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The Internet combines separately administrated networks into a coherent whole. It masks transient failures and enables world-wide communcation. Every entity on the Internet has an address and optional name. (cbb 8/06)
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Quote: an ideal electrical communications system permits any person or machine to reliably and instantaneously communicate with any combination of other people or machines, anywhere, anytime, and at zero cost [baraP8_1964a]

Subtopic: what is the Internet up

Quote: the Internet is a packet switched communications facility; a network of networks connected by gateways using store and forward packet forwarding [clarDD8_1988]
Quote: the Internet integrates separately administrated networks into a common utility [clarDD8_1988]
Quote: the Internet connected the ARPANET with the ARPA packet radio network using packet switched gateways [clarDD8_1988]

Subtopic: reliability up

Quote: a store-and-forward network survives heavy level attacks and 50% link downtime [baraP8_1964]
Quote: the ordering of goals for the Internet is important: survivability, multiple types of services, ..., accountability [clarDD8_1988]
Quote: except for total partition, the Internet masks all transient failures; must protect the state about an on-going conversation [clarDD8_1988]
Quote: Internet designed for military survivability and not for accountability; accountability not needed in wartime [clarDD8_1988]

Subtopic: flexibility up

Quote: standardized data blocks permit many simultaneous users each with widely different bandwidth requirements to share a broadband network with varied data rate links [baraP8_1964]

Subtopic: search up

Quote: find all possible question patterns on the Internet to correct partially recognized queries by speech-recognition software; 99% coverage of all question types [tangY7_2013]

Subtopic: security up

Quote: end-to-end and link-by-link cryptography for a distributed network; complete and correct reception of all previous traffic for decryption of subsequent Message Blocks; suppress silence periords [baraP8_1964b]
Quote: internet security made worse by complexity, rapid change, connectivity, more users, anonymous, democratic [zippJ6_2001]
Quote: authentication and key distribution must be extensible to large internetworks of many domains [jansP4_1997]

Subtopic: need-to-share up

Quote: problem of need-to-share vs. need-to-know; which permissions should be given before the need actually arises [franVN6_2012]

Subtopic: naming up

Quote: Internet's hierarchical names allows decentralized name management and growth [suZS8_1982]
Quote: an Internet domain is a naming authority [suZS8_1982]
Quote: an Internet domain consists of a concatenation of simple names [suZS8_1982]

Subtopic: latency up

Quote: end-to-end transport latency is due to processing delay, queuing delays, transmission delay, and propagation delay [erbaA12_2012]
Quote: bufferbloat -- queuing delay is the dominant cause of latency for high-bandwidth TCP applications [erbaA12_2012]
Quote: Paceline measures TCP latency and bandwidth with P-ACKs [erbaA12_2012]
Quote: Paceline uses back-up TCP sockets for automated failover when latency becomes too high; like removing exponential back-off from TCP [erbaA12_2012]

Subtopic: routing up

Quote: messages should be routed over paths whose mean lengths approach the shortest possible paths; the total value of all entries for handover number tables approaches the theoritical minimum with network use [boehSP8_1964]
Quote: post office model -- best outgoing link by selecting the latest cancellation date for the destination return address [baraP8_1964]
Quote: a message's handover number records its path length; network nodes maintain a table of handover numbers by major station; Monte Carlo simulation showed efficient routing [baraP8_1964]

Subtopic: implementation up

Quote: standardized data blocks simplifies construction of high speed network switches; users submit full data blocks with a header giving the return address and additional housekeeping information [baraP8_1964]
Quote: most of the advantages of store-and-forward switching can be obtained with extremely little storage at the nodes; hot potato routing [baraP8_1964]
Quote: transporting a datagram is the building block of the Internet; 100 bytes minimum, reasonable reliability, addressing; extremely successful [clarDD8_1988]
Quote: the Internet separates TCP from IP to allow other transports that optimize delay or bandwidth instead of reliability [clarDD8_1988]
Quote: ISO Layer 3 is the network layer; handles routing, switching and relaying within a single network or an internetwork [millLJ_1981]
Quote: build internets from flows, packet sequences from source to destination; helps resource management and accountability; gateways keep track of soft, flow state [clarDD8_1988]

Subtopic: history up

Quote: redesign telephones and teletypewriters to gain the full benefit of an all-digital communications network [baraP8_1964a]
Quote: the Internet connected the ARPANET with the ARPA packet radio network using packet switched gateways [clarDD8_1988]
Quote: proposal for the Distributed Adaptive Message Block Network; use redundancy to build a communications system that withstands heavy enemy attacks [baraP8_1964]
Quote: a standard format message block allows simple switching, adaptive store-and-forward routing, real-time voice, and unreliable links; no central control point [baraP8_1964]

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