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QuoteRef: earlJ2_1970 ;;Earley, J., An efficient context-free parsing algorithm
QuoteRef: earlJ10_1971 ;;Earley, J., Toward an understanding of data structures
QuoteRef: earlJ4_1974 ;;Earley, J., High level operations in automatic programming
QuoteRef: eastCM1_1988 ;;Eastman, C.M., Paired comments on parallel querying [letter to the editor in support of Stone, H.S., "Parallel Querying of large databases"]
QuoteRef: eastI4_2003 ;;East, I., The Honeysuckle programming language: an overview
QuoteRef: eckeJP8_1946 ;;Eckert, J.P. Jr., Reliability and Checking
QuoteRef: eckhDE7_1991 ;;Eckhardt, D.E. et al., An experimental evaluation of software redundancy as a strategy for improving reliability
QuoteRef: edalA8_2001 ;;Edalat, A. et al., The convex hull in a new model of computation
QuoteRef: edgaAD3_1979 ;;Edgar, A.D., Lee, S.C., FOCUS microcomputer number system
QuoteRef: edmoJ5_1999 ;;Edmonds, J., Scheduling in the dark
QuoteRef: edmuMG7_2011 ;;Edmunds, M.G., Freeth, T., Using computation to decode the first known computer
QuoteRef: edwaJ10_2005 ;;Subtext: uncovering the simplicity of programming, OOPSLA'05 Conference Proceedings. 20th Annual ACM Conference on Object-Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages, and Applications
QuoteRef: edwaJ10_2007 ;;Edwards, J., No ifs, ands, or buts. Uncovering the simplicity of conditionals
QuoteRef: edwaSH2_1997 ;;Edwards, S.H., Representation inheritance: a safe form of "white box" code inheritance
QuoteRef: edwaWK10_1997 ;;Edwards, W.K. et al., Designing and implementing asynchronous collaborative applications with Bayou
QuoteRef: efeK11_1987 ;;Efe, K., A proposed solution to the problem of levels in error-message generation
QuoteRef: effiL10_2012 ;;Effinger-Dean, L. et al., IFRit: Interference-free regions for dynamic data-race detection
QuoteRef: eganDE5_1989 ;;Egan, D.E. et al., Behavioral evaluation and analysis of a hypertext browser
QuoteRef: egelM2_2012 ;;Egele, M. et al., A survey on automated dynamic malware-analysis techniques and tools
QuoteRef: eggePR4_2005 ;;Eggert, P.R., Parker, D.S., Perturbing and evaluating numerical programs without recompilation--the
QuoteRef: eickSG1_2001 ;;Eick, S.G. et al., Does code decay? Assessing the evidence from change management data
QuoteRef: eickSG4_2002 ;;Eick, S.G. et al., Visualizing software changes
QuoteRef: einbJM1_1988 ;;Einbu, J.M., An architectural approach to improved program maintainability
QuoteRef: einiO8_2011 ;;Eini, O., The pain of implementing LINQ providers
QuoteRef: einsA_1905b ;;Einstein, A., Ist die tragheit eines korpers von seinem energiegehalt abhangig?
