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Electronic mail remains a core application of the Internet. Using a simple protocol, users may exchange mail with others, largely for free.

Unsolicited email, or spam, represents the bulk of email. Email may lead to flame wars where the messages carry more emotional weight than intended. (cbb 3/07)

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Topic: computational mail
Topic: electronic mail headers
Topic: electronic news and blogs
Topic: discussion groups, mail conversations, and teleconferencing
Topic: mail databases
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Quote: in an office everything arrives by mail, so in Star messages are documents and documents are mailed [smitDC4_1982]
Quote: more than half of the messages sent or received would not have occurred without electronic mail; mostly between strangers [feldMS12_1986]
Quote: electronic mail encourages communication between strongly linked groups of people via weak ties [feldMS12_1986]
Quote: commercial message systems must allow for users with just a terminal [schrMD2_1984]

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Quote: SDSI converts email addresses to SDSI references; e.g., "DNS!!'s com's microsoft's Bob.Smith" for [riveRL4_1996]

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Quote: assisted editing tools enable distributed coordination among otherwise disconnected vandal fighters; notify vandals via the user's talk page [geigRS2_2010]
Quote: KMS users have a mail box frame; messages created or appended to existing messages [akscRM7_1988a]
Quote: memo-based mail: mailbox, sender, recipients, point to point transport [comeDE11_1986]

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Quote: average Grapevine message shared by five inboxes; over half of messages to one inbox [schrMD2_1984]
Quote: some developers sent and received far more email messages than others; the averages and medians differ substantially [perrDE7_1994]
Quote: while subjects received a median of nine email messages per day, they sent a median of zero per day; the content of these messages was rarely technical [perrDE7_1994]

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Quote: Unix communications network mainly used for software maintenance (1978) [nowiDA8_1978]

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Quote: measured the conversion rate for email spam; infiltrated the Storm botnet; 1e-5 to 1e-7 conversion rate [kaniC9_2009]
Quote: abusive messages are easier in electronic mail; avoid using it when upset, angry, or intoxicated [bishM10_1986]
Quote: indicate sarcasm and humor if used in electronic mail [bishM10_1986]
Quote: email may be inappropriate for technical development because problem solving is iterative and may be complex [perrDE7_1994]

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