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QuoteRef: cabaJ5_2016 ;;Caballero, J., Lin, Z., Type inference on executables
QuoteRef: cabrB7_2007 ;;Cabral, B., Marques, P., Exception handling: a field study in Java and .NET
QuoteRef: cadaC10_2006 ;;Cadar, C. et al., EXE: automatically generating inputs of death
QuoteRef: caiHG9_1985 ;;Cai, H.G., Wang, Z.X., A self-teaching technique of an arc welding robot with three degree of freedom
QuoteRef: caiY6_2012 ;;Cai, Y., Chan, W.K., MagicFuzzer: Scalable deadlock detection for large-scale applications
QuoteRef: cainSH_1975 ;;Caine, S.H., Gordon, E.K., PDL--A tool for software design
QuoteRef: calcI12_2018 ;;Calciu, I. et al., How to implement any concurrent data structure
QuoteRef: callO10_2014 ;;Callau, O. et al., On the use of type predicates in object-oriented software: The case of Smalltalk
QuoteRef: callaO1_2013 ;;Callau, O., Tanter, E., Programming with ghosts
QuoteRef: calzS10_2016 ;;Calzavara, S. et al., Surviving the web: a journey into web session security
QuoteRef: cameJR2_1986 ;;Cameron, J.R., An overview of JSD
QuoteRef: campB7_1988 ;;Campbell, B., Goodman, J.M., HAM: A general purpose hypertext abstract machine
QuoteRef: campJ_1982 ;;Campbell, J., Grammatical Man
QuoteRef: campM1_1980 ;;Campbell-Kelly, M., Programming the EDSAC: early programming activity at the University of Cambridge
QuoteRef: campM4_1980 ;;Campbell-Kelly, M.,, Programming the Mark I: Early programming activity at the University of Manchester
QuoteRef: campM4_1981 ;;Campbell-Kelly, M., Programming the Pilot ACE: Early programming activity at the National Physical Library
QuoteRef: campM8_2020 ;;Campbell, M., Putting the passe into passwords: How passwordless technologies are reshaping digital identity [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: campN_1921 ;;Campbell, N., What is Science?
QuoteRef: campNR_1919 ;;Campbell, N.R., Physics: the elements [OK]
QuoteRef: campNR_1920 ;;Campbell, N.R., Physics, The elements [OK NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: campS12_2017 ;;Campani, S. et al., Automatically accelerating non-numerical programs by architecture-compiler co-design
QuoteRef: cannA3_2001 ;;Cannane, A., Williams, H.E., General-purpose compression for efficient retrieval
QuoteRef: cannA7_2002 ;;Cannane, A., Williams, H.E., A general-purpose compression scheme for large collections
QuoteRef: cannDJ6_2000 ;;Cannarozzi, D.J. et al., Contaminated garbage Collection
QuoteRef: cantB2_2006 ;;Cantrill, Br., Hidden in plain sight
QuoteRef: caoM6_2016 ;;Cao, M. et al., Prescient memory: exposing weak memory model behavior by looking into the future
QuoteRef: caplM12_1987 ;;Caplinger, M., An information system based on distributed objects
QuoteRef: caraL5_2014 ;;Carata, L. et al., A primer on provenance
QuoteRef: carbJG3_1978 ;;Carbonell, J.G., Schank, R.C., Comments on the paper of Cherniavsky. On artificial intelligence and attempts to disprove its existence.