QuoteRef: einsA3_1905 ;;Einstein, A..T On a heuristic point of view concerning the production and transformation of light, Annalen der Physik
QuoteRef: einsA4_1905 ;;Einstein, A., A new determination of molecular dimensions
QuoteRef: einsA5_1905 ;;Einstein, A..T On the motion of small particles suspended in liquids at rest required by the molecular-kinetic theory of heat, Annalen der Physik
QuoteRef: einsA9_1905 ;;Einstein, A., Zur Elektrodynamik bewegter Korper
QuoteRef: einsA_1910 ;;Einstein, A., The principle of relativity and its consequences in modern physics
QuoteRef: einsA_1911 ;;Einstein, A., Uber den einfluss der schwerkraft auf die ausbreitung des lichtes
QuoteRef: einsA1_1911 ;;Einstein, A., The theory of relativity, a lecture at the meeting of the Zurich Naturforschende Gesellschaft
QuoteRef: einsA10_1913 ;;Einstein, A., Die relativitatstheorie
QuoteRef: einsA_1916 ;;Einstein, A., Die grundlage der allgemeinen relativitatstheorie
QuoteRef: einsA_1916b ;;Einstein, A., Relativity: The special and the general theory
QuoteRef: einsA1_1921 ;;Einstein, A., Geometrie und Erfahrung
QuoteRef: einsA_1923 ;;Einstein, A., Geometry and Experience
QuoteRef: einsA_1926 ;;Einstein, A., Space-Time
QuoteRef: einsA1_1926 ;;Einstein, A., The cause of the formation of meanders in the courses of rivers and the so-called Baer's law
QuoteRef: einsA_1930 ;;Einstein, A., Raum, aether und feld in der physik
QuoteRef: einsA11_1930 ;;Einstein, A., Johannes Kepler
QuoteRef: einsA_1934 ;;Einstein, A., Mein Weltbild
QuoteRef: einsA5_1935 ;;Einstein, A. et al., Can quantum-mechanical description of physical reality be considered complete?
QuoteRef: einsA3_1936 ;;Einstein, A., Physics and reality
QuoteRef: einsA5_1940 ;;Einstein, A., The fundaments of theoretical physics
QuoteRef: einsA_1941 ;;Einstein, A., Science, Philosophy and Religion, A symposium
QuoteRef: einsA_1949 ;;Einstein, A., Autobiographical notes
QuoteRef: einsA4_1950 ;;Einstein, A., On the generalized theory of gravitation
QuoteRef: einsA_1956 ;;Einstein, A., The Meaning of Relativity [OK]
QuoteRef: eiseM4_1995 ;;Eisenberg, M., Programmable applications, interpreter meets interface
QuoteRef: elcoEW_1971 ;;Elcock, E.W. et al., Abset, a programming language based on sets: Motivation and examples
QuoteRef: elieJE5_1998 ;;Elien, J.-E., Certificate discovery using SPKI/SDSI 2.0 certificates
QuoteRef: elliC9_1999 ;;Ellison, C. et al., SPKI certificate theory
QuoteRef: elliC2_2000 ;;Ellison, C., Schneier, B., Risks of PKI: E-commerce
QuoteRef: elliCM7_1996 ;;Ellison, C.M., Establishing identity without certification authorities
QuoteRef: elliCM4_2000 ;;Ellison, C.M., Naming and certificates [ExtraQuote]
QuoteRef: elliMT_1971 ;;Ellis, M.T., The dialect concept in ATE language design
QuoteRef: elmaN6_1996 ;;El-Mabrouk, N., Crochemore, M., Boyer-Moore strategy to efficient approximate string matching
QuoteRef: elmaT11_2010 ;;Elmas, T. et al., Goldilocks: a race-aware Java runtime
QuoteRef: elnoEN9_2002 ;;Elnozahy, E.N. et al., A survey of rollback-recovery protocols in message-passing systems
QuoteRef: elshJL1_1991 ;;Elshoff, J.L., Marcotty, M., MicroTool: an environment for programming microprocessors
QuoteRef: elsoM3_1970 ;;Elson, M., Rake, S.T., Code-generation techniques for large language compilers
QuoteRef: elsoM_1973 ;;Elson, M., Concepts of Programming Languages
QuoteRef: elspB6_1972 ;;Elspas, B. et al., An assessment of techniques for proving program correctness
QuoteRef: elwaK6_2013 ;;ElWazeer, K. et al., Scalable variable and data type detection in a binary rewriter
QuoteRef: emamKE7_2001 ;;Emam, K.E. et al., The confounding effect of class size on the validity of object-oriented metrics
