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An organization is a system for managing resources, meeting deadlines, managing ideas and their meanings, managing values, concentrating resources, channeling motivations, defining responsibilities, constraining activities and resources, tracking transactions, productive activity by a group of people, and managing communications.

Computers have a strong effect upon organizations which use them. (cbb 7/83)

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Subtopic: office up

Quote: office organizations are creative problem solvers, bargainers, and exception handlers [liskB10_1981]

Subtopic: achieving goals up

Quote: Goethe--achieve goals by tyrannical power or single-mindedness; the later is available to all [weigHJ_1949]
Quote: fitful, capricious action interferes with the natural course of things; no guarantee of progress [weigHJ_1949]
Quote: err and err and err again, but less and less and less [knutDE7_1989]

Subtopic: as limitation of resources up

Quote: an organization is the artificial, well-structured, limitation of resources [petrCA10_1979]

Subtopic: as ideas up

Quote: organizations are systems composed of ideas, the meanings of which must be managed [peteTJ_1982]

Subtopic: document retention up

Quote: if an organization keeps all of its documents, searchers must wade through irrelevant information to find important documents; this noise degrades search performance [blaiDC1_1996]

Subtopic: voting up

Quote: remote electronic voting does not work for public elections; too many insecure facilities/programs and too little scrutiny [rubiAD12_2002]

Subtopic: interest and boundary up

Quote: the greater the INTERESTS of an ORGANIZATION the sharper the boundaries [holtAW_1997]

Subtopic: computing laboratory up

Quote: human computers worked in organized groups using division of labor, mass production, and professional managers; e.g., Babbage [grieDA_2005]

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