QuoteRef: cardDN3_1987 ;;Card, D.N., Agresti, W.W., Resolving the software science anomaly
QuoteRef: cardL6_1984 ;;Cardelli, L., A semantics of multiple inheritance
QuoteRef: cardL_1991 ;;Cardelli, L. et al., [Modula-3:] Language definition
QuoteRef: cardN2_2017 ;;Cardwell, N. et al., BBR: congestion-based congestion control
QuoteRef: cardSK3_1979 ;;Card, S.K. et al., The keystroke-level model for user performance time with interactive systems
QuoteRef: cardSK7_1980 ;;Card, S.K. et al., The keystroke-level model for user performance time with interactive systems
QuoteRef: cardSK_1983 ;;Card, S.K. et al., The psychology of human-computer interaction
QuoteRef: cardSK4_1991 ;;Card, S.K. et al., A morphological analysis of the design space of input devices
QuoteRef: cargT11_1994 ;;Cargill, T., Exception handling: A false sense of security
QuoteRef: cargTA10_1987 ;;Cargill, T.A., Locanthi, B.N., Cheap Hardware support for software debugging and profiling
QuoteRef: cargTA12_1991 ;;Cargill, T.A., The case against multiple inheritance in C++
QuoteRef: carlBD6_2006 ;;Carlstrom, B.D. et al., The ATOMOS transactional programming language
QuoteRef: carlPA_1988 ;;Carlson, P.A., Hypertext: A way of incorporating user feedback into online documentation
QuoteRef: carlS2_1991 ;;Carlsson, S. et al., A new compacting garbage-collection algorithm with a good average-case performance
QuoteRef: carnR_1931 ;;Carnap, R., The logicist foundations of mathematics
QuoteRef: carrJ4_2001 ;;Carroll, J., What the old can teach the young
QuoteRef: carrJM4_1982 ;;Carroll, J.M., Thomas, J.C., Metaphor and the cognitive representation of computing systems
QuoteRef: carrJM11_1982 ;;Carroll, J.M., The adventure of getting to know a computer
QuoteRef: carrJM8_1984 ;;Carroll, J.M., Carrithers, C., Training wheels in a user interface
QuoteRef: carrJM10_1986 ;;Carroll, J.M., Campbell, R.L., Softening up hard science: reply to Newell and Card
QuoteRef: carrJM_1987 ;;Carroll, J.M., Rosson, M.B., Paradox of the active user
QuoteRef: carrJM9_1988 ;;Carroll, J.M., Aaronson, A.P., Learning by doing with simulated intelligent help
QuoteRef: carrJM_1990 ;;Carroll, J.M., The Nurnberg Funnel: Designing minimalist instruction for practical computer skill
QuoteRef: carrJW_1985 ;;Carr, J.W. III, The future of programming languages
QuoteRef: carrN4_1989 ;;Carriero, N., Gelernter, D., Linda in context
QuoteRef: cartDG1_1990 ;;Carta, D.G., Two fast implementations of the "minimal standard" random number generator
QuoteRef: cartJL_1979 ;;Carter, J.L., Wegman, M.N., Universal classes of hash functions
QuoteRef: cartL5_1978 ;;Carter, L. et al., Exact and approximate membership testers
QuoteRef: cartR1_1985 ;;Cartwright, R., Types as intervals
QuoteRef: cartWC_1978 ;;Carter, W.C. et al., Microprogram verification considered necessary
QuoteRef: cashPM11_1979 ;;Cashman, P.M., MONSTR Version 1.0 User's Reference Manual
QuoteRef: cashPM1_1980 ;;Cashman, P.M., Holt, A_W., A communication-oriented approach to structuring the software maintenance environment
QuoteRef: cashPM11_1980 ;;Cashman, P.M. et al., Set Manipulation and working groups: A specification for proposed MONSTR services
QuoteRef: cashPM2_1985 ;;Cashman, P.M., An overview of XCP: A system for supporting coordinated work
QuoteRef: casiRJ9_1983 ;;Casimir, R.J., Collection of variables
QuoteRef: castJ10_2012 ;;Castanos, J. et al., On the benefits and pitfalls of extending a statically typed language JIT compiler for dynamic scripting languages
QuoteRef: castM3_2008 ;;Castro, M. et al., Better bug reporting with better privacy
QuoteRef: cavaM8_2014 ;;Cavage, M., Pacheco, D., Bringing arbitrary compute to authoritative data
QuoteRef: cbb_1973 ;;Barber, C.B., from notebooks 1973-1979 [OK]
QuoteRef: cbb_1980 ;;Barber, C.B., from notebooks 1980-1989 [OK]
QuoteRef: cbb_1990 ;;Barber, C.B., from notebooks, 1990-1999 [OK]
QuoteRef: cbb_2000 ;;Barber, C.B., from notebooks, 2000-2009 [OK]
QuoteRef: celkJ7_1981 ;;Celko, J., Letter to the editor.