QuoteRef: emmiM1_2007 ;;Emmi, M. et al., Lock allocation
QuoteRef: endrG_2003 ;;Endress, G., Mathematics and philosophy in medieval Islam [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: engbJ5_1999 ;;Engblom, J., Why SpecInt95 should not be used to benchmark embedded systems tools
QuoteRef: engeDC_1963 ;;Engelbart, D.C., A conceptual framework for the augmentation of man's intellect
QuoteRef: englD10_2001 ;;Engler, D. et al., Bugs as deviant behavior: a general approach to inferring errors in systems code
QuoteRef: englDR12_1995 ;;Engler, D.R. et al., Exokernel: an operating system architecture for application- level resource management
QuoteRef: englP7_2003 ;;England, P. et al., A trusted open platform
QuoteRef: englWK3_1967 ;;English, W.K. et al., Display selection techniques for text manipulation
QuoteRef: eomY2_2012 ;;hun Eom, Y. et al., DOJ: Dynamically parallelizing object-oriented programs
QuoteRef: ephrA1_1982 ;;Ephremides, A., Mowafi, O.A., Analysis of a hybrid access scheme for buffered users-probabilistic time division
QuoteRef: epic_300 ;;Epicurus
QuoteRef: eppsD6_2005 ;;Eppstein, D. et al., The skip quadtree: a simple dynamic data structure for multidimensional data
QuoteRef: erbaA12_2012 ;;Erbad, A., Krasic, C., Sender-side buffers and the case for multimedia adaptation
QuoteRef: erdwS10_2015 ;;Erdweg, S. et al., A sound and optimal incremental build system and dynamic dependencies
QuoteRef: ernsE1_2017 ;;Ernst, E. et al., Message safety in Dart
QuoteRef: ernsJ6_1997 ;;Ernst, J. et al., Code compression
QuoteRef: ertlMA8_2001 ;;Ertl, M.A., Gregg, D., The behavior of efficient virtual machine interpreters on modern architectures
QuoteRef: erxlF10_2014 ;;Erxleben, F. et al., Introducing Wikidata to the linked data web
QuoteRef: esmaH7_2012 ;;Esmaelizadeh, H. et al., Looking back and looking forward: power, performance, and upheaval
QuoteRef: esteC6_2014 ;;Estebanez, C. et al., Performance of the most common non-cryptographic hash functions
QuoteRef: ettlG1_1975 ;;Ettlinger, G. et al., The seventeenth international symposium of neuropsychology
QuoteRef: ettrM_2005 ;;Ettrich, M., Designing Qt-style C++ APIs [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: eucl_300 ;;Euclid, Euclid's Elements [OK]
QuoteRef: eugsPT6_2003 ;;Eugster, P.T. et al., The many faces of publish/subscribe
QuoteRef: eugsPT5_2004 ;;Eugster, P.T. et al., Epidemic information dissemination in distributed systems
QuoteRef: euri_425 ;;Euripides, Hecuba
QuoteRef: evanD1_2002 ;;Evans, D., Larochelle, D., Improving security using extensible lightweight static analysis
QuoteRef: evanG_1973 ;;Evans, G., The causal theory of names
QuoteRef: evanGR7_1977 ;;Evans, G.R., From abacus to algorism: theory and practice in medieval arithmetic
QuoteRef: evanWS6_2001 ;;Evans, W.S., Fraser, C.W., Bytecode compression via profiled grammar rewriting
QuoteRef: evanWS8_2003 ;;Evans, W.S., Fraser, C.W., Grammar-based compression of interpreted code
QuoteRef: everD4_2010 ;;Everett, D., The Piraha: people who define happiness without god
QuoteRef: everD_2017 ;;Everett, D., How Language Began: The Story of Humanity's Greatest Invention
QuoteRef: everDL8_2005 ;;Everett, D.L., Cultural constraints on grammar and cognition in Piraha
QuoteRef: everDL_2008 ;;Everett, D.L., Don't Sleep, There Are Snakes: Life and Language in the Amazonian Jungle
QuoteRef: ewics7_1981 ;;Technical Committee 1 of the European Workshop on Industrial computer systems, and Inter. Purdue Workshop on Industrial computer systems., Draft Standard, Industrial Real-time FORTRAN, definition of procedures for the application of FORTRAN for the control of industrial processes.
