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natural language
philosophy of science
relationship between brain and behavior
abstraction in programming language
frame problem
fundamental concepts such as type, attributes, relationships are all the same
limitations of formalism
limitations of hierarchical structures
names as rigid designators
natural language as a system
proper names
scientific method
symbolic representation
temporal logic
value as an abstraction
words in natural languages

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Philosophy is the study of knowledge. There are many branches of philosophy. It is a dialog with each other and with the world.

Philosophy concerns that which we do not know. Once an area is understood well enough, it becomes an area in its own right. For example, physics and the other sciences started as natural philosophy.

This thesaurus studies the philosophy of system. What is a system? What does a system mean? How should systems be designed? How do you represent systems? What is the role of computation in a system? What is the relation between system and the real world? Is life a system? (cbb 7/06)

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Topic: abstraction
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Subtopic: Aristotle vs. self discovery up

Quote: in philosophizing, do not support oneself upon the opinion of a celebrated author [galiG_1623]
Quote: philosophy is written in this grand book, the universe, which stands continually open to our gaze [galiG_1623]

Subtopic: philosophy vs. mathematics up

Quote: a definition in philosophy describes a concept while a definition in mathematics constructs a concept [kantI_1781 OK]
Quote: philosophy is written in the language of mathematics, and its characters are triangles, circles, and other geometrical figures [galiG_1623]

Subtopic: goals up

Quote: to attempt much is always laudable, despite the failures in reaching one's goals [johnS_1755 OK]
Quote: the most noble activity is contemplative; the intellect draws us to love as what is most lovable in us [aligD_1305]

Subtopic: philosopy and love up

Quote: a philosopher is a lover of wisdow; philosophy is the lady of the intellect, worthy of love [aligD_1305]

Subtopic: things up

Quote: there are three possible lines of inquiry about a thing; does a thing exist, what is its identity, and what are its qualities [augu_400]
Quote: when I hear an inquiry about a thing, the sounds pass through the air; but the meaning of the sounds is not physical; instead of images, I've stored away what things actually are [augu_400]

Subtopic: history of philosophy up

Quote: Aristotle is wrong that needles always sink, that things swim in the air by their smallness, and that water resists simple division [galiG_1612]
Quote: the unassisted hand and the understanding left to itself possess but little power; the hand and the mind need instruments and helps; we need the methods for discovery and plans for new operations [bacoF_1620 OK]
Quote: modern philosophy is founded on Descartes' methodical doubt; question whatever seemed doubtful about each apparent piece of knowledge [russB_1912 OK]
Quote: Aristotle established the words: subject, predicate, form, matter, energy, potential, substance, essence, quantity, quality, accidental, relation, cause, genus, species, individual, indivisible [loreMP19_1997]
Quote: summary of Leibniz's philosophy--subject & predicate, substance or Ego with multiple predicates, analytic vs. synthetic, perception [russB_1937]
Quote: the ancient and medieval mind held matter to be restrictive; there existed a class of beings under God who lacked all quantitative matter; more perfect than real [aligD_1305]

Subtopic: war up

Quote: war is continual fear; life is solitary, poore, nasty, brutish, and short [hobbT_1651 OK]

Subtopic: tragedy up

Quote: get tragedy if the universe is constructed according to a principle of maximum diversity; life is possible but not too easy [dysoF_1988]

Subtopic: philosophy and education up

Quote: colleges are dedicated to professions instead of the arts, sciences, and philosophy; this hinders the progress of learning [bacoF_1605 OK]

Subtopic: knowledge is hard up

Quote: how do I know about time when I don't know what it is; I do not even know what I don't know; God will light up my darkness [augu_400]

Subtopic: philosophy is irrelevant up

Quote: philosophical rationalism is a farce; reason is egotistical; the reasons men attribute to themselves are nothing but excuses which the unconscious invents to satisfy the teasing "why's" of the ego [peirCS2_1898]
Quote: Dewey paraphrased: organize your books so that you can find them, and never mind the philosophy [sparK7_1972]

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Aristotle vs. self discovery
history of philosophy
knowledge is hard
philosophy and education
philosophy is irrelevant
philosophy vs. mathematics
philosopy and love

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