QuoteRef: cellW11_2008 ;;Cellary, W., Content communities on the Internet
QuoteRef: cercN11_1985 ;;Cercone, N. et al., An interactive system for finding perfect hash functions
QuoteRef: cerfVG12_2018 ;;Cerf, V.G., Self-authenticating identifiers
QuoteRef: cerfVG6_2021 ;;Cerf, V.G., It came from outer space! [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: ceruPE3_1991 ;;Ceruzzi, P.E., When computers were human
QuoteRef: chaiGJ_1966 ;;Chaitin, G.J., On the length of programs for computing finite binary sequences
QuoteRef: chaiGJ_1970 ;;Chaitin, G.J., On the difficulty of computations
QuoteRef: chaiGJ5_1975 ;;Chaitin, G.J., Randomness and mathematical proof
QuoteRef: chaiGJ7_1975 ;;Chaitin, G.J., A theory of program size formally identical to information theory
QuoteRef: chaiGJ_1981 ;;Chaitin, G.J. et al., Register allocation via coloring
QuoteRef: chaiGJ6_1982 ;;Chaitin, G.J., Register allocation & spilling via graph coloring
QuoteRef: chaiGJ2_1986 ;;Chaitin, G.J., Register allocation and spilling via graph coloring
QuoteRef: chaiGJ_2001 ;;Chaitin, G.J., Exploring Randomness
QuoteRef: chakS8_1998 ;;Chakrabarti, S. et al., Mining the web's link structure
QuoteRef: chamB6_2016 ;;Chamith, B. et al., Living on the edge: rapid-toggling probes with cross-modification on x86
QuoteRef: chamB6_2017 ;;Chamith, B. et al., Instruction punning: lightweight instrumentation for x86-64
QuoteRef: chamC4_1995 ;;Chambers, C. et al., A framework for selective recompilation in the presence of complex intermodule dependencies
QuoteRef: chamDD_1971 ;;Chamberlin, D.D., The 'single-assignment' approach to parallel processing
QuoteRef: chamDD5_1974 ;;Chamberlin, D.D., Boyce, R.F., Sequel: a structured english query language
QuoteRef: chamS5_2016 ;;Chambi, S. et al., Better bitmap performance with Roaring bitmaps
QuoteRef: chanDW7_2007 ;;Chang, D.-W. et al., Kernel support for zero-loss Internet service restart
QuoteRef: chanE3_1978 ;;Chang, E. et al., Abstract data types in Euclid
QuoteRef: chanF6_2008 ;;Chang, F. et al., Bigtable: a distributed storage system for structured data
QuoteRef: chanJM_2000 ;;Chang, J.M., Daugherty, C.H., An efficient data structure for dynamic memory management
QuoteRef: chanKM7_1980 ;;Chandy, K.M., Misra, J., A simple model of distributed programs based on implementation-hiding and process autonomy
QuoteRef: chanRN_1974 ;;Chanon, R.N., On a measure of program structure
QuoteRef: chanSC7_1993 ;;Chang, S.C., Du, M.W., Diamond deque: a simple data structure for priority deques
QuoteRef: chanT8_2007 ;;Chandra, T. et al., Paxos made live -- An engineering perspective
QuoteRef: chanTM12_2016 ;;Chan, T.M., A simpler linear-time algorithm for intersecting two convex polyhedra in three dimensions
QuoteRef: chanYI9_1995 ;;Chang, Y.-I., Lee, C.-I., Climbing hashing for expandible files
QuoteRef: chanYI11_1999 ;;Chang, Y.-I. et al., Linear spiral hashing for expansible files
QuoteRef: chaoP1_2011 ;;Chaovalit, P. et al., Discrete wavelet transform-based time series analysis and mining
QuoteRef: chapA1_1965 ;;Chapanis, A., On the allocation of functions between men and machines
QuoteRef: chapA3_1973 ;;Chapanis, A., The communication of factual information through various channels
QuoteRef: chapA3_1975 ;;Chapanis, A., Interactive human communication
QuoteRef: chapA4_1977 ;;Chapanis, A. et al., Studies in interactive communication: II. The effects of four communication modes on the linguistic performance of teams during cooperative problem solving
QuoteRef: chapN10_1974 ;;Chapin, N., New format for flowcharts
