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Information accumulates at an ever increasing rate, while our ability to understand and process information improves slowly. Computers and the Web help process information, yet themselves produce an explosion of messages and articles.

Newspaper and journal editors organize and prioritize information. (cbb 11/07)

Subtopic: rapid growth in information up

Quote: rapid expansion of the summation of human experience but primitive means to explore it [bushV7_1945]
Quote: the amount of chemical literature in 13 years (from 1963) will be more than all that was published before [skolH_1963]
Quote: the greatest heritage of the chemical profession is the literature; but its size, growth, and complexity is endangering its role [skolH_1963]
Quote: long-duration messages can only be processed as short-duration ones [goodFL_1981]
Quote: rapid expansion in long-duration messages; can appear as short-duration messages [goodFL_1981]

Subtopic: rapid growth in short-duration messages up

Quote: many messages, mail, and documents received each day by Denning [dennPJ3_1982]
Quote: information overload from simultaneous, electronic discussions, conferences and conversations [hiltSR7_1985]
Quote: average lab member received fifty messages a day [kentJ8_1988]

Subtopic: archiving mail up

Quote: archiver-type users of electronic mail try to read and file everything; many distribution lists; problems with finding old mail [mackWE10_1988]
Quote: out-of-control users of electronic mail are archivers, read mail often, read and often file everything, keep a large inbox; and can't find messages [mackWE10_1988]

Subtopic: new users and information overload up

Quote: information overload occurs primarily with new users [hiltSR7_1985]
Quote: new users try to read everything [hiltSR7_1985]
Quote: new users of Netnews are swapped by unread news; problem disappears when catch up and unsubscribe to unuseful newsgroups [hortMR9_1986]

Subtopic: prioritized email up

Quote: those happy and successful with electronic mail keep their inboxes small, don't read all messages, and use few folders and distribution lists [mackWE10_1988]
Quote: prioritizer-type users of electronic mail do not read all mail, read only a few times a day, and use few mail folders [mackWE10_1988]

Subtopic: newsgroups up

Quote: what conversational strategies do newsgroup users employ for redundant or irrelevant postings?; FAQs, long messages, no cross-posting [whitS11_1998]
Quote: Netnews may collapse if administrators must limit newsgroups and their transmission [bishM10_1986]
Quote: avoid creating newsgroups in Netnews since sites may not forward it [bishM10_1986]
Quote: problem of Netnews is that same question is answered many times [bishM10_1986]

Subtopic: periodicals, processed information up

Quote: we need humans between us and the flood of information; i.e., editors who sift and select information [dvorJC3_1997]
Quote: need filtering service like periodicals for electronic mail [schrMD2_1984]
Quote: Andrew has magazines that are moderated bulletin boards [boreN2_1988]
Quote: need a structure to distinguish useful for unuseful messages [hiltSR7_1985]

Subtopic: history up

Quote: the Speculum maius reduced information overload by collecting quotations from many sources; an aid to preachers [blaiAM_2010]
Quote: information overload and its solutions where in place by the mid-thirteenth century; vast corpus, universalist ambition, alphabetical indexing, sorting, logical divisions, visual cues, florilegia, and encyclopedic compendia [blaiAM_2010]
Quote: paper lead to a staggering growth in the production of manuscripts [blaiAM_2010]

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archiving mail
new users and information overload
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