. et al., Triangulations in CGAL [ExtraQuote]
QuoteRef: boisJD6_2009 ;;Boissonnat, J.-D. et al., Incremental construction of the Delaunay triangulation and the Delaunay graph in medium dimension
QuoteRef: bojiH8_2010 ;;Bojinov, H. et al., The emergence of cross channel scripting
QuoteRef: boltRA7_1980 ;;Bolt, R.A., "Put-that-there": Voice and gesture at the graphics interface
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QuoteRef: boncPA12_2008 ;;Boncz, P.A. et al., Breaking the memory wall in MonetDB
QuoteRef: bondMD10_2007 ;;Bond, M.D., McKinley, K.S., Probabilistic calling context
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