QuoteRef: chapN5_1978 ;;Chapin, N., Denniston, S.P., Characteristics of a structured program
QuoteRef: chapPC8_2008 ;;Chapin, P.C. et al., Authorization in trust management: features and foundations
QuoteRef: charA5_2011 ;;Charland, A., Leroux, B., Mobile application development: web vs. native
QuoteRef: charD11_1987 ;;Charney, D., Comprehending non-linear text: The role of discourse cues and reading strategies
QuoteRef: charJ5_1997 ;;Charles, J., Snapshots from industry
QuoteRef: chauS1_2010 ;;Chaudhuri, S. et al., Continuity analysis of programs
QuoteRef: chavE9_2001 ;;Chavez, E. et al., Searching in metric spaces
QuoteRef: cheaAM9_2000 ;;Cheadle, A.M. et al., Non-stop Haskell
QuoteRef: cheaTE_1976 ;;Cheatham, T.E., Jr., Townley, J.A., A look at programming and programming systems
QuoteRef: cheaTE_1979 ;;Cheatham, T.E., Jr. et al., A system for program refinement
QuoteRef: checM3_2007 ;;Chechik, M. et al., Finding environmental guarantees
QuoteRef: chenH8_2002 ;;Chen, H. et al., Setuid demystified
QuoteRef: chenH5_2007 ;;Chen, H. et al., POLUS: A powerful live updating system
QuoteRef: chenH6_2020 ;;Chen, H. et al., A survey on Ethereum systems security: vulnerabilities, attacks, and defenses [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: chenJ9_2008 ;;Cheney, J., FLUX: functional updates for XML
QuoteRef: chenJ2_2020 ;;Chen, J. et al., A survey of compiler testing [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: chenJ5_2021 ;;Chen, J., He, F., Leveraging control flow knowledge in SMT solving of program verification [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: chenJC7_2004 ;;Chen, J.-C., Building a new sort function for a C library
QuoteRef: chenMD_1957 ;;Chenu, M.-D., La Theologie au Douzieme Siecle [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: chenPM9_1996 ;;Chen, P.M. et al., The Rio file cache: surviving operating system crashes
QuoteRef: chenPP3_1976 ;;Chen, P.P.-S., The entity-relationship model--toward a unified view of data
QuoteRef: chenPP_1977 ;;Chen, P.P., The entity-relationship model -- a basis for the enterprise view of data
QuoteRef: chenPP_1977b ;;Chen, P.P., The entity-relationship approach to logical data base design
QuoteRef: chenSK8_2001 ;;Chen, S.-K. et al., Reversible debugging using program instrumentation
QuoteRef: chenX3_2008 ;;Chen, X. et al., Overshadow: a virtualization-based approach to retrofitting protection in commodity operating systems
QuoteRef: chenY5_2002 ;;Chen, Y., Signature files and signature trees
QuoteRef: chenY10_2002 ;;Chen, Y. et al., Oblivious hashing: A stealthy software integrity verification strategy
QuoteRef: chenY9_2015 ;;Chen, Y. et al., Deterministic replay: A survey
QuoteRef: cherC5_1988 ;;Cherniak, C., Undebuggability and cognitive science
QuoteRef: cherDR_1976 ;;Cheriton, D.R., Man-machine interface design for timesharing systems
QuoteRef: cherDR2_1979 ;;Cheriton, D.R. et al., Thoth, a portable real-time operating system
QuoteRef: cherDR4_1984 ;;Cheriton, D.R., The V kernel: A software base for distributed systems
QuoteRef: cherDR5_1986 ;;Cheriton, D.R., Problem-oriented shared memory: A decentralized approach to distributed system design
QuoteRef: cherDR3_1988 ;;Cheriton, D.R., The V distributed system
QuoteRef: cherDR12_1993 ;;Cheriton, D.R., Skeen, D., Understanding the limitations of causally and totally ordered communication
QuoteRef: cherS4_2020 ;;Cherubin, S., Agosta, G., Tools for reduced precision computation: a survey [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: cherV7_1978 ;;Cherniavsky, V., Konrad, E., On limitations for algorithmic modeling or intelligent activities.
