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Topic: history of computers
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Topic: what is a computer
Subtopic: computer science as toolsmith; not mathematical up

Quote: a computer scientist is a toolsmith--no more, but no less [brooFP8_1977]
Quote: computer science is messy because it lacks the locality, symmetry, and invariance to scale found in physics [hillWD_1985]
Quote: most practical programming doesn't involve much mathematical theory; contradicts computer science education [boreNS_1991]
Quote: computer science is the engineering of abstract objects; not a science, we make things [brooFP3_1996]

Subtopic: communication costs up

Quote: in classic computational theory, the wire is not considered but it is very important to engineering; mismatch with reality [hillWD_1985]

Subtopic: business computing up

Quote: Bakery Valuations was LEO's first application and the world's first business job; it calculated the value of a week's output of bread, cakes and pies; from November 1951 for the life of the machine [ferrG_2003]

Subtopic: language design up

Quote: computer language design is a primary research area in computer science [cleaJC_1975]

Subtopic: modeling up

Quote: file system model predicted response time within 9% error; simplified analysis of prefetching [shriE6_1999]

Subtopic: bibliography up

QuoteRef: ardeBW_1980 ;;good bibliographic introduction to computer science

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Topic: computer architecture
Topic: history of programming

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business computing
communication costs
computer science as toolsmith; not mathematical
language design

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