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There are many models of computers. The von Neumann model is the most common. Other models include flag computer, pointer machines, quantum computer, reduction machines, stack machines, state machines, Petri net, Turing machines, actor machines, and data flow machines. (cbb 11/07)

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Topic: actor machines
Topic: computer as state machine
Topic: data flow machines
Topic: flag computer
Topic: general purpose computer systems
Topic: pointer machines
Topic: problems with the von Neumann architecture
Topic: reduction machines
Topic: specific purpose computer systems
Topic: stack machine
Topic: state machine
Topic: virtual machine
Topic: von Neumann computer
Subtopic: behavioral modeling up

Quote: behavioral modeling is mandatory for computer design; reveals areas of uncertainty, forces subtle problems into the open, deal with all issues together [colwRP_2006]

Subtopic: mechanical brain from simple operations up

Quote: a stored plan for a mechanical brain can result from the preceding operations and thus be built from itself [zuseK_1984]

Subtopic: computer as a human organization based on rules up

Quote: model a computer as a human organization which operates by strictly defined rules [holtAW_1997]

Subtopic: quantum computing up

Quote: introduction to quantum computing and error correction; exponential speedup but difficult to access the results [riefE9_2000]

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Group: computer science
Group: parallel processing
Group: program representation
Group: types of programming languages
Topic: block machines
Topic: computer architecture
Topic: models of parallel computation
Topic: Petri net
Topic: production systems
Topic: program execution
Topic: semantics by an abstract machine
Topic: Turing machine
Topic: what is a computer

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behavioral modeling
computer as a human organization based on rules
mechanical brain from simple operations
quantum computing

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