QuoteRef: ewinJ1_1986 ;;Ewing, J. et al., An experimental comparison of a mouse and arrow-jump keys for an interactive encyclopedia
QuoteRef: ewinMS9_1974 ;;Ewing, M.S., The Caltech FORTH manual
QuoteRef: eyleD_2017 ;;Eyles, D., Sunburst and Luminary: An Apollo Memoir [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: fagaJF5_2007 ;;Fagan, J.F. et al., The prediction, from infancy, of adult IQ and achievement
QuoteRef: fagaME3_1976 ;;Fagan, M.E., Design and code inspections to reduce errors in program development
QuoteRef: fagiR9_1979 ;;Fagin, R. et al., Extendible hashing--a fast access method for dynamic files
QuoteRef: fahnM11_2003 ;;Fahndrich, M., Leino, K.R.M., Declaring and checking non-null types in an object-oriented language
QuoteRef: fairRA12_1969 ;;Fairthorne, R.A., Empirical hyperbolic distributions (Bradford-Zipf-Mandelbrot) for bibliometric description and prediction
QuoteRef: fairRE7_1979 ;;Fairley, R.E., ALLADDIN: Assembly language assertion driven debugging interpreter
QuoteRef: fairRE_1985 ;;Fairley, R.E., Software Engineering Concepts
QuoteRef: falkAD8_1978 ;;Falkoff, A.D., The evolution of APL
QuoteRef: faloC7_1987 ;;Faloutsos, C., Christodoulakis, S., Description and performance analysis of signature file methods for office filing
QuoteRef: faloC_1988 ;;Faloutsos, C., Signature files: An integrated access method for text and attributes, suitable for optical disk storage
QuoteRef: faloC9_1988 ;;Faloutsos, C., Chan, R., Fast text access methods for optical and large magnetic disks: designs and performance comparison
QuoteRef: faraM_1839 ;;Faraday, M., Experimental Researches in Electricity [OK]
QuoteRef: faraM_1844 ;;Faraday, M., Experimental Researches in Electricity [OK]
QuoteRef: faraM_1855 ;;Faraday, M., Experimental Researches in Electricity [OK]
QuoteRef: farbDJ1_1964 ;;Farber, D.J. et al., SNOBOL, a string manipulation language
QuoteRef: farcE6_2005 ;;Farcas, E. et al., Transparent distribution of real-time components based on logical execution time
QuoteRef: farnC7_1988 ;;Farnum, C., Compiler support for floating-point computation
QuoteRef: faroS2_2013 ;;Faro, S., Lecroq, T., The exact online string matching problem: a review of the most recent results
QuoteRef: faroS5_2020 ;;Farooqi, S. et al., Measuring and mitigating OAuth access token abuse by collusion networks [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: faulSR3_1988 ;;Faulk, S.R., Parnas, D.L., On synchronization in hard-real-time systems
QuoteRef: fedaA3_1997 ;;Fedanzo, A., Distributed systems registry [Letter to the editor]
QuoteRef: fehrE4_1983 ;;Fehr, E., The "Simplest Functional Programming Language" is neither simple nor functional
QuoteRef: feiS7_2021 ;;Fei, S. et al., Security vulnerabilities of SGX and countermeasures: a survey [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: feigEA5_1996 ;;Feigenbaum, E.A., How the "what" becomes the "how"
QuoteRef: feinS1_1982 ;;Feiner, S. et al., An experimental system for creating and presenting interactive graphical documents
QuoteRef: feinS3_1988 ;;Feiner, S., Seeing the forest for the trees: hierarchical display of hypertext structure
QuoteRef: feinTE_2016 ;;Feinberg, T.E., Mallatt, J.M., The Ancient Origins of Consciousness. How the Brain Created Experience
