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Group: database model
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Topic: database change management
Topic: database consistency and reliability
Topic: database implementation
Topic: database transactions
Topic: log-structured rollback-recovery
Topic: temporal database
Subtopic: columnar database up

Quote: a column-oriented DBMS provides high availability, snapshot isolation, and is 6x faster than a commercial row-store while using 1/6 the space; no writes or tuple mover [stonM8_2005]
Quote: C-Store combines a read-optimized column store with a writeable store; a tuple mover merges ordered write-store tuples into large, read-store blocks; the write-store includes a sparse, deleted record vector [stonM8_2005]
Quote: redesign of databases for modern hardware; columnar data storage, pipelined, cache-conscious query execution, automatic calibration of memory cost models [boncPA12_2008]

Subtopic: database quality up

Quote: use database quality to evalute software; many applications have flawed databases without much improvement over the years [blahM2_2004]
Quote: design flaws in databases include anonymous address fields, sequence numbers for one-many relations, overloaded foreign keys, propagated identity [blahM2_2004]

Subtopic: data warehouse up

Quote: in data warehouses, nearly 100% of all schemas are stars or snowflakes; a central fact table connected to other tables by 1-n joins; an E-R model is simpler, more natural model than a relational schema [stonM9_2007]

Subtopic: persistent data, global state up

Quote: in database programming, data persists after the program; distinguishes database programming languages [buneP5_1986]
Note: a file system or database is global state accessed by name [cbb_2000 OK]

Subtopic: GenBank up

Quote: queries in CPL select elements and bind values to variables; e.g., a query over GenBank [liefH7_1999]
Quote: each sequence in GenBank includes its taxonomy, laboratory host, the sequence's function, and bibliographic reference [cinkMJ5_1991]
Quote: in 1990, GenBank processed 14 million nucleotides; averaged 2 week delay after publication; rapid improvement [cinkMJ5_1991]

Subtopic: database update up

Quote: convert CPL+ updates into CUCA (Complex Update CAlculus); every type construct has update constructs for manipulating complex values; optimize deltafication of the actual changes to the database [liefH7_1999]

Subtopic: order-dependent up

Quote: an order-dependent query depends on the order of the input records; e.g., a stock's five-price moving average [lernA9_2003]
Quote: AQuery supports ordered data as a natural property; order-of-magnitude improvement [lernA9_2003]

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