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Thesa (silent 'h') contains quotations and topics from 4,400 sources. The sources range from research reports to Newton's Principia. Each quotation captures an idea. Each topic captures a collection of related ideas.

Thesa organizes topics and quotations like a thesaurus organizes words and their meanings. Each topic is subdivided into subtopics of related quotations. Topics link to related topics and each topic belongs to a group of related topics. These interconnections may allow you to find almost everything in Thesa about almost anything in Thesa.

Copyright protects most of the quotations. For copyrighted material, a skeleton of the quotation is displayed along with links to a Web search.

In Thesa, every page has an identifier, title, owner, contents, and links to other pages. The identifier is permanent. For example, the identifier for this page is thid-1468-5009-th-0491-6520, consisting of a depot ("ThesaHelp:" at thid-1468-5009) and an item within that depot (this page at th-0491-6520).

The same organization of knowledge can be used for writing programs. Watch this space for details, or locate Barber, C.B., "Echonet, part 1: A flexible programming system, part 2: The compiler," Byte, 8(9):356-373, 8(10):384-395, 1983.

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Find almost everything about almost anything in Thesa

Here is an example of a quotation from (QuoteRef: akscRM7_1988a):
"By exploiting natural contextual distinctions, we have developed an interface in which over 90 percent of the user's interaction requires just a single point-and-click (i.e., no intermediate menu selection). This reduces average time per operation to less than half what it is with typical menu-selection interfaces."

The quotation is given a descriptive title or headnote:
Quote: point-and-click is 90% of a user's interaction with KMS; twice as fast as menu selection

It is in four topics:
Topic: mouse buttons
Topic: interactive response time
Topic: selecting with a mouse
Topic: menus for a UserInterface

These topics are linked to 36 other topics. So this quotation is just a few links from many related quotations.

Thesa's rich interconnectivity is what may allow you to find almost everything about almost anything in Thesa.

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