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Receiving a mail message could automatically initiate a response, or the reader could manual respond. Response could be structured, unstructured, or include execution such as changing calendar or subscribing to a group. (cbb 12/88)
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Quote: 'r' for extended conversations with other 'listening' users; 'R' for private reply [shoeK7_1983]
Quote: with Active Mail, initiate an interaction by sending a message that opens a window when read [goldY11_1992]
Quote: Active Mail implements groupware by allowing a receiver to interact with the sender, other recipients, and specified, distributed applications [goldY11_1992]
Quote: on reading a folder creation announcement, Andrew users automatically asked about subscribing [boreN2_1988]

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Quote: when answering or forwarding a message, InformationLens lists a menu of message types; e.g., bug fix request ==> bug fix commitment [maloTW4_1987]
Quote: when responding to a message, InformationLens suggests additional messages such as 'add to calendar' [maloTW4_1987]
Quote: a message can include a forwarding address for replies; used by name servers, exception handlers, printer servers [liskB10_1981]

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Quote: Andrew uses boilerplate message templates for rapid response to routine requests; access by keystroke or menu [boreNS9_1988]

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Quote: Andrew users can request acknowledgements for messages [boreN2_1988]

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Quote: Andrew users can send mail that asks for votes; automatically returned [boreN2_1988]
Quote: EIES provides nine different Delphi-like voting scales; efficient discovery of consensus [hiltSR7_1985]

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