QuoteRef: feitAM2_2021 ;;Feit, A.M. et al., AZERTY ameliore: Computational design on a national scale [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: fekeJD5_1999 ;;Fekete, J.-D., Plaisant, C., Excentric labeling: dynamic neighborhood labeling for data visualization
QuoteRef: feldDC8_1989 ;;Feldmeier, D.C., Karn, P.R., UNIX password security--Ten years later
QuoteRef: feldJ2_1968 ;;Feldman, J., Gries, D., Translator writing systems
QuoteRef: feldJA8_1969 ;;Feldman, J.A., Rovner, P.D., An Algol-based associative language
QuoteRef: feldM7_2020 ;;Feldmann, M. et al., Survey on algorithms for self-stabilizing overlay networks [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: feldMS12_1986 ;;Feldman, M.S., Constraints on communication and electronic mail
QuoteRef: feldS_1990 ;;Feldman, S., Gentleman, W.M., Portability--A no longer solved problem
QuoteRef: feldSI4_1979 ;;Feldman, S.I., Make--A program for maintaining computer programs
QuoteRef: fellM3_2018 ;;Felleisen, M. et al., A programmable programming language
QuoteRef: fengM2_2011 ;;Feng, M. et al., SpiceC: Scalable parallelism via implicit copying and explicit commit
QuoteRef: fensW10_2017 ;;Fenske, W., How preprocessor annotations (do not) affect maintainability: a case study on change-proneness
QuoteRef: fenwP4_1998 ;;Fenwick, P., Symbol ranking text compressors: review and implementation
QuoteRef: fenwP7_2001 ;;Fenwick, P., Fast string matching for multiple searches
QuoteRef: fenwP7_2001a ;;Fenwick, P., Some perils of performance prediction: a case study on pattern matching
QuoteRef: fenwP11_2002 ;;Fenwick, P., Burrows-Wheeler compression with variable length integer codes
QuoteRef: fergN11_2003 ;;Fergusan, N., Schneier, B., Helix: fast encryption and authentication
QuoteRef: fernM10_1999 ;;Fernandez, M. et al., Declarative specification of data-intensive web sites
QuoteRef: ferr8_1952 ;;Ferranti, The Manchester Universal Electronic Computer [advertising brochure]
QuoteRef: ferrG_2003 ;;Ferry, G., A Computer Called LEO
QuoteRef: ferrJ7_1987 ;;Ferrante, J. et al., The program dependence graph and its use in optimization
QuoteRef: ferrP1_1995 ;;Ferragina, P., Grossi, R., Fast incremental text editing
QuoteRef: ferrT9_1982 ;;Ferris, T., Physics' newest frontier
QuoteRef: fetzJH_1988 ;;Fetzer, J.H., Signs and minds: An introduction to the theory of semiotic systems
QuoteRef: fetzJH_1991 ;;Fetzer, J.H., Primitive concepts: Habits, conventions, and laws
QuoteRef: feynR12_1959 ;;Feynman, R., There's plenty of room at the bottom (transcript from the Annual Meeting of the American Physical Society of the California Institute of Technology, December 29, 1959)
QuoteRef: feynR_1965 ;;Feynman, R., The Character of Physical Law
QuoteRef: feynRP6_1956 ;;Feynman, R.P., The relation of science and religion
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QuoteRef: feynRP_1963x ;;Feynman, R.P. et al., The Feynman Lectures on Physics, mainly mechanics, radiation, and heat
QuoteRef: feynRP11_1963 ;;Feynman, R.P., "The problem of teaching physics in Latin America", Transcript of keynote speech given at the First Inter-American Conference on Physics Education in Rio de Janeiro
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QuoteRef: feynRP_1965 ;;Feynman, R.P. et al., The Feynman Lectures on Physics, Quantum Mechanics
QuoteRef: feynRP9_1969 ;;Feynman, R.P., What is Science?