QuoteRef: chesS9_2010 ;;Chessin, S., Injecting errors for fun and profit
QuoteRef: chiL10_2016 ;;Chi, L., Zhu, X., Hashing techniques: a survey and taxonomy
QuoteRef: chieSY9_2001 ;;Chien, S.-Y. et al., Efficient management of multiversion documents by object referencing
QuoteRef: chilTM10_1998 ;;Chilimbi, T.M., Larus, J.R., Using generational garbage collection to implement cache- conscious data placement
QuoteRef: chilTM12_2000 ;;Chilimbi, T.M. et al., Making pointer-based data structures cache conscious
QuoteRef: chilTM10_2004 ;;Chilimbi, T.M., Hauswirth, M., Low-overhead memory leak detection using adaptive statistical profiling
QuoteRef: chilTM10_2006 ;;Chilimbi, T.,M., Ganapathy, V., HeapMD: Identifying heap-based bugs using anomaly detection
QuoteRef: chinRS3_1991 ;;Chin, R.S., Chanson, S.T., Distributed object-based programming systems
QuoteRef: chisD3_2015 ;;Chisnall, D. et al., Beyond the PDP-11: Architectural support for a memory-safe C abstract machine
QuoteRef: chisD7_2018 ;;Chisnall, D., C is not a low-level language
QuoteRef: chiuTC3_1999 ;;Chiueh, T.-C. et al., Intra-address space protection using segmentation hardware
QuoteRef: choCK_1987 ;;Cho, C.-K., Quality Programming. Developing and testing software with statistical quality control
QuoteRef: chocGV12_2001 ;;Chockler, G.V. et al., Group communication specifications: a comprehensive survey
QuoteRef: chomN9_1956 ;;Chomsky, N., Three models for the description of language
QuoteRef: chomN_1965 ;;Chomsky, N., Aspects of the theory of syntax
QuoteRef: chomN1_2005 ;;Chomsky, N., Three factors in language design
QuoteRef: chopS8_2010 ;;Chopra, S., Viewpoint: Rights for autonomous artificial agents?
QuoteRef: chouA11_2000 ;;Chou, A. et al., Using meta-level compilation to check FLASH protocol code
QuoteRef: chouY7_1985 ;;Choueka, Y., Lusignan, S., Disambiguation by short contexts
QuoteRef: chowFC10_1990 ;;Chow, F.C., Hennessy, J.L., The priority-based coloring approach to register allocation
QuoteRef: chowTS_1978 ;;Chow, T.S., Analysis of software design modeled by multiple finite state machines
QuoteRef: chriC8_1966 ;;Christensen, C., On the implementation of AMBIT, a language for symbol manipulation
QuoteRef: chriMH10_2008 ;;Christiansen, M.H., Chater, N., Language as shaped by the brain
QuoteRef: chriMH1_2016 ;;Christiasen, M.H., Chater, N., The now-or-never bottleneck: A fundamental constraint on language
QuoteRef: chriTW2_2002 ;;Christopher, T.W., What should be in a parallel library
QuoteRef: chunYC1_2000 ;;Chung, Y.C. et al., Reducing sweep time for a nearly empty heap
QuoteRef: churA_1936 ;;Church, A., An unsolvable problem of elementary number theory
QuoteRef: churA_1951 ;;Church, A., The need for abstract entities
QuoteRef: churK2_2014 ;;Church, K. et al., A large-scale study of daily information needs captured in situ
QuoteRef: churPM1_1990 ;;Churchland, P.M., Churchland, P.S., Could a machine think?
