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computer science
philosophy of mathematics
chaotic behavior
empirical truth
history of science
law of nature
scientific method

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Subtopic: importance of science up

Quote: science should allow people to use the great record of human experience, before weapons destroy us [bushV7_1945]
Quote: we know little; with greater knowledge we might rid ourselves of an infinity of maladies, perhaps even the enfeeblement of old age [descR_1637]

Subtopic: teaching science up

Quote: easily explain how physicists predict natural phenomenon, but not how they do it efficiently; e.g., explain subtraction by removing beans [feynRP_1985]
Note: science contains many facts and a few basic concepts; the later is hard to teach [cbb_1990 OK]

Subtopic: first principles up

Quote: the science of sacred doctrine comes from revelation, not through natural reasoning or self-evident principles; judge the first principles of the other sciences [aquiT_1273]
Quote: size is either in a state of rest or motion; geometry treats size at rest, astronomy that which moves and revolves [nicoG_100 OK]

Subtopic: scientific foundation up

Quote: science should allow people to use the great record of human experience, before weapons destroy us [bushV7_1945]

Subtopic: vacuum/air pressure up

Quote: Guericke invented the air pump between 1647 and 1652; investigated vacuums and air pressure; demonstration of sixteen horses unable to pull apart copper hemispheres [huffTE_2011]

Subtopic: non-mathematical domains up

Quote: science needs more than finite description; must address the unformalizable, catastrophes [thomR_1975]
Quote: many scientists believe the world is governed by simple mathematical laws; but in practice, all consequences can not be predicted [hoarCA8_1986]
Quote: only some ways work for organizing cooperative and competitive relationships between men; i.e., there exists a science of systems [holtAW_1979]

Subtopic: anthropology up

Quote: the oldest animal image known is a 32,000 years old horse of mammouth ivory; 2000-3000 years after the Cro-Magnon skeletons; it is extraordinarily sophisticated [marsA5_1984]
Quote: the Cro-Magnon horse was carved with coordinated hands and specialized tools; the essential problem-solving, produtive sequences were nonlinguistic [marsA5_1984]
Quote: the famous "Venus" of Lespugue, c. 25,000 B.C. is an abstraction and schematization of femininity; long-term, periodic, and variable use [marsA5_1984]

Subtopic: geography up

Quote: the earth has a north and south pole; its circumference is 20,400 miles; land is closer to the north pole; the sun travels within 23.5 degrees of the equator [aligD_1305]

Subtopic: mechanics up

Quote: optimal impact angle for stone-skipping is 20 degrees; no rebound for impact angles greater than 45 degrees [clanC1_2004]

Subtopic: thermodynamics up

Quote: Newtonian mechanics is a limiting case of both electrodynamics and quantum theory; thermodynamics concerns energy which is important to all systems; is there another system? [heisW_1958]
Quote: random perturbations from the rest of the universe dissipates microscopic information; ensures the growth of thermodynamic entropy [layzD12_1975]
Quote: black-body radiation: real matter always emits light and radiates energy; in a closed box, the radiation and matter reach thermal equilibrium [feynRP_1963x]

Subtopic: computational problems up

Quote: study of reproducibility in scientific computing; many authors can not even replicate their own results after a year [ivieP7_2018]

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computational problems
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importance of science
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scientific foundation
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