QuoteRef: feynRP_1974 ;;Feynman, R.P., Cargo cult science: The 1974 Caltech commencement address
QuoteRef: feynRP_1985 ;;Feynman, R.P., QED. The strange theory of light and matter
QuoteRef: fialER4_1989 ;;Fiala, E.R., Greene, D.H., Data compression with finite windows
QuoteRef: fielRT5_2002 ;;Fielding, R.T., Taylor, R.N., Principled design of the modern web architecture
QuoteRef: filmRE_1982 ;;Filman, R.E., Friedman, D.P., Models, languages, and heuristics for distributed computing
QuoteRef: finkRA_1986 ;;Finkel, R.A., An Operating Systems Vade Mecum
QuoteRef: fiscG5_1989 ;;Fischer, G. et al., Design environments for constructive and argumentative design
QuoteRef: fiscMJ4_1985 ;;Fischer, M.J. et al., Impossibility of distributed consensus with one faulty process
QuoteRef: fishG7_1987 ;;Fischer, G., Cognitive view of reuse and redesign
QuoteRef: fishGS1_1986 ;;Fishman, G.S., Moore, L.R., III, An exhaustive analysis of multiplicative congruential random number generators with modulus 2^31-1
QuoteRef: fishJ10_1978 ;;Fishbeck, J., Writing P-I-D control loops easily in BASIC
QuoteRef: fishJA10_1992 ;;Fisher, J.A., Freudenberger, S.M., Predicting conditional branch directions from previous runs of a program
QuoteRef: fishK6_2005 ;;Fisher, K., Gruber, R., PADS: a domain-specific language for processing ad hoc data
QuoteRef: fishK1_2008 ;;Fisher, K. et al., From dirt to shovels. Fully automatic tool generation from ad hoc data
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QuoteRef: fishRS3_1988 ;;Fish, R.S. et al., Quilt: a collaborative tool for cooperative writing
QuoteRef: fishS5_2005 ;;Fish, S., Devoid of Content
QuoteRef: fittPM6_1954 ;;Fitts, P.M., The information capacity of the human motor system in controlling the amplitude of movement
QuoteRef: flajP6_2007 ;;Flajolet, P. et al., HyperLogLog: the analysis of a near-optimal cardinality estimation algorithm
QuoteRef: flanC6_2000 ;;Flanagan, C., Freund, S.N., Type-based race detection for Java
QuoteRef: flanC6_2002 ;;Flanagan, C. et al., Extended static checking for Java
QuoteRef: flanC6_2003 ;;Flanagan, C., Qadeer, S., A type and effect system for atomicity
QuoteRef: flanC6_2009 ;;Flanagan, C., Freund, S.N., FastTrack: efficient and precise dynamic race detection
QuoteRef: flanC6_2010 ;;Flanagan, C., Freund, S.N., Adversarial memory for detecting destructive races
QuoteRef: flatM6_2004 ;;Flatt, M., Findler, R.B., Kill-safe synchronization abstractions
QuoteRef: flatM1_2016 ;;Flatt, M., Binding as sets of scopes
QuoteRef: fleiCM10_1997 ;;Fleiner, C.M., Philippsen, M., Fair multi-branch locking of several locks
QuoteRef: flonL9_1974 ;;Flon, L., A survey of some issues concerning abstract data types
QuoteRef: florAR1_1997 ;;Flora-Holmquist, A.R. et al., The virtual finite-state machine design and implementation paradigm
QuoteRef: florCF_1980 ;;Flores, C.F., Ludlow, J.J., Doing and speaking in the office
QuoteRef: florCF1_1982 ;;Flores, C.F., Chauncey, B., Guest Editorial
QuoteRef: florD11_2016 ;;Florencio, D. et al., Pushing the string: the 'don't care' region of password strength
QuoteRef: flowJH5_1992 ;;Flowers, J.H., Hauer, T.A., The ear's versus the eye's potential to assess characteristics of numeric data: Are we too visuocentric?
