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A semistructured message contains markup that can be used for automatic processing. For example, email contains headers that list a subject line, the sender, and the receipient. A filter can use this information to automatically reject a message or move it to a mail box.

With XML, more information is available for processing. Processing is more reliable if a schema validates the XML. (cbb 3/07)

Subtopic: coordination up

Quote: automatic filtering/routing of email is immensely valuable; especially for advisory and bug-handling organizations [boreNS9_1988]
Quote: semistructured messages are useful; particularly for group coordination and communication systems [maloTW4_1987]

Subtopic: flexibility up

Quote: semistructured messages increase flexibility by allowing nonstandard communications [maloTW4_1987]

Subtopic: processing messages with structured templates up

Quote: InformationLens provides structured templates with alternatives and rules for receivers to automatically filter and classify mail [maloTW4_1987]
Quote: semistructured messages enable automatic processing by encouraging senders to use structured information [maloTW4_1987]

Subtopic: message type up

Quote: local augmentation for semi-structured messages--local document types specialize the lower levels of a shared type hierarchy [leeJ3_1988]
Quote: to combine XML processing components reliably, it is essential to verify their inputs and outputs; most components do not accept arbitrary XML documents [vlisE_2004]

Subtopic: translating between type hierarchies up

Quote: if two groups share some views then can automatically translate mismatched views to a shared, parent view [leeJ3_1988]
Quote: want to translate between type hierarchies for semi-structured messages; preserve meaning while allowing autonomy for different groups [leeJ3_1988]
Quote: if translate between type hierarchies for semi-structured messages, need to notify other groups of changes [leeJ3_1988]
Quote: a view of semi-structured messages is a set of message types and their relations; no translation needed if the same [leeJ3_1988]

Subtopic: examples, alphabetical up

Quote: Agenda can define actions that execute when an item is added to a category [kaplSJ7_1990]
Quote: Agenda can assign conditions for automatically adding items to a category [kaplSJ7_1990]
Quote: Agenda can tentatively assign an item to a category [kaplSJ7_1990]
Quote: GenBank satellite databases are updated by email submissions similar to researcher submissions [cinkMJ5_1991]

Subtopic: programs over frame hierarchies up

Quote: ZOG integrates programs with frames; the global consistency helps novices [akscRM5_1984]

Subtopic: manual sort up

Quote: Andrew's Advisor system now sorts incoming mail by day; students process one day's messages and cross-post those they miss [boreNS9_1988]
Quote: with human message sorting, Advisor can use fine-grained helpboxes that contain real requests; high-content and worth reading [boreNS9_1988]

Subtopic: problems with automatic processing up

Quote: automatic message generation can lead to chain reactions; prevent by aging, time-outs, or absorption; e.g., cyclic forwarding [manbU10_1990]
Quote: no automated routine can distinguish useless from relevant communications; especially when a user's tasks and interests change [hiltSR7_1985]
Quote: Agenda's program-initiated actions can cascade and surprise users who continually fine-tune their database [kaplSJ7_1990]
Quote: Andrew's Advisor system first tried automatic filing of messages by subject; 50% misclassification, too cluttered [boreNS9_1988]

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