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digital communication
natural language as communication
using hypertext for cooperative work
voice and sound as a user interface

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Group: natural language
Topic: architecture
Topic: art
Topic: communication errors between people
Topic: drama
Topic: education
Topic: interrupting interpersonal communication
Topic: pattern language
Topic: publishing
Topic: task communication
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Topic: using a computer as a communication/information medium
Subtopic: communication as unifying up

Quote: the world is unified by the new tools of communication--the dirt road, the truck, and the radio [drucPF1_1958]
Quote: communication requires an audience, a shared, symbolic vocabulary, and a topic; full language is enhanced and disambiguated [shipP8_2010]

Subtopic: conversation up

Quote: all language is ultimately at the service of human interaction; conversation is primary [everD_2017]

Subtopic: graphic design up

Quote: a well-designed web page provides answers to what site, what page, what sections, where next, where am I, how to search [krugS_2006]

Subtopic: speech up

Quote: speaking arises invisibly from within, like thought and breath; writing does not [klinV_2012]
Quote: speech is a movement sequence (action); linked by a common meaning; with frequent deviations and modifications [bernNA_1947]

Subtopic: news up

Quote: diversity of news conflicts with thoroughness of reporting, so the product of frequency rank and size should be constant; e.g., data from newspapers and an encyclopedia [zipfGK_1949]

Subtopic: advertising up

Quote: like all communications, an advertisement informs and persuades; products and services, attitudes and behavior [singSN8_1999]

Subtopic: rubric up

Quote: two thirds of peer feedback through rubrics -- short, customizable snippets that address common issues; reviewed rubrics with low student:staff correlation [kulkC12_2013]

Subtopic: non-verbal communication up

Quote: the Disney studios pioneered filming actors to study comic action [thomF_1984]
Quote: the most original and unusual contribution of Walt Disney was the quality of life and emotion with which he endowed all of his characters [thomF_1984]
Quote: the human form in movement displayed far more overall activity than anyone had supposed [thomF_1984]
Quote: human movement demonstrated the animation techniques of squash and stretch, follow through, overlapping action, timing, and exaggeration [thomF_1984]

Subtopic: animal communication up

Quote: domesticating an animal is fundamentally developing a means of communication with the animal [shipP8_2010]
Quote: it is not true that animals speak; otherwise they could make themselves understood by us [descR_1637]

Subtopic: limits of communication up

Quote: in cooperative task solving, most time in searching; little time in communication [chapA3_1973]

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animal communication
communication as unifying
graphic design
limits of communication
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