QuoteRef: ciacP4_1993 ;;Ciaccia, P., Zezula, P., Estimating accesses in partitioned signature file organizations
QuoteRef: ciapE1_1999 ;;Ciapessoni, E., et al, From formal methods to formally based methods: an industrial experience
QuoteRef: cinkMJ5_1991 ;;Cinkosky, M.J. et al., Electronic data publishing and GenBank
QuoteRef: cipoJ11_1982 ;;Cipolla, J., Computer implementation the utility of defining utility
QuoteRef: ciurMG9_2001 ;;Ciura, M.G., Deorowicz, S., How to squeeze a lexicon
QuoteRef: claeK9_2000 ;;Claessen, K., Hughes, J., QuickCheck: a lightweight tool for random testing of Haskell programs
QuoteRef: clanC1_2004 ;;Clanet, C. et al., Secrets of successful stone-skipping
QuoteRef: clanWJ1_1987 ;;Clancey, W.J., Review of Understanding Computers and Cognition
QuoteRef: clarBL9_1973 ;;Clark, B.L., Horning, J.J., Reflections on a language designed to write an operating system
QuoteRef: clarCL5_1997 ;;Clarke, C.L.A., Cormack, G.V., On the use of regular expressions for searching text
QuoteRef: clarDD8_1988 ;;Clark, D.D., The design philosophy of the DARPA Internet protocols
QuoteRef: clarDD12_1995 ;;Clark,D.D., The structuring of systems using upcalls
QuoteRef: clarDG10_1998 ;;Clarke, D.G. et al., Ownership types for flexible alias protection
QuoteRef: clarEM1_1979 ;;Clarke, E.M., Jr., Programming language constructs for which it is impossible to obtain good Hoare axiom systems
QuoteRef: clarEM11_2009 ;;Clarke, E.M. et al., Model checking: algorithmic verification and debugging
QuoteRef: clarIA_1978 ;;Clark, I.A., A second look at macros in command-driven systems
QuoteRef: clarKL9_1993 ;;Clarkson, K.L. et al., Four results on randomized incremental constructions [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: clarLA8_1983 ;;Clarke, L.A., Richardson, D.J., The application of error-sensitive testing strategies to debugging
QuoteRef: clarS11_1999 ;;Clarke, S. et al., Subject-oriented design: towards improved alignment of requirements, design and code.
QuoteRef: clayR4_1978 ;;Clayton, R., letter to the editor
QuoteRef: cleaJC_1975 ;;Cleaveland, J.C., Meaning and syntactic redundancy
QuoteRef: cleaJC_1986 ;;Cleaveland, J.C., An introduction to data types
QuoteRef: cleaJG4_1984 ;;Cleary, J.G., Witten, I.H., Data compression using adaptive coding and partial string matching
QuoteRef: clebS10_2013 ;;Clebsch, S., Drossopoulou, S., Fully concurrent garbage collection of actors on many-core machines
QuoteRef: clemAT8_2017 ;;Clements, A. et al., The scalable commutativity rule: designing scalable software for multicore processors
QuoteRef: clevC4_1984 ;;Cleverdon, C., Optimizing convenient online access to bibliographic databases
QuoteRef: clicC3_1995 ;;Click, C., Cooper, K.D., Combining analyses, combining optimizations
QuoteRef: clifC9_1988 ;;Clifton, C. et al., The design of a document database
QuoteRef: clifC2_1989 ;;Clifton, C., Garcia-Molina, H., Indexing in a hypertext database
QuoteRef: clinWD6_1990 ;;Clinger, W.D., How to read floating point numbers accurately
QuoteRef: clouMJ7_1983 ;;Cloutier, M.J., Friedman, M.J., Precision averaging for real-time analysis
QuoteRef: coatA7_2009 ;;Coates, A. et al., Apprenticeship learning for helicopter control
QuoteRef: cobbRH11_1990 ;;Cobb, R.H., Mills, H.D., Engineering software under statistical quality control
QuoteRef: cochL_1994 ;;Cochrane, L., Adelard of Bath. The first English scientist [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: cockA11_2002 ;;Cockburn, A. et al., Pushing back: evaluating a new behaviour for the back and forward buttons in web browsers
QuoteRef: cockA3_2008 ;;Cockburn, A., [Counterpoint] Subjective quality counts in software development
QuoteRef: cockJ4_1970 ;;Cocke, J., Schwartz, J.T., Programming languages and their compilers, Preliminary Notes
QuoteRef: coddEF6_1970 ;;Codd, E.F., A relational model of data for large shared data banks
QuoteRef: coddEF5_1971 ;;Codd, E.F., Further normalization of the data base relational model
QuoteRef: coddEF12_1979 ;;Codd, E.F., Extending the database relational model to capture more meaning
QuoteRef: coddEF2_1982 ;;Codd, E.F., Relational database: A practical foundation for productivity
QuoteRef: coddEF_1990 ;;Codd, E.F., The relational model for database management: version 2
QuoteRef: coeMD_1992 ;;Coe, M.D., Breaking the Maya Code
QuoteRef: coheD_2004 ;;Cohen-Steiner, D. et al., Conforming Delaunay triangulations in 3D
QuoteRef: coheJ1_1972 ;;Cohen, J. et al., A confirmation of the inertial-effect in sequential choice and decision
QuoteRef: coheJD7_1997 ;;Cohen, J.D., Recursive hashing functions for n-grams
QuoteRef: coheJD12_1998 ;;Cohen, J.D., An n-gram hash and skip algorithm for finding large numbers of keywords in continuous text streams
QuoteRef: coheNH10_1991 ;;Cohen, N.H., Technical correspondence: Type-extension type tests can be performed in constant time
QuoteRef: coheS4_1974 ;;Cohen, S., Speakeasy, an evolutionary system
QuoteRef: cokeR11_2004 ;;Coker, R., What is security-enhanced Linux?
