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Hypertext is the idea that text is broken into relatively short pieces with links between related pieces. Nodes and links replace chapters and books. The writing is non-sequential, more like associative thinking than a prepared speech.

Hypertext can track the source of each passage. Nelson's Xanadu system allowed every byte of text to appear anywhere in the hypertext. (cbb 4/07)

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Subtopic: hypertext as non-sequential writing up

Quote: hypertext is the natural medium for structured proofs; easy to add extra detail [lampL11_2011]
Quote: hypertext is non-sequential writing, like the structure of ideas; writing is sequential because of speech and books [nelsTH_1974]
Quote: digital text storage and display leads to a new medium, the hypertext; non-linear, complex, interconnected; more effective than linear text for everything [nelsTH_1967]
Quote: hypertext is any text that cannot be printed on a page; non-linear branching, multiple levels of detail [nelsTH_1967]

Subtopic: hypertext as a graph, web, or network up

Quote: in HAM a Hypertext is a graph with subgraph contexts; consists of nodes, links, and attributes [campB7_1988]
Quote: Hypertext is linking together discrete blocks to form webs of information that include paths and annotations [yankN10_1985]
Quote: a Hypertext consists of a network of textual nodes, a window per node, link icons, browsing, and modifiability [conkJ9_1987]
Quote: a Hypertext allows authors to link information, create paths, annotate text, create references [yankN1_1988]
Quote: Hypertext is a directed graph of nodes and links [clifC2_1989]
Quote: hypertext can be a vast tapestry of information, as easy to explore as driving a car [nelsTH_1974]
Quote: ZOG allows browsing a network of small text frames which include a menu of descriptive links [hayePJ_1982]
Quote: NoteCards designed for idea processing and organizing information; provides a network of notecards with typed links [halaFG7_1988]
Quote: hypertext consists of text segments of any length with links signaled by asterisks; zapping an asterisk takes you there [nelsTH_1974]
Quote: should be able to link or annotate anything [nelsTH_1974]

Subtopic: hypertext as recording, and reusing, the origin of every byte up

Quote: Xanadu documents record the origin of every byte and note all interesting interconnections [nelsTH1_1988]
Quote: a Xanadu document consists of native bytes and inclusions from other documents; inclusions same status as native bytes [nelsTH1_1988]
Quote: a system of storage should make it easy to reuse any part of a document [nelsTH1_1988]
Quote: a system of storage should keep track of origins, variations, and different contexts of everything [nelsTH1_1988]

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hypertext as a graph, web, or network
hypertext as non-sequential writing
hypertext as recording, and reusing, the origin of every byte

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