QuoteRef: floyC_1984 ;;Floyd, C., A systematic look at prototyping
QuoteRef: floyRW2_1964 ;;Floyd, R.W., Bounded context syntactic analysis [ExtraQuote]
QuoteRef: floyRW4_1966 ;;Floyd, R.W., Assigning meanings to programs
QuoteRef: floyRW8_1979 ;;Floyd, R.W., The paradigms of programming
QuoteRef: flurS1_2017 ;;Flur, S. et al., Mixed-size concurrency: ARM, POWER, C/C++11, and SC
QuoteRef: flynMJ9_1987 ;;Flynn, M.J. et al., An now a case for more complex instruction sets
QuoteRef: fodoJA_1987 ;;Fodor, J.A., Modules, frames, fridgeons, sleeping dogs, and the music of the spheres
QuoteRef: fogA_2004 ;;Fog, A., Optimizing software in C++. An optimization guide for Windows, Linux, and Mac platforms [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: folkM_2016 ;;Folkerts, M., Hughes, B., The Latin mathematics of medieval Europe [NewQuotes]
QuoteRef: fordB7_1978 ;;Ford, B., Parameterization of the environment for transportable numerical software
QuoteRef: fordJC9_1944 ;;Ford, J.C., The morality of obliteration bombing
QuoteRef: formIR9_1982 ;;Forman, I.R., Global Data flow analysis by decomposition into primes
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QuoteRef: fostN9_2011 ;;Foster, N. et al., Frenetic: A network programming language
QuoteRef: fousG10_2015 ;;Foust, G. et al., Generating reactive programs for graphical user interfaces with multi-way dataflow constraint system
QuoteRef: fowlG3_2012 ;;Fowler, G. et al., The FNV non-cryptographic hash algorithm [NewQuotes]
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QuoteRef: fowlM11_2001 ;;Fowler, M., To be explicit
QuoteRef: foxEA7_1991 ;;Fox, E.A. et al., Order-preserving minimal perfect hash functions and information retrieval
QuoteRef: franG4_2019 ;;de Francesco, G., The general data protection regulation's practical impact on software architecture
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QuoteRef: frasCW4_2006 ;;Fraser, C.W., An instruction for direct interpretation of LZ77-compressed programs
QuoteRef: frasK5_2007 ;;Fraser, K., Harris, T., Concurrent programming without locks
QuoteRef: frecM4_2015 ;;Frechtling, M., Leong, P.H.W., MCALIB: measuring sensitivity to rounding error with monte carlo programming
QuoteRef: fredK11_2005 ;;Fredriksson, K., Grabowski, S., Practical and optimal string matching
QuoteRef: fredK4_2016 ;;Fredriksson, K., Kilpelainen, P., Practically efficient array initialization
QuoteRef: fredML7_1999 ;;Fredman, M.L., On the efficiency of pairing heaps and related data structures
QuoteRef: freeAL2_1984 ;;Freedman, A.L., comment under General discussion
QuoteRef: freeBN1_1990 ;;Freeman-Benson, B.N. et al., An incremental constraint solver
QuoteRef: freeP_1976 ;;Freeman, P., Software reliability and design: a survey
QuoteRef: fregG_1879 ;;Frege, G., Begriffschrift, a formula language, modeled upon that of arithmetic, for pure thought
QuoteRef: fregG_1884 ;;Frege, G., Die Grundlagen der Arithmetik
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QuoteRef: freiFC1_2011 ;;Freiling, F.C. et al., The failure detector abstraction
QuoteRef: freiP4_2000 ;;Frei, P. et al., curlybot: Designing a new class of computational toys
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