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QuoteRef: colbKM12_1981 ;;Colby, K.M., Modeling a paranoid mind
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QuoteRef: collC1_1999 ;;Collberg, C., Thomborson, C., Software watermarking: models and dynamic embeddings
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QuoteRef: colwRP_2006 ;;Colwell, R.P., The Pentium Chronicles
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QuoteRef: conkJ9_1987 ;;Conklin, J., Hypertext: an introduction and survey
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QuoteRef: controleng ;;no author, Control Engineering
QuoteRef: conwME7_1963 ;;Conway, M.E., Design of a separable transition-diagram compiler
QuoteRef: conwME11_1963 ;;Conway, M.E., A multiprocessor system design
QuoteRef: cookB1_2007 ;;Cook, B. et al., Proving that programs eventually do something good
QuoteRef: cookB5_2011 ;;Cook, B. et al., Proving program termination
QuoteRef: cookCR11_1980 ;;Cook, C.R., Kim, D.J., Best sorting algorithm for nearly sorted lists
QuoteRef: cookDE9_2009 ;;Cooke, D.E., Rushton, J.N., Taking Parnas's principles to the next level: declarative language design
QuoteRef: cookRP3_1982 ;;Cook, R.P., Donde, N., An experiment to improve operand addressing
QuoteRef: cookRP11_1986 ;;Cook, R.P., Modula-2 experiments will help future language designs
QuoteRef: cookWR5_1990 ;;Cook, W.R., Object-oriented programming versus abstract data types
QuoteRef: coonEE1_2010 ;;Coons, K.E. et al., GAMBIT: Effective unit testing for concurrency libraries
QuoteRef: coopKD_2001 ;;Cooper, K.D. et al., A simple, fast dominance algorithm
QuoteRef: coopKD9_2001 ;;Cooper, K.D. et al., Operator strength reduction
QuoteRef: coopN6_2007 ;;Cooprider, N., Regehr, J., Offline compression for on-chip RAM
QuoteRef: coopRG4_1982 ;;Cooper, R.G. Jr. et al., A human-factors case study based on the IBM personal computer
QuoteRef: copeBJ_1999 ;;Copeland, B.J., Furukawa, K., A lecture and two radio broadcasts on machine intelligence by Alan Turing
QuoteRef: copeBJ10_2000 ;;Copeland, B.J., Proudfoot, D., What Turing did after he invented the universal turing machine
QuoteRef: copeBJ_2017 ;;Copeland, B.J., Long, J., Turing and the history of computer music [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: copeG3_1980 ;;Copeland, G., What if mass storage where free?
QuoteRef: copeGP5_1985 ;;Copeland, G.P., Khoshafian, S.N., A decomposition storage model
QuoteRef: copeN6_1524 ;;Copernici, Nicolai, Letter against Werner
QuoteRef: copeN_1535 ;;Copernici, Nicolai, Nicolai Copernici de hypothesibus motuum caelestium a se constitutus commentariolus
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