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A distributed system is interconnected computers and communication. It is asynchronous and open. It should increase efficiency, reliability, and security.

Properties: continuous change, decentralized decision making, internal inconsistency, negotiated decisions, incomplete world model, never halt with unexpected input/output. (cbb 1/88)

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Topic: a single system image
Topic: client-server model for distributed systems
Topic: concurrency control by sequencers
Topic: distributed algorithms
Topic: distributed process control
Topic: event time
Topic: examples of distributed systems and applications
Topic: implementing distributed systems and applications
Topic: local vs. global
Topic: message protocols
Topic: mobile code
Topic: multiple processors
Topic: reliability of distributed systems
Topic: specification and design of distributed systems
Topic: telephone system
Topic: timestamps
Subtopic: open systems up

Quote: persistent application systems provide concurrent access to large bodies of data and programs; an orthogonally persistent object system handles short and long-term data irrespective of its type [atkiM7_1995]
Quote: electronic-banking is an example of an open, distributed system [hewiC4_1985]
Quote: open, distributed systems never halt, accept input from unanticipated sources, output anytime [hewiC4_1985]

Subtopic: communication up

Quote: the critical facility for distributed systems is high-performance communication similar to file access [cherDR3_1988]
Quote: world-wide, decentralized systems are held together by a message protocol down to the bit-level format [grayJN6_1986]
Quote: in dharma theory, all things are made of instantaneous, multiply interacting events called dharmas [joneTC6_1977]

Subtopic: benefits up

Quote: distributed systems increase efficiency, security, and reliability [oppeDC7_1983]
Quote: DSEE uses parallel builds to reduce system build time; up to 10x faster than serial builds [leblDB11_1987]
Quote: differing performance requirements for centralized vs. distributed systems; e.g., compare idle locomotives with idle cars [liskB10_1981]
Quote: a single machine operating system is like a centrally planned economy; a distributed o.s. is like a free market [cherDR4_1984]

Subtopic: organizational design up

Quote: distributed computers require organizational design and management [hewiC4_1985]
Quote: computer users have become a community with a diversity of roles and concurrent computer use; no longer just need computation [holtAW2_1974]

Subtopic: decentralized decision making up

Quote: open, distributed systems have decentralized decision making [hewiC4_1985]
Quote: in a distributed system, components need to negotiate for resources [hewiC4_1985]

Subtopic: benign failure up

Quote: the part-time Paxon Parliament maintained a consistent record of their decrees without a secretary or continuous presence [lampL5_1998]

Subtopic: distributed virtualization up

Quote: PlanetLab provides distributed virtualization for planetary-scale network services; unbundled management decouples the operating system from the network-wide services that define PlanetLab [baviA3_2004]

Subtopic: state machine up

Quote: the Paxon Parliament protocol implements a state machine despite benign failures of processes and communication paths; responses may be delayed indefinitely [lampL5_1998]

Subtopic: lack of shared state up

Quote: the primary challenge of distributed systems is shared state; shared memory is the most natural model [cherDR3_1988]
Quote: distributed processing is concurrent processing without common variables [brinP11_1978]
Quote: the main problem with a decentralized system is a lack of global, centralized knowledge; e.g., where is a file, what is the best route [grayJN6_1986]
Quote: to describe complex systems need to represent the concurrent holdings of many conditions [holtAW_1970]

Subtopic: incomplete knowledge up

Quote: distributed systems undergo continuous change [hewiC4_1985]
Quote: knowledge base of a distributed system is perpetually inconsistent [hewiC4_1985]
Quote: in a distributed system, information is incomplete; no closed-world assumption [hewiC4_1985]
Quote: using an integrated database for a world-wide, decentralized system would be a management nightmare [grayJN6_1986]

Subtopic: replicated state machine up

Quote: the VL2 directory system uses a write-optimized, asynchronous replicated state machine (RSM) [greeA3_2011]

Subtopic: distribed selection up

Quote: distributed k-selection is harder than max or average; gives efficient algorithm [kuhnF9_2008]
Quote: distributed k-selection by count of smaller and larger elements for randomly selected nodes [kuhnF9_2008]

Subtopic: naming problems up

Quote: in a distributed system, the same name may be used by different users for different objects, and different names may be used for the same object [liskB10_1981]

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benign failure
decentralized decision making
distribed selection
distributed virtualization
incomplete knowledge
lack of shared state
naming problems
open systems
organizational design
replicated state machine
state machine

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